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Busy, busy over here. Sorry for the lack of blog visits this week. I have some serious blog catching up to do.

My lovely, local blog sis, Marianne, recently gave me an article from Architectural Digest. As some of you know, I had fun for a couple of years importing high-quality Swedish antiques to the US. I stopped when the economy tanked and then started my blog instead.

But I have not ruled out doing it again. I love Swedish antiques. I grew up with them and they never get boring to me.

Swedes like to keep things simple, soothing and “quiet” and that is why so many of the old Swedish pieces still work centuries later. Swedish antiques are beautiful on their own but, because of the simple lines and neutral color palette, they can easily be mixed with other styles & eras. There are very few antique “styles” you can say that about.

The article Marianne gave me was about Jill Dienst moving her antiques gallery (Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter) from Sag Harbor to Manhattan. I have mentioned Ms. Dienst on my blog before but the Manhattan store is all news to me.

When I saw the pictures of her new store, I almost started to hyperventilate. Man oh Man. Swedish antiques are, in my opinion, out of this world gorgeous. And see how lovely they blend with Danish mid-century furniture. I am so visiting this gallery on my planned spring trip to NY.

Jill’s good friend Martha Stewart (via Kevin Sharkey) showed some pictures of the store opening on her blog.

Martha will have to fight me for this column cabinet. (In the old days, secret liquor was often stored in them!).

I also want a silver vessel to store my store business cards in…

Speaking of store. A big thank you to two dear blog friends for their unexpected shout-outs for my store. What a treat! And this coming from you — two ladies with tremendous style and taste! It means a lot.

Thank you Laura (Laura Casey Interiors)!

Thank you Teresa (Splendid Sass)!

I follow both blogs loyally. You should too.

Happy rest of the week, friends.

Images: No. 1, 6-9 via Martha Stewart/Kevin Sharkey, no. 2-5 via AD.


  • Greet says:

    This is just awesome!! All these beautiful pieces!! Mon,I love Swedish antiques so much! The only thing is, that here in Belgium you can not find so many stores who sell it and I really need to go to Sweden to see what I can find there! It is my dream to ever start a small business in Swedish design!
    Love that store of Jill!! Thank you so much for sharing! I do hope you will start selling Swedish antiques again!

  • Hi Mon I saw this and also was in awe… many beautiful pieces! Agreed that Swedish antiques stand the test of time and because of their neutrality work so well with other styles too. Speaking of shout outs, gave you a proper one on my current thank YOU! Hope you have a great day, also a little behind in blog visits but catching up now!

  • Hi Mon I saw this and also was in awe… many beautiful pieces! Agreed that Swedish antiques stand the test of time and because of their neutrality work so well with other styles too. Speaking of shout outs, gave you a proper one on my current thank YOU! Hope you have a great day, also a little behind in blog visits but catching up now!

  • That first picture had me swooning but it just kept getting better and better. Please go back into selling Swedish antiques I’ll be the first one in line. I’m going to have to drive down to NYC to see this shop in a coupple of weeks and can’t wait.

    Enjoy your Day!

  • absolutely stunning pieces, monika. and I love the environment in which they are displayed – a large open space with white walls and white flooring. so yummy and timeless, you are right. thanks for the heads up! I want to visit, too and until I can get there I will check out martha’s blog as well. donna

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Love Swedish antiques. There such beauty in the simplicity of them. I have a bunch of old Gustavian pieces here in my home. It’s amazing how they even work with modern pieces.
    I’ve been so crazy busy too!!

  • allison says:

    I love Jill’s style as evidenced in the design of her Sag Harbor home featured in HB a while back. These pictures of her NYC store are breathtaking. I have been working a list of the places I would like to go next time I am in New York. Jill’s store just received the top spot. I would love for you to restart your Swedish antique buying. I can only imagine what you might find and bring home to us. I have had my Architectural Digest in a pile with all my would-love-to-have-a-minute-to-read pile.

  • Karena says:

    Mon oh my, oh my, adore her store and pretty much everything in its!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Art by Karena

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I knew you would! I would love if you started selling some antiques again. You have such a great eye for these things! I’m putting this shop on my list when I’m in NYC this May.

    P.S. Derek is here installing the rest of the lights. Need you to come over soon to see all that’s been going on around here! Looking good!!!

  • Monica-
    This place is amazing. I could fill up a truck with tables only and have to come back! as always, there is beauty here!
    Hey, it is great to be busy.
    Happy Thursday.

  • Tracey says:

    Oh my goodness, I think I have just died and gone to heaven!!!! I must hit up that store when I’m in town next. Slurp.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Really great tip on that fantastic looking store Monika! And I totally agree with you about the timelessness of Swedish antiques.
    Take care,

  • I wish i lived closer. She has beautiful things.

  • omg my heart is racing just staring at these images. and the painted brick backdrop. mercy. you have reminded me of a shop specializing in swedish antiques i haven’t visited for awhile–i hope it’s still open! also, what do you think about the repro swedish demilune chairs that are new at restoration hardware? they’re so reasonable! can’t wait to hear about your ny trip.

    i’m leaving shortly for chicago for a few days–catch up with you next week!



  • Shauna says:

    Mon, thanks for sharing. This will definitely be on my list to visit the next time I am in New York. Also a huge thank you for adding me to your blog roll!! That means a lot! Hope you have a wonderful day.


  • Mia says:

    Lovely pieces! Have a great weekend Mon!
    Many hugs

  • Kelly Dunn says:

    Oh, I loved catching up on your posts! This one got me tickled as I could feel your excitement for these pieces and style. As if you don’t already have enough to look forward to headed to the Big Apple! I loved the feature in AD and I love even more that you have history bits to go with it. Hugs to you and all you are dabbling in and conquering these days XOXO, Kelly

  • Monika, I am sick that I missed you this week. As only you can understand, I am swamped. Thank-you Lord. These Swedish pieces are fabulous…I think I see another venture brewing for you…Go for it! The economy seems to be in favor of online shops right now. Huge hugs to you. XO, Mona

  • All these Swedish antiques are amazing! Oh that column cabinet, yes please!!

    Hope you have a happy weekend, dear Mon!

    Hugs hugs
    Meera xx

  • Wow! I was staring at these images for a while. I really like the simple lines and the rusticity of certain items.

    Than you for preparing such a great post for us.

    Have a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at

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