My Anniversary Is Coming Up (And I Have 2 Gift Ideas)

Valentine’s not so much. My husband knows better than to bring me anything on the official Hearts Day. But our Anniversary is different. That is OUR day. And to me very special. I married a really good, smart and generous man who thinks we should get married again — with our beautiful kids there! His very own words.

Happily married in Stockholm, 12 years ago. (Yikes! Starting to look a little outdated… But what a crazy fun and beautiful day it was!).

My birthday (actually today!) and anniversary will be merged into one royal package this weekend — when it is all about hubby & I. I am quite excited!

For any of you looking for some heartfelt anniversary/love gifts — I think I have found two really good candidates.

1. Enlarging and framing your (or your partner’s) favorite piece of music. Will definitely try. Personal and unique. I like it a lot. (Would also work for a nursery – your favorite nursery rhyme!).

 2. Turning memories into material is also a brilliant idea. Spoonflower lets folks puts anything on fabric — artwork, letters, photos. (For the fabric on the chair a family letter from 1882 was used). Within 10 days you have your personalized fabric at your doorstep! (They also ship internationally). I am thinking I need to try that as well. Perhaps sentimental fabric for an over-sized lamp shade?

Wishing you all a happy rest of the week!

Images: No. 1 via Pinterest, no. 2-3 via Splendid Willow, no. 4 via 1bp blogspot, no. 5 (Scanned via Country Living March 2o12).


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  • tinajo says:

    Aww, you were a beautiful bride and you look great together! Happy anniversary in advance! :-)

  • Anci says:

    Grattis x 2 !! Jag tycker att du ser likadan ut idag som på bröllopsfotot, stämmer det verkligen med åren ?? :)

    Och tack snälla för den underbara idén med fåtöljen, jag föll pladask !!


  • Mon you were a beautiful very happy looking bride! A very Happy Birthday and Anniversary to you. I let my husband pick our wedding date and it’s three days after my birthday since I wouldn’t get married on my birthday. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Enjoy your Day!

  • I have so much to say…first Happy Birthday, Mon! Then Happy Anniversary to you both! Then…what a fabulously elegant beautiful couple you make! I love the wedding pictures and arent’ you just the chicest bride out there…ooh la la!
    Last your gift ideas are amazing! Love the music idea and the second idea…theres another company locally who does something similiarly and we had two pillows made up for a good friend with all these fun catchphrases that mean something to us and our names, and it was such a wonderful gift. I love your ideas….hope this is a really special, fun day filled with laughter and love. Enjoy these special celebrations Mon!

  • Victoria Athens says:

    Happy birthday and happy anniversary, Mon. You were a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos, and have a wonderful time on your special getaway.
    All the best…Victoria

  • bonny neiman says:

    Happy Happy Anniversary and Birthday! What a beautiful couple….enjoy your celebrating!!

  • Jodi says:

    Happy birthday dear friend! You are loved and thought of on your birthday (and every day). Give Peter a hug and have a wonderful dual celebration. Much love, Jodi. P.S. I’m in Seattle in June and will send the dates! <3

  • Monika, happiest of birthdays AND anniversaries! When I read that it was your anniversary, I was hoping to get a peak of your beautiful wedding photos. I remembered getting a glimpse from an earlier post, thinking how absolutely stunning you and your dress were. I hope you both have a “splendid” celebration. you are one fantastic gal. love, donna

  • Happy birthday and anniversary!
    We never actually got married yet…two kids and a house later, and I think it might be time for a party!!!

  • Happy, Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend!!! And, Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful husband. Your wedding photos are so, so beautiful. Looks like such a magical day and you look stunning in your wedding gown! Well, you always look stunning. I look forward to celebrating with you soon! xoxo

  • What a beautiful bride, and couple! Great gift ideas. Happy Birthday and Anniversary.

  • Karen says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! Hubby and I celebrate our anniversary, of more years than I like to claim, Friday! It’s a great time of the year to be married, don’t you think? :-)
    Have wonderful celebrations this week.

  • Sylvia Rieck says:

    happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary ! Can’t wait to hear what gift you came up with, fun ideas! Enjoy your luv weekend! Sylvia :)

  • happy, happy birthday and anniversary Mon! such a beautiful bride! love the dress. and love the idea of the memories sofa! hope you’re having a lovely week, darling! xo

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Happy anniversary and Happy Birthday!! I’m calling you today!! Been so buried. Kramar!

  • Peter Claassen says:

    Happy Birthday Monika, my love!! I can’t wait for this weekend too!!!

    BTW Great blog! 😉

    Puss och kram,

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Happy Birthday & Anniversary! You are one special lady.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  • Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Valentine’s Day wrapped into ONE!! I am one who understands adding them together, as I was born 5 days before Christmas.
    Happy for you, Monica, and I LOVE the wedding pictures!
    Have a happy weekend with your sweet husband.

    ps – I am going to try to make some of those clothespins!

  • Tracey says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Oh your wedding pictures are so timeless and classic!!! I know your man will treat you right and your gifts are coming soon. Have fun!

  • You are such a gorgeous couple!
    Love your personal gift ideas.

    Wishing you a fantastic Birthday my friend.
    I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

    May you and your sweetheart have a very romantic Anniversary weekend.


  • happy birthday, lovely bride! what a handsome couple you are and i see nothing outdated–remember we were married in the 80s.

    i wish you years of more love and prosperity together, and i hope i am invited to the “wedding reprise” (i am also a wedding singer, so think about it…).

    love to you both!


  • What a beautiful, radiant bride! I love those photos. They look so classic!

  • Greet says:

    Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! I love that picture of your wedding day! You know that isn’t it?! Love your dress!
    And a very handsome couple!!
    Have a great day and weekend celebrating your anniversary!!

  • Your wedding dress was so divine and you and your husband look so gorgeous together. ( “looking dated” not at all! looking eternally chic I would say.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to you.

    Victoria xx

  • Sue Caile says:

    Happy Birthday Monika! and Happy Anniversary. Have a great weekend away. Your wedding day looked beautiful and I love your dress so elegant. Sue

  • liza says:

    Happy Birthday!! And Happy Anniversary too! You look so beautiful on your wedding day. I love the idea of the fabric!

  • THANK YOU ALL for your lovely greetings and for the royal treatment! You are a special bunch. Love to each and everyone of you.

    oxox, Mon

  • Happy Birthday!! And wishing you a lovely anniversary weekend–hoping that it is blissfully romantic. What a gorgeous bride you were. :)

  • Alice says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! Lunch next week? With friends. What day? I’ll plan it!!

  • Tina says:

    Ja, men då är det klart- STORT GRATTIS på Födelsedagen(önskar dig en riktigt fin dag!)& lika STORT GRATTIS till er Årsdag. Jättevackra foton från ditt bröllop(vilken Brud!!!).
    Gillar notbladet liksom det högst personliga tygtrycket- föder onekligen en och annan idé.
    Kram på Dig!

  • Karena says:

    Mon Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! You look gorgeous in your wedding photos!! Enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  • Jessie says:

    Happy Birthday, Monika. You were such a beautiful bride! You wedding dress is so gorgeous, classic and elegant at the same time. Love your wedding pictures, too!

    Hope you had a fabulous anniversary celebration this weekend! Happy Anniversary!


  • Jessie says:

    Happy Birthday, Monika. You were such a beautiful bride! You wedding dress is so gorgeous, classic and elegant at the same time. Love your wedding pictures, too!

    Hope you had a fabulous anniversary celebration this weekend! Happy Anniversary!


  • (Belated) Happy Birthday, sweet Mon! And Happy Anniversary! You were a *beautiful* bride, and haven’t aged a bit since!! I hope you and your hubby are enjoying a lovely and wonderful weekend.

    I love your gift ideas! So personal and unique and thoughtful and wonderful and beyond lovely!!

    Lots of love to you, sweet lady,
    Meera xx

  • Such a beautiful bride. Happy birthday and anniversary. That clothes pin is so cute.

  • I love those 2 ideas of the piece of music blown up and the specially printed fabric to your specs. What a fabulous way to capture memories… Thanks for sharing. Helenx

  • Well, of course I’m late to the party, but a huge happy birthday and happy anniversary Mon! And, what a gorgeous bride!

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