Three Perfect Books To Give Away

The girls finished their last day of the school year yesterday and I have my life back (with some extra strands of gray hair…).

A lot of parties and events lately and I have given away many books as small tokens of appreciation. Here are three of my favorites (the first two I also gave to Moi!):

1.  One Line  A Day

One Line A Day — a pretty little Tiffany blue book with some purpose. Write a sentence a day and go down memory lane and compare that entry with five years of entries in total. What did I do and how did I feel that very same day 2012, 2013, 2014 etc.? I write a sentence every night before I go to bed. A sentence. Anybody can do that!

2. Q&A A Day

Hubby and I went to a fun Seattle restaurant this past weekend (Poppy) and the evening ended at the legendary Seattle book store — Elliott Bay Book Company. I found this pretty little thing with a similar five year diary concept called Q&A A Day — 365 questions — 5 years — 1,825 answers. I like the questions. Can’t wait to fill out August 6th – Who Am I? (It will be interesting to see what I have to say five years from now!).

3.  For kids – anything Sven Nordqvist

Sweden can be very proud of the very many fantastic authors they have shared with the rest of the world. Swedes have a great sense of humor (witty dry!) and it lends itself very well to children’s books. We have bookshelves packed with great Swedish children’s books at our house and an author that all Swedes know about — and you should too — is Sven Nordqvist. His texts and illustrations are ingenious and readers, young and old, will spend happy hours pouring over them and laughing out loud.

Pettson is a Swedish farmer who lives alone with his spunky & creative cat Findus and as a reader you will be part of their delightful adventures. Sven Nordquist adds funny little bonus characters on almost every page.

In one of his books “A Rumpus in the garden”, Findus is trying to get the hens aways from the meatball he’d just planted (hoping to grow meatball plants?;).

And just last night (after reading this book for the 50th time!), I discovered these three little characters on the left hand side corner of that page. They have paid for tickets to watch the drama unfold! Ha ha! Now that is funny to me!

Several of Sven Nordqvist’s “Pettsson & Findus” books have been translated into English. I go to Amazon Elliott Bay Book Company for mine.

There. Three perfect little book gift ideas — and none of them have anything to do with design! (:

Off to see what my good blog friends are up to.


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  • Charlotta says:

    Hello lovely sis!
    I am writing away in my ‘one line a day’ book and look forward to year six when I get to sit down and read all my notes. I have made an agreement with myself to not peek back until every line is complete!

    Love the idea of the Q & A book. How fun to look back at the changes in the way one answers!

    Pettson och Findus. Much loved bedtime staples in our family too. Always a good laugh at all the silly stories! :)
    Also having an Alfons Åberg and Mumin revival. I go a little wild over the graphics in both cases! :)

    KRAMAR from a rain drenched Sweden. My stunning Ilse Jacobsen boots are getting good exercise I tell ya’!!

    xx sis xx

    P.S. Var uppe i Stockholm på spontanbesök hos goda vänner så det blev inget sms om telefon samtal. Är hemma fram till Fredag e.m. när vi åker till Tyresö ett par dagar. Sedan hemma igen till den 7e då vi far till Skåne i två veckor. Om vi kan pricka in en Skype eller telefon snackis in och emellan dessa resor hade det varit toppen.
    Kommer ni hem i sommar eller blir det senare?

  • I love all of these! I kept journals for years and years and am so grateful that I did. They are one of the only objects that I have kept from my young adult life and they are a pain to lug around but they are my memories!!!

  • Carol Evans says:

    I love the whole idea of writing a line a day, as time seems to get away and I can always find it for one or two lines to write. I have tried journaling and after a couple of weeks, I get behind and stop altogether. Great Idea, Love your site.

  • I LOVE these ideas!!! What fun, a journal but an easy to do one sentence a day that anyone can manage. Very clever. Have to go look for them on Amazon now….think like pictures its fun to reflect back and look on what and where you were same day a few years back……what are we without our memories! Hope alls well Mon and glad some of the craziness is dying down..we all know, no rest for the weary!

  • Hi,
    I had not ever seen these five year journals. I have just ordered one of each. I am also thinking I should order a couple more for friends. I like how each year is all on the same page. What a great way to see what you were doing in the previous years and where you are now. I think I will also purchase one of the children books even though my kids are all grown it looks lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  • Polina says:

    Swedish books are very popular in Russia. Although I now reside in US, I still keep track of everything new in Russia and order all new popular books that come out. Last year I ordered a few of Sven Nordquist books from Russia for my kids – they are really great!

    All of the Astrid Lindgren Books are very popular too! We loved Emil, Roni, Pippi and Karlson!

    Karlson on the roof is a children’s classic in Russia. I passed along my childhood edition of it (almost 40 years old) to my kids – they loved it. The Swedish cartoon from 2002 is great too!

    Rebecca Reply:

    I love these books of old Peterson and his cat Findus!
    My daughter loves loves loves Korlson on the roof and Madita!
    And I should try that diary of yours—-!
    Thanks for your lovely posts!

  • Thanks for the awesome recommends! I love the idea of the one sentence a day journal & the question a day journal. I’ve tried to get back into journaling daily (I have an online private journal through Penzu), but there’s something so great about a defined ritual for writing.

    And thanks for the children’s book recommend. I LOVE the illustrations. I’m totally ordering this from Amazon. Thank you! (I’m always on the lookout for well-written & illustrated, unique childrens, books, so thanks).

    You have great taste, love seeing what you have to recommend :)

  • Hi Monika,
    Happy Summer! I used to love the first weeks of having the school year finished and the freedom I felt for doing whatever we decided would be fun, including putting my feet up and reading.
    I love the idea of the one line a day. And what a great gift. I’m always interested in recommendations for children’s books now that I’m a grandma!
    Have a fun week.

  • Kecia says:

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for the One Line A Day journal, and now I want the Q&A one too!



  • I am very interested in the One Line A Day Book! You find the most wonderful things, Monica.
    I hope that all is well with you, friend. Glad that the children are home now. Makes life easier, doesn’t it?
    Happy Tuesday :).

  • I think every woman loves the idea of these wonderful books. Planting meatbballs…my kind of dreamer. Such a generous giveaway, Mon. I would be thrilled.

  • Linda says:

    I love these ideas! Thank you. I wanted a pretty diary for my birthday because I used to be good at writing every day…. I had high expectations but did not even get through one whole week!!!! ugh!

    So, the one sentence per day sounds perfect.

    I also love the Pettson & Findus! Going to Sweden next week and it made me long even more to go!!

    Have a splendid day!

  • Marianne says:

    Lovely books! I love the Q&A book and have never heard of it. I have tried writing in a regular journal lately, but I have to admit I’m not good about doing it every day. Perhaps the questions will keep me on track! Hope you’re having a great week. Let’s try and get together again soon! xoxo

  • The idea of writing one sentence a day seems a lot more feasible to me than a whole journal! We have a few of the Sven Nordquist books too – they are very funny for young and old. :) YES – would love a night out with you two fun ladies! This week works well any night, as does next week on Tuesday if that works better. Looking forward to seeing you both again!

  • This is truly journaling made easy. I recently found a journal I kept when dating my now husband…. very interesting stuff! Half the value of journaling is seeing where you’ve been. Thanks for the post, Mon.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Mon, just ordered two Sven Nordqvist books! Thanks for the introduction.


  • Jennifer says:

    I adore these book ideas! Especially the journals! I really need something like that at this chapter in my life that is so full of little ones, carpools, and diapers. I feel like it’s slipping by so fast!

  • look at you blogging outside the parameters of design, you renegade, you! these books look marvelous. and meaningful. i love that. can’t wait to chat again and the offer still stands if you decide to hightail it to the windy city for the weekend. if all goes well, i will share a photo documentary next week on the blog!



  • Mon,
    I have often started and not gotten far with a journal or diary. But, a sentence a day….now, that I could do. In fact, I think it would be great to compare, year over year, what was happening on a given day.

    I’m game!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • Tracey says:

    It’s funny, most times you think that’s all you need is a one line journal …… turns out that once you start writing, you’ve filled the book. Lovely books, I’ll have to check out that book store the next time I’m in Seattle.

  • Hello Beautiful!

    How are you doing? The kids are done w/ school too and it’s finally calm around here. NO SCHEDULES! Nada! :-)

    I wan to relax and not have to run and drive here to there all the time.

    I was thinking about starting a journal. I use my blog as my journal, but it’s not the same… I like your idea.

    I’m always thinking about you, Mon. I hope everything is great w/ the 5 of you.

    Lots of love to you.

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  • Loi Thai says:

    Welcome to summer, Mon! I hope you get lots of time to read, write and blog. Above all, lots of relaxing time with your children!! Thanks so much for the recommendations! I’ve not heard of Sven Nordqvist….will check out, and purchase for my nieces and nephews.

  • classiq says:

    I’ve never kept a diary, but the concept of the first two books is so interesting, I would like to give it a try. Thank you for the Sven Nordqvist recommendation, Mon! Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  • ‘A Rumpus in the Garden’ sounds like a hoot! And I love the idea of a 5 year memory book, how fun it would be to look back on that time! :)

    Meera xx

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