Relaxed Rooms With Good Vibes & Lots Of Personality

The older I get (ha!) the less perfect I want. Perfect is boring  to me. My own home is looking & feeling more and more lived in and that feels good in my heart and soul. Showcase rooms have never and will never be for me. I heart relaxed living.

Rooms with a good vibe and lots of personality always get my attention. LOVE this conversation area with an eclectic mix of furniture and lots of books, personal artifacts and interesting art (the yellow canvas should really live in my house). And the room is not so darn staged.

And did you all see this fantastic New Jersey (!) home in the May issue of Elle Decor? Mighty jealous over here. A whole different style but talk about about relaxed, interesting and personal rooms!

Look closely again and envision these rooms with crackling fireplaces and lit candles and lamps. Very cozy and friendly atmospheres. Rooms that encourage good times and conversations. (And how cool with those French style Bouillotte lamps on the dining table!).

Folks, I had to look up the term:

Bouillotte Lamp (French)

** a table lamp of the 18th century, having two or three adjustable candle brackets and a common shade sliding on a central shaft **

So there.

Another busy week over here. Looking forward to a lazy next few days.

 But first some serious blog visits.

Hugs & Happy Weekend to you all.

Images: 1-3 via Skona Hem, no. 4-5 scanned via Elle Decor (May 2012).
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  • I’m loving all these different styles Monika! And yes, I completely agree with you about having a warm, lived in look to a home. It makes it that much more inviting and special.

    Hope you are well!!

  • Love the lamps on the dining table and must agree a room with some personality, and a little bit of rule breaking can be fun without compromising on beauty, case in point above…..all beautiful Mon!!

  • Victoria Athens says:

    My house was far more relaxed when my children were young. Now it is more formal. These images are beautiful though. I especially like the room in the last image. I might point out, I think the carved fireplace and the mirror are pretty formal, but it is a lovely juxtaposition against the table and chairs. I could live happily with that brand of relaxed. As for bouillote lamps, I love them but they tend to be very pricey.
    All the best…Victoria

  • you’re striking a chord with me today, monika. YES to relaxed and comfy. when I was younger it was all about polished and fancy. bleh. now I’m working my way outta that, as you can tell from my blog. your images are just right for that collected, relaxed vibe, especially the last one. right on, sister! love, donna

  • I’m with you Mon I want a relaxed room not a showcase. I want people to come in and feel comfortable and most of the homes in todays magazines don’t look comfortable they’re to done. Whatever happened to rooms that have a big mix like our own homes?


  • While NJ gets a bit of a bad rap there are some amazing houses there. I am with you on relaxed living! Have great weekend! Xo

  • Charlotta says:

    Mamma mia! Black is the new white for me and I got tingles through my body at the sight of these rooms.
    I am totally with you on the relaxed and personal vibe in a home. I wrote a little essay on the topic over at a friend’s blog the other day. Overly matchy matchy and ‘safe’ homes bore me.

    I forgot to tell you that thanks to you I am now the proud and happy owner of a Jimmi Shönning lamp. I bought the ‘middle size’ of his cane lamps, which will arrive here in May. Am not sure whether to hang it in over my kitchen table or in the family room. So excited!

    Raining here today. Another reason to be happy really because that means I am strutting around in my sexy Ilse Jacobsen gum boots. Ha! :)


    xx sis

  • imperfect to me means the owners don’t take themselves too too toooo seriously. they’re over themselves in some way and have arrived at a healthy level of confidence and worth.

    one thing i can’t seem to live with though at home is assymetry, and mixing chairs as you know (which is what i’ve got in my kitchen) doesn’t always result in symmetry. so i think there is still room for training my eye to see the beauty in ‘moments of imbalance.’ am i talking about design or something else????!!!!!


    smiles to you.


  • LOVE the new issue of Elle Decor!!! The large mirror against the wall is everything.
    Happy Friday Mon!

  • Joe Clarke says:


    Man! That sink/prep area is so inviting! I would hang out there all the time!

    Happy weekend to you.


  • Beautiful, Mon. That first image is just perfect in my book. I just talked about the latest issue of Elle Decor in my post today, too! See, great minds think alike. Enjoy the sunny weekend, at least that’s what they say. xo

  • Ivy Lane says:

    All so beautiful… I love the modern sitting/conversation area …

  • Sofia says:

    Those table lamps…my grandparents had similar lamps that i loved and i always thought they’d bought them when they lived in Washington DC in the 60s, so when we moved to the US i was fully expecting to find lots of pretty “tole” lamps made from tin or or other metal. I didnt! Still on the look-out for the perfect one, farmor had a pretty small red one in the hallway. The lamp foot tray was perfect for keys!
    Happy sunny Friday to you, coffee soon?x

  • Kimberly says:

    Definitely some interesting looks. I still think you should be taking pictures of your own gorgeous home and using those! :)


  • Monica, my friend, you can create some amazing posts. I will take the dining with the green tablecloth, PLEASE! SO gorgeous.
    I hope that you have a great weekend.

  • I love that kitchen up the top there – very cool. Have a top weekend, Mon! :) xx

  • Mon, I so agree! I love things in the their places, but a little relaxed looks more inviting. I’d prefer a less than perfect but warm and inviting space any day!!

    Have a marvelous weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • I am digging that first image. So artistic and fun. Great post..

  • Tracey says:

    I just adore the navy cupboards on the top pic and the lightbulbs. I have a serious weakness for Marais chairs so the pic of the table got me. Have a great weekend!

  • Anci says:

    Rum med charm, personlighet och känsla är i mina ögon vackrare än perfekta rum med allt på exakt rätt plats !

    Hoppas att allt är bra med dig och din familj ! Trevlig helg


  • Delishhh says:

    Heay there – love the yellow canvas – i have lots of splendid willow reading to do :)

  • Laura Manley says:

    We’re in love with that kitchen at the top! Amazing – uncomplicated, effortless chic – we’re in!!

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