Old Fashioned Clothespins

Nothing smells better than sheets that have been dried outside in fresh air breeze. And preferably in a setting like above. (Good thing I don’t have a jealous bone in my body…).

My Mom would always make sure that our bed linen and towels and my cotton dresses smelled like summer during the warm months in Sweden. Whenever possible clothes were hung on a long white clothesline in our backyard. But I never seem to remember to take that time.

Perhaps these Swedish hand carved wooden clothespins can get me in the groove. (Or a summer home in Sweden… Hear that Hubby!).

These pins can also be used as napkin/place-card holders. They are so adorable! (You know how much I detest plastic and mass produced…).

My good friend Piper over at One Sydney Road invited some shop owners to join in her Paris Pop-Up shops. Piper did a “Trez Magnifique” job putting it all together. (That girl is so talented and such a design whiz that she blows me away).

Hop over and grab a discount code for my store, Splendid Willow Avenue. It will give you an additional 15% off on anything in my store. (Note: ends on May 30th!). You will also find discount codes for many of the other lovely stores. Visit Paris 1 and Paris 2 — here.

(FYI: the high-end Jarbo collection I carry, will soon be switched to cool and chic summer fashion. I look forward to showing you!).

Warm hugs to you all.

Images: no 1. via Desde My Ventana, no. 2 via Joy’s Blogg, no. 3 + 4 via Wildlife Garden, no. 5 +6 via Marie Elisabeth’s room.


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  • Delishhh says:

    Love the smell of linen that had dried outside, wish i could do that here :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Franki Parde says:

    Ahhhh, clothes hung outdoors….I used to “race home on my lunch hour” (I lived close to the US Capital) and hang sheets, etc. How DOES it smell so good?!?!? CREATIVE clothespins – how CUTE!!! franki

  • i miss my clothesline! we lived in a chicago bungalow with established gardens, and it looked perfectly natural!

    smiles to you, lovely.


  • Monica-
    I can remember when my mother had to hang all of the clothes on the clothesline to dry, and I had to help at times! I remember how crisp and fresh the clothes were, but I also remember the excitement surrounding the purchase of our first dryer!
    This post brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of my sweet mother.
    Happy Tuesday, sweet friend.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    What a house! Yes, those clothespins are perfect for the dining table as well. You should sell them.


  • Sarah Malone says:

    LOVE the clothespins!! My swedish mother in law recently passed away and although she didn’t have any of these clothespins, she did have quite a collection of vintage hangers. All of them wood with cute crocheted covers. I have them now, So sweet.
    P.S…. My daughters are loving your chic flip flops too! It seems they aren’t just cute and comfortable, they don’t leave the bottom of your feet black after wearing them!!! They’ve sworn off the other brands! XO

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Sarah, how nice to hear from you! Send a picture of those Swedish wood hangers! Glad your daughters enjoy the flip-flops. Hugs Mon

  • Jennelise says:

    Your blog is just beautiful! I love it! The little owl-shaped clothes pin is my favorite :)

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Jennelise, thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Mon

  • Tracey says:

    That is one of my favorite smells in the world !!! Freshly baked bread is up there too but even the whole scene of laundry hanging on the line is lovely and so are these pictures. That house is to die for!!! Have a good week.

  • Loi Thai says:

    Hej Monika – Great post! Love those pins…..they are very charming. Makes hanging clothes outside less of a chore :-) And, I love the idea of using them for napkins. Nice! I’m gonna head over to check out the online pop up store. Have a great week!! Loi

  • Loi Thai says:

    I see a few items from Splendid Willow. Will this online pop up shop be ongoing, and you will have more items there in June? Will you be a regular on this site?

    Piper Reply:

    Hi Loi! Just wanted to let you know that yes, the online pop-up shop will be ongoing. It’ll switch cities every 2 months and offer different items and some faves too :)

  • My Mom always did that in the summer with sheets too…and I got used to it in Germany as well where everyone hangs out everything all year round – it’s a great, fresh scent you just can’t replicate. These are adorable – love the idea of using them to hold napkins/placecards too! I was laughing at your comments today Mon from Splendif Willow. :)

  • Marianne says:

    Those Swedish pins are the cutest! Wish I didn’t have such bad allergies or I’d hang my sheets outside. Look forward to seeing you Thursday! xo

  • those animal pins are SO cute! love them Mon. hope you’re having a beautiful week, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

  • I love old fashioned anything…but these clothespins are another level of cute!! Bunnies, please for me!

    Now that I’m in my new laundry room, I’m more motivated than ever to do the laundry and enjoy doing it!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • StagerLinda says:

    Oh I remember fresh clothes coming off the line! Wonderful fresh scent. Towels, were a different story, always a bit scratchy! Lovely photos.

  • Piper says:

    So here I am just browsing your blog and I come across this lovely shout out – you’re making me blush!! I feel the same, my lovely friend! I can’t wait for you to see your feature on Thursday :) xoxo

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