Stockholm In My Heart & Now In My Store (New)

Stockholm is never far away. I left Sweden and Stockholm for the US in 1995 (work brought me across the Atlantic and I was supposed to stay for max 2 years.  So much for that deadline…). The US is where I later decided I wanted to put down my anchor. This is home, for sure. But my love for Sweden will always be there. And I always tend to bring a little bit of Swedish to everything I do (and from what I also understand) say! (Yikes, some serious Swenglish, I am sure!). 

When it comes to interior design, I think that the Swedes are the world masters of merging really old furnishings with new. They do it effortlessly and beautifully. Much thanks to the Swedes’ on-going love for simple, classic lines (and neutral colors). Timeless designs seem to go hand-in-hand with the Swedish mentality.

Old Swedish and new modern can all be mixed in these three Swedish rooms.

Objects can be moved around between all these rooms and still work beautifully together. For example the antique gold mirror in the last image can easily switch spots with the torso above the fireplace in picture no. 2. And the bronze torso would look great above the gray sofa.

The gray, Gustavian sofa would look beautiful in this room paired with modern furnishings and antiques from a different era.

In my on-line store, Splendid Willow Avenue, I also try to pick timeless pieces that will still work and be appreciated many years down the road.

Today, I am very proud to announce a new brand in my store — the fabulous DesignHouse Stockholm. A store I have visited frequently over the years. The store represents more than 60 talented Swedish designers and thanks to them many beautiful & fun designs have hit the market and become modern classics.

Here are are few items I have hand picked for my store:

A two legged lamp with attitude!

 An umbrella stand which also is a lovely piece of art.

A stylish bicycle basket. (Comes in 3 colors).

 A timeless and functional tray table.A bit of design loveliness for the young ones.

 Simple, modern coffee/tea mugs.

You will find these new items and others in my store — here. More are coming!

In a couple of weeks I will get a real dose of Sweden. I am heading to Stockholm for a week to mainly look after my dear Mom & to hook up with family and friends, but also to see what other new things I can bring to my store & to my readers!

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Warm hugs.

 Images: no. 1 via BugBog, no. 2 via Skona Hem, no. 3 + 4 via Lagerlings.
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  • Greet says:

    You are so right! The Swedes are masters in combining new and old furniture! There are lots of gorgeous Swedish designers!
    So nice to hear about the items to find at your online shop! This brings your dear Sweden a bit closer to you! And you will sell a lot of the items because you love them yourself!!

  • Mon, no doubt Swedish design is beautiful, innovative and so clever in mixing styles quite successfully! The Gustavian style is one of my all time favorties. Exciting for you to have this new addition to your store…looks wonderful!
    Wishing you a wonderful trip back “home” and hope your mom is well, there is nothing quite like going back! Enjoy….

  • tinajo says:

    That is a great addition – wohoo! :-)

    Mailade dig för ett tag sedan, vore intressant att få del av din kunskap där om du har tid framöver. Kram! :-)

  • Monika, you’ve done it again. The work lamps and the manana lamps are terrific and so full of timeless style. Your new things are sure to be big hits. So glad you are able to get a trip in to see family. Wishing you a wonderful time with all those who are dear to you! love, donna

  • Bianca says:

    I love all of those new items in your shop!!

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Don’t you love how Swedes take good design just as serious as solving the world economy. And at the bottom of all beauty all is a deep practicality.
    How exciting with these cool new items in the store. I LOVE the bike basket-want to get it for my mom!

  • Sofia says:

    Design House Stockholm! Hurray, good move!
    much love/Sofia

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – love this post, you are the master in old and new :) Great post – love the new additions to your store. When you go to Sweden i might have to ask for a few Swedish baby outfits :)

  • Monika-
    I love the clean lines of Swedish design, and agree that it melds well with other furniture. I love the images, and the pendant is beautiful.
    I know that you are excited to visit family and friends, and can’t wait to see what you share.
    Have a nice Tuesday. Headed back to subscribe to the newsletters.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Wow, Monica!!! Fantastic! You pick the best things! I am shopping for sure. I am now also a subscriber.


  • Suzanne says:

    I’ve always loved
    Scandie design ~
    classic and modern ~
    and love how you
    pair them. Enjoy
    your trip “home!”

    xx Suzanne

  • Tracey says:

    The simplicity is beautiful. I’ve always adored Swedish style ….. have a wonderful time on your visit.

  • HI Monika!
    Love your new items, esp the umbrella stand and the bicycle basket,,,Oh and can I just move in to the white room with the mirror and the bombay chest????????????Fabuluous!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  • Mon,
    How exciting for you to be incorporating this new line into your store. That’s wonderful! I have a Swedish neighbor who I adore and wish I could stow away with her on her trips home. I’ve never been but it is high on my travel wish list.

    Enjoy your time visiting your homeland, seeing your mom and friends!
    xo Elizabeth

  • Wow, I guess a trip to Sweden is in order…so beautiful!! I adore that bike basket.Functional and stunning! Best to you and your little shop in 2012 :) And the US is glad to have you!!

    Something 2 Write About

  • how fun! you’ve picked some winners here, and it’s great to see you expanding.

    as a swedish poser (c’mon on paper or not, you know i have to be swedish), i’m gonna come out and say it in a cruder american fashion: SWEDES JUST HAVE IT GOIN’ ON WHEN IT COMES TO DESIGN AND HOME. without ever visiting Sweden, influences from the country have been with me since childhood and are maybe in my blood. last night before i went to sleep, i spent time online at a swedish realty site and saved a gazillion images to post on the blog!

    have fun today!


  • Here’s to your fab store, Mon. My chap and I are hoping to visit Stockholm for the first time this year… fingers crossed. xx

  • I have always loved Designhouse Stockholm. They make an accordian pleat blanket which is sooo soft and I have always coveted!! Great addition to your shop :)

  • Hi Mon!
    Yes the Swedes are genius designers! I would so love to visit Sweden!
    I hope your 2012 is fantastic Mon,

  • They have the best eye for design… love everything they create!

  • Anci says:

    Du är så välkommen hit !
    Ja, visst kan vi göra en del bra saker :) Och god smak har vi ju.


  • Your shop is lovely, Mon! And I’m delighted to see it growing with more lovely and wonderful items! :-)

  • Alice says:


    Just want to tell you how great this blog is! You are doing a fantastic job and have a real gift for design. Love the new items in your store too.



  • Cecilia says:

    Hello Monika,
    Just to say thank you!! for your visit on my birthay and for the beautiful inspiration in your shop….really some very interesting items



  • Loving your new items in the store! Looking forward to seeing you for coffee tomorrow! xo

  • Tina says:

    Hej Monika!
    GILLAR verkligen ditt unika sätt att handplocka dina produkter till butiken istället för att bara fylla på med allsköns saker och ting. De speglar den du är!
    Ett fortsatt Lycka till med din växande butik samt önskan om en fin Sverige- vistelse!
    //Kram Tina

  • Kshoo Design says:

    Loving this post and the Old Swedish Couch!

  • Swedes do it best! Have fun in Sweden. Still hope to take our kids there one day, want them to see where their grandpa is from!

  • Hello Monika, Oh my… your new products are fabulous! I am especially over the moon about the lighting. Seriously. I might just have a need for a hanging pendant or two :) xo

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