Meet Me Over At The Enchanted Home

Today you will find me over at the extraordinary blog, The Enchanted Home. Hope to meet you over there!

The author behind the blog is the beautiful Tina, and while she is hardly a new name to my blog friends she might be a new face to my readers. So let me introduce her to you. (I briefly showcased her home a few months ago – and boy did you respond!).

When I first came across her blog, I, like everyone else, almost fell off my chair. She lives in her newly built mega mansion outside of New York. I was convinced a certain attitude would go hand in hand with that gigantic home — how wrong I was.

Tina is incredibly generous, kind, supportive and thoughtful. And behind that bubbly and witty blog personality I have found a very serious, hard working and good hearted person. I adore her.

Tina’s blog is jam packed with good ideas and design information and I find her posts about the materials she is using in her new home very useful. I learn a lot.

 (Don’t you just love the floors she picked for one of her bathrooms!).

Tina will soon open her first on-line store, offering goods she is truly passionate about. I can’t wait to support her new venture. (I will let you know when it goes live). I’m sure she will do so well and deservingly so. (I’m rooting for you Tina!).

Now, hop over to her blog, if you have a moment, where you’ll find a fun little Q&A she did with me. But most importantly say hi to Tina and check out all the amazing things she’s got going in her new home. Visit here.

Hugs to you all.

Images: all images via The Enchanted Home.
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