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On my recent tip trip to Stockholm, I came across this lovely Swedish home in a design magazine.

What really caught my attention was this art piece on the wall.

An abstract piece in ink made by the home owner herself.

You have heard me say MANY times that I can’t draw to save my life, but once in a while and I have that intense craving to make something artistic with my own hands and so far the few pieces I have made have turned out quite ok (if I may say so!).

Like this life statement piece in our bedroom. Down went the pricey & fancy gallery artwork and up went my simple and amateurish canvas. I don’t even care what people say about it. I like it because it is meaningful (to us).

I have some leftover ink from another project and I am going to make my own interpretation of the ink trees (?). I am actually quite looking forward to it!

Now tell me, how many of you let your secret inner artist out once in a while? And what do you enjoy making?

Happy rest of the week, friends!

Images: No. 1-4 via Skona Hem. No. 5 via Splendid Willow.
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  • Charlotta says:

    That is great Monika! I love it!
    It is so important to expand ones creative boundaries with new projects once in a blue moon.
    Of course I paint all the time – it’s my job, but I too get a great kick out of trying a new technique or allowing myself to ‘free flow’ when I paint. So often in my line of work I am restricted by a client brief and I rarely allow myself the liberty to paint for the hell of it.
    It’s so liberating and the messier the better.. especially for someone like me who is a pedantic clean-o-holic (well almost anyway..).

    Happy painting darling and please do share the process and end result!!

    xx sis

  • Greet says:

    I know I know my friend! You have a most wonderful eye for beauty!!
    I love this house!!!
    Happy weekend my dear!

  • I have every confidence in you Mon! I used to make handmade cards, (baby announcments, party invites, Christmas cards,etc…) though I wasn’t drawing them I was creating them..and I must say it was incredibly satisfying to have a vision and realize it through something I made with my own hands….cannot wait to see your results. I think its going to come out fabulous:)

  • Willow Decor says:

    I know you will do a beautiful job! I think something you made yourself versus bought is so much nicer to dislplay. My husbands grandfather was an artist an we have many of his paintings in my house. They are not grand art, but sentimental pieces which remind us of his loving gentle nature.

  • Sherry Hart says:

    Now you gotta do it! And show it to us! I’m with you…..not much of an artist but constantly see things I love! One of these days maybe…..

  • I love your art and your amazing blue dresser! I say more art!!

  • Michele says:

    These rooms and the art completely charm me. I just tried to order one of filippa k’s ink mugs a fee days ago but they were out. I think it will be fabulous do share! I’ll call soon. Hope you are well!


  • Franki Parde says:

    You WOULD feature that GORGEOUS BLUE credenza again…I ABSOLUTELY love that piece and have seen it’s photo shown many places. You GO girl!! franki

  • Sweet Monica-
    You are so talented. Love your canvas and can’t wait to see what you do with your ink!
    I love to paint but sculpture is my favorite. I don’t really have palace to work so I am trying to make a space.
    Can’t wait to see what you do.
    Happy Friday.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Do it!! And share with us! I know it will be amazing. You are very creative.

    Happy weekend.


  • Kimberly says:

    Well, we have a beautiful piece right next to the bed, created by the fabulous Monika, so I don’t know about that no talent thing. We both love it and have shared its story with many friends who are being given a tour of the house. It is always commented on. :)

    Monika Reply:


    You are so sweet! I thought that piece was long gone! (:

    Coming over soom with a little something for Andrew. Hope he is feeling better.

    ox, Mon

  • I just posted on that living room yesterday! ->

    I love EVERYTHING about it! Give the art a go — what can it hurt?!

  • You can do it Mon just don’t strive for perfection, let the inner artist in you out and draw what you see. That has always been my downfall I try to hard too draw what I know is there rather then what I see. I can’t wait to see your finshed results.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Well, what really caught my eye was that pillow with the cow! Unique piece indeed!

  • great idea. can’t wait to see your work Mon! hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, darling! xo

  • classiq says:

    Monica, I like your canvas and the most important thing is that you have chosen to display your own work and what truly means something to you. When I was in school I loved to draw. I still have sketches and watercolour drawings from those days. Would love to explore my artistic side again.

  • liza says:

    Aren’t you clever. I love it. And look at your beautiful shoes!

  • Came over from the Enchanted Home…love this home. The textures are amazing in the all white and gray/black living room. I hope you’ll post your art if you do an interpretation. Love that blue chest with the gold mirror and little notes taped beside it. And I think that might be a pink/purple glassybaby on the chest? I do love those!

  • Lana says:

    Hello my friend!! Sorry I haven’t visited in ages, hope you are well!:)
    I love this home, especially the kitchen with it’s metro tiles. Good luck with your artwork, always good to have a creative project on the go xx

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