Must Adopt These Ideas Myself

Ok, this I must try. Splashing black paint on a white painted chest (perhaps purchased on Craigslist? That would be a first for me). How fun to bring a little bit of personal punk into the home! I can actually envision a nice, antique gold mirror above it. So now, in prime summer time, my backyard can be turned into a paint-splash playground. I could have a lot of fun with this!

And who knew that blackish/gray painted wood boards could be turned into a really pretty art composition. Extra nice if the boards have some sentimental meaning. Decorative and a tad masculine, right? (Love the height).

I so regret that I have not saved tickets to rides and shows and events I have been fortunate to be part of all over the world. I am stupid. If I had, I could have created a really fun and personal conversation piece. Tell your kids to start saving tickets to special and memorable adventures – now!

And I hope this is the year when I FINALLY get my act together and get my herb bench! I wrote about it last summer – the idea is so simple, useful and attractive –  and now with the sun up high I better turn this into a real project. A little bit of a herb haven where I can easily go and snip, snip, snip some fresh basil and thyme for all of our Alfresco dining. So lovely.

Hugs to you all!

(Yes, yes, yes… I know that I am painfully behind with my blog hopping. Too many distractions. I will get to it.).

Images: no. 1 via Photobucket, no. 2 via Desire to Inspire, no. 3 via Best b-Day Ever, no. 4 via Splendid Willow.
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  • I love absolutely ALL of these ideas! And yes, I am kicking myself too for not keeping my concert tickets. I will occaisionally stumble across one by accident in an old hand bag and it brings back such a flood of memories!!

  • Charlotta says:

    Just back from a long weekend in Amsterdam. Feeling recharged, inspired and totally exhausted!! :))

    Like the paint splash. A little daring spontaneity goes a long way.

    Happy splashing darling.



    P.S. Tack för dina emails. Hann nästan inte andas fram till att jag åkte till Holland. Svarar i mer detalj snart. Allt är bra nu, men har varit fruktansvärt jobbigt de sista veckorna. Behövde den här lilla semestern!
    Tack för att du skickade födelsedags present. Hade du inte behövt göra raring! Den har inte kommit fram ännu men jag håller utkik. KRAM

  • My herb garden is growing much less than it ever has. Our weather has been so strange for the past year, and I moved on to other things. First year and it will not happen again.
    Love the inspiration here. Some smart designer thought of those boards, and the paint, well I am not sure but it is interesting.
    As always, sweet Monica, you supply us with some serious food for thought.
    Happy Tuesday.

  • Monika,
    This is fun! Knowing my need for order, the paint splashed cupboard, while very cool, would probably never make it in my house…I’d be sanding and re-painting within the month. LOL. The ticket idea is so fun, like you, I didn’t save enough throughout the years.
    The herb bench…that’s an idea I can get behind. I actually have an wine box filled with herbs. :-)
    Enjoy your week!

  • monika, the paint-splashed piece and the framed tickets and matchbooks stole my heart. you always see such beauty in the details. You have really inspired me with these…but then again, you always do! many thanks and love, donna (and DO NOT fret if your blog visiting is behind – we understand how it is…)

  • Franki Parde says:

    Now I’ve got to try that herb bench beside our grill…wouldn’t that be handy to just “pluck” a flavor?!? franki

  • The horizontal boards is a great idea for a large space. So much cheaper than a huge painting but with the same impact.

  • ooooh i think i like the second image best. doable, yes? and i wouldn’t get tired of it methinks.

    get splashin, mama. i have some ugly furniture that could use a splatter, and i will let you know if i find my guts.

    smiles, lovely.


  • Joe Clarke says:


    You splash away! Those vertical wood panels are very cool. I might need to recycle that idea!


  • Love the boards going up the wall and I have feathers I’ve collected and should frame that would be so fun! Great ideas Mon!


  • Absolutely gorgeous inspiration! Especially the first photo with the black splashed paint, this I’ve got to try it myself too!

  • I too love the boards going up the wall. Your idea that they have sentimental meaning makes me want to steal a few from my grandparents 120 year old farm, though it now belongs to someone else and is located far from me, in Mississippi. Still the idea will haunt me. I can see this not only as an art piece but as a headboard, paneling, and lots more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I’d like to try that dresser too but I thought those wood planks were quite stunning! I am not a sentimental person so I throw everything out – what a mistake – that would be a great way to put it all together – such a conversation starter!

  • Awesome ideas……..love the idea of the tickets, such a neat way to cherish and honor special events, great keepsake idea! Love all the ideas, thanks pretty lady!

  • designchic says:

    What wonderful ideas. The picture framed with ticket stubs is fabulous and an herb garden…count me in!!

  • Love all these ideas. I have kept some tickets, special bills from amazing restaurants, ie French Laundry and keep wondering what I should do with them. I will definitely keep things for my sons so that I can do something special for them some day.

    LOVE the herb table. That’s exactly what I need to do. Not plant huge amounts. Just enough to snip here and there.

    Hope you’re having a marvelous week, Mon!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • Tracey says:

    I just love those painted boards!!!! That herb garden on the bench is so simple yet I would die to have that exact little treat to pick my own herbs. Talk about eye candy!!!!

  • Anci says:

    Ja, det var verkligen många bra idéer här :) Jag ska testa något i sommar.

    Ha det så skönt i förhoppningsvis sommarvärme (?).


  • Hello lovely! I’ve decided my blogging hiatus has gone on too long, but I do have an excuse (on my blog now) which I hope will get me out of jail!

    I have loved the paint-splashed chest for a long time, if I ever have a studio space all to myself one day, I will definitely try it!

    The ticket display is lovely, such a lovely way to look back on memories of events and occasions. I have only just started collecting tickets myself (I used to throw them away before too).

    Hope you’re well and enjoying the summer, sweet lady. The summer here seems to have stalled… it’s more like Monsoon!

    Hugs hugs,
    Meera xx

  • the herbs bench is my fave. I love to have fresh herbs at hand! have a fabulous day, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

  • classiq says:

    The herb bench looks great, Monika! I love all the different material pots, this would make such a lovely spot in one’s garden. I hope you’re having a wonderful week! xo

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