Snowed In = Coming Up With Ideas For My Brother’s Pad

Seattle is looking more and more like Sweden! Lots of snow here and I expect the kids will be home for the next few days since the school buses won’t run. You will find me outside throwing snow balls with the neighbors!

My Stockholm based brother (Mr. handsome E), e-mailed me regarding my upcoming trip to old homeland and asked for some design tips of his downtown bachelor’s pad. He wants it to look grand. And now he asks his sis. Now that is heart warming! (: Two images have been floating around in my head lately — I thought I would off-load.

Love absolutely everything about this room. The look, the feel, the colors, the book & art and the brick wall (which my brother does not have). Very, very nice. Both masculine and feminine. Do you agree?

Right before Christmas, Steve from An Urban Cottage stopped by (we were both part of a link party). Why I had not paid attention to his fabulous blog is beyond me. He is very creative and has excellent taste. Look what he did with his empty and sad looking closet space in his dining room.




Yep, he turned it into a permanent wet bar! How smart and chic! And what a conversation piece for guests.  Brilliant, Steve!

Before I end for today, some Thank Yous are in order:

Out of the blue, these fabulous ladies/designers/friends gave my shop some very nice kudos (click on the links). Thank you all! What totally unexpected and heart warming treats. You are something extra, I tell ya! Thank you, again.

Isabella & Max Rooms

Postcards from Colorado

Design Addict MomHello Lovely Inc.

Multi-talented & lovely Michele, who I consider a close friend, also shared that she had added a segment (she is a sought-after writer) about me in Chic Mom Magazine

Chic Mom – wait, Moi!!?! Now that made me blush! Thank you dear, but YOU are really the ultra chic Mama who should be featured here and everywhere. You can read her article here.

Ok, off to crank up the heat and line up the snow suits!

Happy, happy to you all.


Image credits: No. 1 via Reasons For Loving Seasons, n0.2 via Two Ellie, no. 3-5 via An Urban Cottage.
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  • Hi Mon!! We have tons of snow up here too! I am hoping to stay safe and warm at home till it’s over. I hate driving in the stuff! It’s good to hear you will have another trip home soon, that is awesome!

    Sorry I have been a bit absentee lately, I’m writing my thesis and barely finding time to scope the blogosphere as usual!! Hope you and your family are doing well. Hugs to you,

    Nancy x

  • Congrats on all the love, you deserve it! As you know I am really jealous of all your snow, send some over here. The most we have had is a dusting, at best:(
    Love the image as inspiration for your brothers bacehlor pad…handsome, and slightly masculine, very warm and it looks like an “intelligent space”.
    Enjoy the snow and having the kiddos home:)

  • Goodness me, just look at all that snow! I hope you are all staying safe over there, Mon. Wrap up warm by the fire and hanker down with a few films and some good food and wine for a few days! 😉 Hugs from London. xoxo

  • How funny! I was drawn in by the beautiful photo of the snow, then some masculine design eye candy and then ME! That was not only a fun project, everyone that sees it just lights up. It’s a really unexpected surprise. Thank you SO much for the shout out.

  • Steve does have some great ideas love the wet bar he created. Now I’m wondering why your blog has been under my radar, thankfully not any more, beautiful blog you have!


  • liza says:

    Thanks, Monika! So funny to see my little header up there! And I love your snow. It’s so, so beautiful. I also really like Steve’s blog, which I discovered just before Christmas, coincidentally. Happy, happy snow days to you – we really do not have them here…

  • sherry says:

    I saw on the news this am that you guys are in fact getting MORE snow!!!!! So beautiful. I am in love with Steve….his post, his sense of humor…..alas….he is geographically out of my reach….:)

  • Lucky you to have snow! It will never snow in Florida!
    These images are gorgeous. Love the bar. You brother is in for a treat. Can’t wait to see what you do with his place.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Oh My! L.O.V.E the first room (the sofa table with books on is gorgeous) and the great looking bar.

    Have fun in the snow!


  • Brrr! There’s no snow here in Southern CA, but it’s 44 degrees out. And that’s chilly for me! I love the look of that first photo. I bet your brother would love something like that. Keep warm!

    Something 2 Write About

  • mon, just looked at the national weather and when I saw seattle was gonna get a lot of snow I immediately thought of you. how fun – I guess, depending on how long it lasts! have a great time with your family. I guess you don’t want to know that it’s almost 60 degrees here! love, donna

  • girl pleeeeeez. how fun is it to help your brother and add another fresh nest to your portfolio??? that wet bar is seriously genius, and i love the surprise of it.

    no chic mom here. my kids would say random, kooky, uncool mom…but the magazine sees ‘chic mom’ as an oxymoron; it’s chic with a wink and a nod. (thx so much for plugging it).

    love to you, lovelysnowbunny (i’m snowed in too!).


  • Tracey says:

    OOOOoooooh very nice pic of the snow. We too have snow here in Vancouver and will be heading to Seatlle in the next week or so. That room is super cozy, have fun with your brother’s place!

  • casey says:

    Monika, I adore that library room. Books make every room more comfortable and chic! Oh, and love Steve’s blog (I recently rediscovered it myself).

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Beautiful!!! Now if they could only get some snow in Sweden so I can go home and do that shoot!

  • Julie says:

    I wish it would snow here…it’s so mild in NJ. I guess once it comes we’ll wish it didn’t. And, nothing quite as good as exposed brick, love that room too!
    XO Julie

  • I absolutely love everything about the bookish living room, hubby and I would BOTH be so at home there!
    Also love the wallpaper that Steve chose for this bar, the fabric version of the same design is a contender for a design project I’m working on. Clearly, he has great taste (:

    Enjoy the snow, lovely!

    Meera xx

  • That sounds like fun helping your brother with his pad! Love that image – the bookcases and layered art, so wonderful.
    We are getting so much snow here too. Hate driving in it!

    Hope your trip will be enjoyable!

  • How exciting to have snow in Seattle! I know what a treat that is when it hits the NW since it’s a novelty. Enjoy the snow days. :) I love Steve’s blog – his style is so unique! BTW Mon – not sure if you saw but we’ll be “neighbors” soon – I’m moving to Seattle! We leave Germany next week and after a trip to Asia will be in Seattle as of Feb. 20th. I’d love to chat with you about it if you have time (sounds like you are headed this way soon). Drop me a note if/when you have time – otherwise hopefully we can connect after I get there. :)

  • Just read your article by our dear M. How inspiring! I love you even more. The both of you, actually. I know we haven’t met yet, but I do care so much about you… you know that, right?

    By the way, did you get my email?

    Wishing you a very blessed day, sweetie.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  • Celeste says:

    The pictures are absolutely fantastic! I love the book shelf and the wet bar. Great eye for design!

  • classiq says:

    How wonderful that you have snow, Monika! We haven’t had any this winter, which is very unusual. I wouldn’t mind being snowed in for a couple of days.
    That room is so very beautiful! Every single thing in that room fits in perfectly. I could spend all my weekends and spare time in there reading. I was sold when I saw the brick wall and the bookcase. I also love the display of the artworks, casually propped against the shelves, not hung up on the walls. xo
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2012. :)

  • Hello my friend — I hope you and the rest of the family are enjoying the snow very much! It’s quite a winter wonderland here in Vancouver as well—my goodness—so pretty to look out at. I have not left the house in my little car yet—too afraid, and it’s too tiny :) As for your post today, the ideas for masculine spaces are wonderful… the first with the brick is amazing. The art in large and small ways is fascinating. I would love to head over to that coffee table! Your brother has come to the right person for some decor advice—I would love to see pictures when everything is complete!

    Love to you, and hope your week is going very well…

    p.s Did you receive my email? The entire house has been sick (circulating around)—it’s terrible,but I am feeling almost 100% now—phew!

  • […] loved this room so much the other day when I discovered it on Splendid Willow that I wanted to share it too. The exposed brick, the large windows, the arched ceiling, all those […]

  • Helena says:

    Spännande att du tar dig an E.s lägenhet! Jag anar att du kan hitta nåogra spännande indredningsidéer! Lycka till

  • Julie at BV says:

    Love the inspiration for your brother’s bachelor. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

    We haven’t had snow around here, after that crazy snowstorm on Halloween.

    Happy weekend lovely Monika!

  • I decorated my brother’s condo, too. Feels good to help out and create a good space.

  • I’m loving that room too, Mon. especially the table with all those books on top. hope you’re having a lovely weekend, darling! xo

  • designchic says:

    What a lucky brother to have you help with his space. I am completely obsessed with the bar in the closet…so clever and so handsome with the suitcases!! Happy weekend, Mon ~

  • I’ve been admiring your style for years. This transformation is so cool. Bar in closet? Amazing! I think it’s the suitcase that makes it.

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