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I like Easter. It is a fun family holiday for us involving quality play time with close friends and family and lots of good food. As always I tend to be more on the laid-back side with my decorations. But  a few things are definitely a must for Easter. Like the silk carrots in our chandelier.

I love birds nests as part of my tabletop decor.

I always have long rows of wheat grass (adorned with eggs) on the dining table.

These handmade sheep also take center stage every Easter. They are made in Washington state but they feel so lovely and Swedish to me.

Here are some other lovely decorations I have come across.

Ok this I must try on my own buffet table. Fresh veggies, especially carrots, as decor. Better than flowers. They can be used the next day in a meal!

Spring branches are a given for Easter (also at my house).

I have never quite figured out what to do with those mini, yellow fluff chicks you see in every crafts store. But this wreath might be the answer!

Note to myself. I must learn how to fold my linen napkins into bunnies.

For the Easter goodie bags. Just place a bunny tail on a brown paper bag. Simple and cute.

There. Hopefully some easy and inspirational Easter decorations.

I found most of the images on Pinterest. I must be the last person in blog land to have joined the movement. Ha! (I signed up a few weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, I know). I was so opposed to it because I did not want “yet another thing” to do in front of the computer. But it is growing on me. I find it quite handy actually.

For those of my readers who might not know, Pinterest is a rapidly growing social-media base where people research and pin inspirational images (fashion, decor, party ideas, home improvement etc), on virtual pin boards. A good and quick way to get tons of inspiration for yourself and to share with others.

You can follow my personal pin boards with here, if you are interested.

Today you will find me joining these fun parties. Thank you ladies!: The Girl Creative, Skip To My Lou, The Southern Institute, Making The World Cuter, Coastal Charm, A Sroll Thru Life & A Diamond In The Stuff.

Hugs to you all.

Images: 1-4 via Splendid Willow.
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  • classiq says:

    Hello, Monika. Easter is a holiday I am very fond of. Plus every year at Easter time there is an explosion of green everywhere, I always have the impression that that’s the moment when nature truly comes back to life (although I do realize that the Easter date differs from year to year). The handmade sheep are adorable and I have a bird nest decoration almost exactly as the one in the plate in the second image. Following on Pinterest. :) Have a wonderful week! xo

  • Hi Mon! I am sorry to give you my anti-Pinterest rant after such an adorable post buuut it is something really important to me and my family’s livelihood. I know that you are friends with Ally (FTRB), here is something that I wrote on her blog not too long ago:

    “I for one (and I think that you already know this) am very anti-Pinterest. As the companion of a professional photographer, I have seen our income take a serious dive due to such sites which are an overall part of the devaluation of photography through overt commercialization. They aren’t even photographs anymore but “images.” Not to mention that people don’t seem to have a problem in pinning copyrighted material (yes, it is possible to get them removed but it is a long process), which is equivalent to stealing. Photography does not belong to everyone (unless it has been released under all-rights, royalty-free contract), it belongs to the person who has gone to the effort to take the photo itself.”

    She also recently linked to a post showing that Pinterest can sell anything that you pin and you are responsible for whether those images are available to sell–ie royalty-free, uncopyrighted–or not. I understand that Pinterest can be a useful tool for designers but I also need to take a stand for all that are creative and are suffering financially due to the misuse of their work.

    All my best from Alres,

  • call that simple? I call it spectacular and could rival something Martha might do. Silk carrots adorning that GORGEOUS chandelier (so love it) and the birds nest, I am majorly impressed. Then those darling sheep…….I am suddenly feeling intimidated and i better my behind in gear and start thinking fast of something pretty:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Greet says:

    Thank you for the wonderful easter decoration ideas!! Hahaha the carots at the chandelier are so funny!!! And thank you for sharing the link how to make the easter napkins!
    I love love love the easter goodie bags!
    Inspirational post Mon!! Thank you!!
    Have a wonderful new week!

  • Sherry Hart says:

    Those little sheep are so dang cute! I know I would have a glass of wine and have those guys romping through the wheat grass:)
    On another note…..that chandelier is stunning……

  • Good Morning Mon… your silk but it’s your chandelier that really caught my attention it’s fabulous with a capitaal F! I don’t do much Easter decorating but will now with a few simple things since I already grow the wheat grass, I like the looks. Have a wonderful day!


  • The sheep are soooo sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment on the tablescape post, Mon. Have a fantastic week! xx

  • Hi Mon,
    I just followed all your boards. I have been on pinterest since October and love the site. I am glad you joined, I love your style. My great grandmother was from Fryksande, Vermland Sweden. She had the same birthday as me and I have her spinning wheel she brought with her when she immigrated to Minnesota. It is a dream of mine to someday go to Sweden. I love the style, and would love to see where my ancestors from my mothers side came from.

  • oh, the sheep are the best, but I also love the ‘real carrots and veggies on the sideboard’ look. and if I could have your chandelier, my life would be complete. found you on pinterest the other day and now I’m one of your newest followers! love, donna

  • Karen says:

    What a fun post. I love the chick wreath. If you learn how to make bunny napkin folds you must share! Spring arrives this week, at least on the calendar, we’ve had cold, driving rain this past weekend.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I wish I had a gorgeous chandelier to decorate with Easter carrots. A lot of people are going to copy your lovely idea!

    Happy Monday, Mon.


  • Tracey says:

    Hi Monika
    Oh you’ve sooo got me inspired for Easter. I have been looking forward to Easter for a long time. Everything about the decorations, time of year and blogging puts me over the edge. I just love to see the beautiful pictures. I have to admit, I do try hard to take a good picture for my Easter post. You’ve got me thinking …….. BTW, my hubby and I are always visiting Seattle, it’s a lovely city. One day we hope to have a little cabin perhaps in Couptown.

  • Shauna says:

    Love the gorgeous chandelier!! You have inspired me to get my Easter decorations out. I still can not believe it is right around the corner. Love everything you have done!!


  • KATHYSUE says:

    Love all the inspiration here today! I too, love to use wheat grass on my Easter table. really loved the little birds nest and the sheep are adorable. I have been on the hunt for a lamb for my Easter table and have not found one as of yet. Still looking though! happy Monday and thanks for a great inspirational post,

  • KATHYSUE says:

    PS Forgot to mention I did a post today on the makings of an Easter Table.

  • I adore your Easter decor! Everything looks incredible, as I would expect! I spy those gorgeous candlesticks you purchased from Haystack. Such a great find! Would love to have you over this week if you have time. xo

  • sooo loving the sheep. it has been awhile since i did easter decorating, but i think this holiday is still my sons’ favorite. we do an annual egg hunt and will continue the tradition forever.

    smiles to you, pretty lady.


  • Kelly Dunn says:

    Hi Mon! I need to get my Easter on as well :) I am totally wanting to eat marshmallows after seeing this fluffy, gorgeous post! XO, Kelly

  • liza says:

    Your nests and your sheep are really perfect. Really!

  • Love those carrots hanging from your chandelier! I usually hang painted Easter Eggs….but this year we’re still in “renovation disarray” so I think I’m going to wait until next year to pull out all my decorations.

    Love all of these ideas…and pinterest is definitely an amazing resource!
    xo Elizabeth

  • Your Easter decorations are so lovely and sweet, Mon! In the future when we have kids, I’m sure Easter decorations will become a must and I’ll be coming to you for inspiration!

    Meera xx

    P.S. Thank you for persevering with the commenting on my blog, and sorry you had trouble with it!

  • Sherry says:

    I love your Easter decor, especially the little nests with the egg and the spring branches… I am new to your blog and from what I see I think I am going to love to visit! I would love it if you can come by and visit my blog also.

  • Oh my goodness, Monika, this is lovely!

    I cannot believe we are almost at Easter, but I am so looking forward to it. I hope for some more beautiful weather, though, just in time—today we had rain, which lead to snow, then hail, back to rain, and sunshine—quite a mixed bag—crossing my fingers for some more sunshine! I love love love your candelabra and decorations for Easter—the little animals are too cute for words! Hmm, I might have to try that napkin idea as well with our linens :)

    xoxo, Sarah

  • Delishhh says:

    Love the bunny bags so cute!!!!

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