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Hi friends. Here are some things that makes me pulse race extra fast!

1. Pretty chairs with dark chocolate brown/cognac colored leather upholstery. I hope this will be the year when a few will move into my home. I think brown chairs are sexier than black!

2. A glass cabinet for my old books. Oh, how I lust for one. I would have so much fun with it. It would be like my own play house!

3. EXTRA over-sized lamps (we are talking giant size). Just a single one. I think they add unexpected drama and fun to a room. The lamp becomes art.

4. Now look closely at all the images – what do they all have in common? Light floors. In hopefully a month or two, our master bedroom will get a major makeover. (This will my big project of the year, folks!). The first thing I want are light colored hardwood floors, Swedish style. I don’t know what that will do to the the resale value of the house though, because Americans seem to appreciate darker floors more. Regardless, I can’t wait to have a light, fresh and airy bedroom where even the dust looks good in the white corners! To all of you “non-Swedes”- would you dare to invest in really light gray-white/raw plank floors?

This Swedish vignette gives me the “goosies”. Absolutely stunning and peaceful. I am saving up for a Swedish Baroque mirror like that. (And the floors….).

There. A few things on my mind. Thank you for letting me share.

Warm hugs to you all.

Photo credits: Image no. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Gemma Comas,  no. 3-4, 7 via Tine K Home, no. 5 via Skona Hem, no. 6 via Purple Area Blog, no. 8 via Skona Hem.



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  • Hey Mon! I like what you like…and heck yes I would go for those light floors, Swedish style…in a heartbeat. They are stunning! I also love brown leather way more than black, its a tad softer and in leather I think its a prettier and richer color. Sounds like some fun is going to be happening over there…keep us posted!
    Enjoy your day.

  • Half the fun is finding the things you love at a great price. I know I’m always chasing something myself. You’ve made some wonderful choices and I would start with those gorgeous brown leather chairs!


  • Half the fun is finding the things you love at a great price. I know I’m always chasing something myself. You’ve made some wonderful choices and I would start with those gorgeous brown leather chairs!


  • light floors are my fave too! love your choices Mon! xo

  • o, monika, you are speaking my language today. especially the filled bookcases and white/gray floors. yes, I would dare! love it all, as always. donna

  • designchic says:

    Sounds like you have a fun project, Mon. And absolutely yes to the light gray-white plank floors – perfect for your Swedish design and makes everything softer…can’t wait to see!!

  • Hi Mon,
    I love the bookcases and really love the last photo. We have dark hardwood on our main floor and it always looks dusty to me. I would love the lighter grey/white flooring. I am trying to achieve a Swedish look to my home. The style just speaks to me.

  • I love light floors…mine are quite light and show almost nothing. They are so practical in a beach house with kids. I love that mirror as well!!

  • Raingirl says:

    I’ve been chasing after lighter colored floors for months and cannot find anything in the US. You’re so right when you say that Americans prefer darker floors. All the gray laminate samples I bring home have a brown cast to them at different times during the day and at night. So I turned to white flooring and I find that they have either a beach-like look or yellow or brown undertones. I finally found one distributor who says he has a white/gray flooring I will like and the sample will come in the mail any day now. If anyone knows of a resource(s) I would appreciate the information. Unfortunately, as I near the end of my remodeling project, I can’t afford wood. Also, I don’t care about re-sale issues with the white or gray flooring. I have always decorated the way I want and have never had a problem selling our homes in the past. Good luck on your major flooring project. I look forward to upcoming pictures.

  • Monica-
    I agree with you on the light floors! If you have ever had dark floor, you know what a menace dust is, and it appears from nowhere in a clean house!
    I love these images, and brown is perfection.
    Have a happy Thursday.

  • Yes, go with the light floors in your master bedroom! I think it will look fabulous! Cannot wait to see what else you come up with for the space. I just know it’s going to be perfect for you! xo

  • Tracey says:

    Oh these rooms give me a real sense of relaxation …….. I feel like I just came out of the spa, no really, I do. I especially want to blow up that picture of the room with the view of the water. Slurp as I drool. Sorry, I just can help staring at these. BTW, I was over at Pinterest yesterday and I repinned an image with all brown goodies. I think you would really appreciate this one:

  • i have found that black is just too austere for me–except when it comes to the light black i use in my paintings. so i love your choice of leather!

    the floors are going to be fabulous, and when it’s time to refinish our french oak stuff downstairs, i’m going natural. can’t wait!

    lots of love to you!


  • Shauna says:

    Mon, Chocolate brown is my all time favorite. I have this every where in my own home. I would love to someday be able to do a light floor, something I have always wanted to do. Great images, enjoyed them all.


  • Love your list- the dark leather on the delicate chairs is so pretty and I’m with you on the light floors- love!

  • Karen says:


    I love the glass front bookcase. You’re right that would be a fun venue to set up some great displays to accompany the books.

    Love the dark brown leather chair too. Hope your dreams come true this year.

  • Charlotta says:

    Hey there!

    Need you ask me about the floors.. :)
    Of course I root for Scandi, light and untreated. I’d go for wider planks though and have them oiled or soaped. They will age so well but it takes patience to allow them to ‘mature’. YUM!

    Leather.. yes black feels a little harsh. I prefer a classic ‘saddle brown’ or ‘cognac’ (but only if stained and worn. I also love love love a deep charcoal – nearly black but without the harshness.
    Are you having your current chairs redone or are you getting a new family of seats?

    I too adore a large lamp. I fell hard for the cane ones you showed us from the Formex. I’d love one for the dining nook for the Summer months and then change to something a little more dressed for Winter.
    I am taking over one of my father’s old chandeliers (Empire) for my living room and will need some quirky modern lamps to balance the look. Am contemplating getting a floor lamp like the one you stock.
    Also am drooling over the Muuto ‘Lilla Myh’ pendant for my desk. Hung low on one end of he desk. Love it in yellow but will end up going for black as it seems to last longer.

    Oj oj.. this turned into a letter.. rather than a comment.
    We need to call soon. Getting withdrawal symptoms after our lunch! :)


    xx C

  • Charlotta says:

    Den är stora vita lampan över bordet är underbar. Vem har gjort den?

  • I am in love with every image! Gorgeous……

  • liza says:

    I would definitely invest in light floor. Definitely! And that chair and table in the last photo. They’re so pretty! I’m looking forward to seeing your floors. Happy weekend, Monika!

  • You have the ultimate taste…and yes, chocolate brown is so much sexier than black. Love, love, love books behind glass and can’t wait to see your makeover with lighter floors…Sorry I missed your call. Ended up unbelievably busy this see, and now I’m coming down with a cold. I just don’t have the time for it. I will try to get you next week. Have a great weekend. A big hug from me. Mona

  • Hi Mon! My goodness, I have missed you lots! I’m in the middle of a working weekend but had to stop by quickly and say hello.

    I completely love the chairs with the brown leather and ooh, light floors always look so wonderful.

    Just read your answers on Tina’s blog, and you have proved once again what a rare gem you are and what a beautiful heart you have! You are such an inspiration to me, both design-wise and personally.

    Lots of love to you!

    Meera xx

  • I Loved the dining room……… The others so Fresh were delightful.Always some interesting and pretty things here…….Maryanne xo

  • I must have been Swedish in a previous life!
    That last image is my idea of heaven.


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