Green Is Really Growing On Me

You would think that I, coming equipped with deep green eyes, would appreciate the color green — not so. Green has been my absolute least favorite color for a very long time. But for the 12 months or so I have slowly started to warm up to the color. And on my last trip to Sweden, I bought not one, but two pairs of green slim fitting jeans (just need to find a way to get into them!).

Now I find myself actually imagining myself looking at a room with greens in it. I don’t look away. I even try to think about how I can incorporate a tiny bit of green in my own house. What a concept! What a change! (And green goes well with gray too, folks).

For all you green lovers out there – I finally get it. I see what you see. I am just a late bloomer.

(In the room below I would only do the green grass cloth wall coverings and skip all the other green accents. I can’t go green all out – yet! But brown and green are so pretty together).

A very pretty dark sage green.


Green wallpaper in the powder room. If done right — very nice.

Very mellow green. The room would not even be the same without it!

Perhaps the most blogged about dining room. But what a statement room! And see how green and gray work great together.

Green and gray again. Me like.

This vignette (an old classic) makes me literally green with envy.

Also an oldie. But if it works it works. Green and gold play well together.

Green, linen shades. Pretty, pretty and so friendly.

I saved my favorite to last. Swedish of course. So fresh and soothing. I LOVE that wall paper with simple Lilies of the Valley. Both a classy and a modern room. And my old 18th c. Swedish chairs (like the one in the picture) can now also function as bedside tables!

What about you? A thumb up for green — or not? I am quite curious.

Images: No. 1, 2, 4-6 via House Beautiful, no. 3 via Elle Decor, no. 7+8 via Apartment Therapy, no. 9 via FFFfound, no. 10-12 via Saucyhelp, no. 13 via Skona Hem.
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  • tinajo says:

    I have always been very fond of green in all shades (also turqouise, petrol and such colors) so naturally I love these pics! :-)

  • Hello lovely Mon! Great minds…. I’m thinking about pairing green with black today, so we’re both in tune with these fresh hues at the moment! Hope all is well your end. Hugs! xx

  • I like green and my old master bedroom was the palest celadon and cream and it was quite the dreamy room. But I don’t know that I could live with an entirely green room and I agree on your observations with the first room….the walls would have been much prettier being the only green element in the room. It is a beautiful color, and I also like it paired with brown. Now you have me thinking about green rooms…….have a great day!

  • Sherry Hart says:

    I am still recovering from my apple green kitchen 12 years ago…..but I think what I like about all the images you posted is that they are yellow greens instead of blue greens….but now green jeans……that is a different story altogether…..digging!

  • Willow Decor says:

    Hi Mon!
    Green has always been my favorite color. I think its a perfect neutral – so pretty with punches of aqua or yellow. I love your photos, especially the one of the dresser with the lined flower drawing above it! Great vignette! Hope you are well.

  • I love green but usually use a more olive green, but I have used emerald green in the past and love it too. I Love the green and white wallpaper here, Monica!
    Pantone’s next color? Only time will tell.

  • Kathi123 says:

    Perfect timing, I recently painted our family room green, and inside the walk out bay french doors a darker shade of green, I admit, while it was drying and the furniture and lights were in the middle of the room, I had a panic attack, but when the morning sun came and the room was back in order, it was downright lovely,so beautiful, that I am heading to restoration hardware to buy green paint for a guest room and pale silver paint for the adjoining bathroom-Green is Great!

  • Michele says:

    Ha! Check outy new bag i posted about yesterday!



  • It’s growing on me too! Love what you have posted.

  • Karen says:

    Have lived with hunter green for too many years (which for most of those years, I loved) I think I’m just tired of the color. That said, I certainly appreciate the beauty of green in a well-designed room and am happy for anyone who loves the color. I especially love green of all shades in nature!

  • Franki Parde says:

    Oh, my, dear….green has always been my LEAST favorite color, too…and yet…think I’ve “caught the bug” and good grief..I JUST ORDERED GREEN JEANS! Just painted the “risers” on the lower level steps leaf green and the treads black…painted one wall on the outdoor lower level deck…leaf green….oh, my, dear. franki

  • Love green! Green living room and bedroom it really helps to bring the outside in especially if you live in snow country. Welcome aboard green rooms!

    Enjoy your day!

  • Tree says:

    Oh, thank you! Green has also been, and continues to be, my least favorite color. So, I’ll follow your journey closely and maybe you’ll help me to see the (green) light!

  • Marsha says:

    While I am not so “green” in my own home, these photos make me think I might want to be. I love them all except the dining room. The draperies are beautiful and rich but paired with the drab dark walls I find it a bit depressing and uncomfortable. Maybe at night with dimmed lighting and candlelight it could be ok.

  • Tracey says:

    I wasn’t ever a huge fan of green but it does seem to grow on you. It’s a really refreshing change and now that spring is coming, it’s even more likable. Lovin’ the purple mirror on the green floral wallpaper.

  • Green has always been my favorite color, even as a kid, although it’s weird that I don’t decorate with it much. Right now I’m really into neutral/navy color palette’s with pops of yellow, green or red. It’s so perfect for our live by the beach! Those green dressers are super dreamy…

    Nook & Sea

  • Kimberly says:

    I am not a lover of green and think the colours you typically use are prettier. I am not sure why, but while I LOVE grey–it is one of my favorite colours–I don’t like it with green, maybe because green is one of my least favorite colours. I don’t know that I see a lot of green being something I would want to live with for a long time. In jeans, great; in accents, yes; but in a whole room? Not me.

    But then, I don’t have your eye. You could do it and make it look lovely and inviting. I would do it and look like I was making the room look like a yard! I did like a couple of the wallpapers that you showed, the guest bathrooms, and I loved the green chests. That first one especially is gorgeous. I would use that in a heartbeat!


  • I’ve not been much of a green person when it comes to interiors too, but I totally agree that that green and gray living room is absolutely fab! Maybe like you, green will grow on me soon :) x. Shu

  • Have always loved green…my kitchen cabinets are an antiqued green. I’m dying over that dining room with the dark grey walls and green…love! XO, Mona

  • designchic says:

    I love a touch of green and the grasscloth in the first image is fabulous!!

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej hej hello!

    Yes me too.. especially the fresher hues of green – lime, aqua, and light sage. For me it happens with Spring.. and uncharacteristically comes hand in hand with pastel pinks, lilacs etc. Spring fever for sure! :)

    I have lived with deep plum coloured curtains, black & white stripes, deep greys and deep reds during Winter, and now I am ready for a lighter lift. I am hanging on a little longer but towards the end of the month I am hanging light linen curtains, changing my kitchen rug to a Swedish ‘rag rug’ in bright colours and have bought the most insanely cool bright orange rugs for my hallway. Colour is re-entering my life! :)

    I adore the grass cloth room and agree with you on the detail. Too much of a good thing.. but the walls are lovely.
    The vignette with the green chest of drawers and that large organic paining above it is one of my old time favourites. I LOVE that piece of art and would love to attempt making a replica for my own home.

    Ok darling.. sorry for my lack of posts and visits. I am still deeply entranched in Oscar’s health and the fact that I managed to pull another round of the flu.. It’s so boring like a faded cloth at this point..!

    Big hugs and lots of love to you and yours.

    xx C

    P.S. Hur mår lill prinsen?

  • I, too, was a late bloomer to green! And, i have hazel eyes —- so partly green. I finally learned that I do love green, just certain shades more than others. I would have never dreamed I’d have a green front door!

    xo Elizabeth

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