Busy Times, Busy Blog Friends

How are you all holding up? I am going 100 miles/hour over here. But this image made me stop in my tracks, sigh and stare. So pretty and timeless. Just change the table cloth if you want to adopt a new design trend. Ha! The rest will look perfect 100 years down the road. Just the perfect amount of Winter Holiday decor. (Pay attention to the bulbs in the lanterns).

Hubby knows that my dream house for us is actually a farm style home here in Seattle. Nothing big, small will do just fine, but a very warm and inviting place.

You already know how busy I am with my store – but I have blog friends who are equally busy!

My close friend Jill with Live Like You recently launched her Recessionista look. Here you will get lots of lovely inspiration and find many nice objects for the budget conscious looking for style! Hop over here for more. (Ask her for a special Splendid Willow Discount if you see something you want to buy).

My very good friend Mona, together with her sister over at Providence Ltd. Design just took their on-line store to the next level and here you will find TONS of lovely antiques as well as gifts and art for the home. They have a huge warehouse packed with hand picked, unique and beautiful furnishings but things go rather quickly over there! If you see something you like, you’ll need to be fast on your feet! Access the store here.

I have a serious crush on these old French Farm Documents.

Providence Ltd. is also hosting a lovely giveaway you do not want to miss! You can win this stunning art piece.

Hop over to see what it is and how to enter the giveaway – here!

Speaking of giveaways, my good Willow sis Gina, with Willow Decor, is hosting a fabulous giveaway together with the spectacular 3 Fine Grains Linen. You can win a GORGEOUS burlap tree skirt, valued at $725!! (German, antique grain sacks).

 That is some skirt, people! Hurry over here and enter!

And our stylish blog friend Jessie with Mix And Chic recently started to offer her on-line design services (yeah!) and she is right now hosting a giveaway where TWO lucky winners will receive Jessie’s online design services valued up to $290!

Hop over here to find out more!

This will be the last news alert this year for my own store – many items are now completely sold out! The Scandinavian hand woven blankets came and flew of the shelves. I now only have 2 left! Next shipment will come end of January.

 And I only have 4 adorable Danish reindeer left!

If you want any of those items before Dec. 25th, you need to place your order by the 16th and I will speed up the delivery. On the house of course. (Pick up a 15% discount code from me, if you are interested. US based customers only). The rest of the items, will continue to be stocked. And more NEW things will be added in the new year. Link to my store: Splendid Willow Avenue

Now everyone (or is it just me?) close your eyes and take a deep breath…. Big breath in and a slow big breath out… “And don’t forget to use your sense of humor when the wheels are starting to come off the bus”, as my wonderful Mother-in-Law always reminds me. And she should know. She and her husband raised nine fantastic and well educated kids!

Hop Hop & Hugs!

Design inspiration and image no. 1 via Belle Vivir.


  • So much goodness and beauty happening all over blogland!! Love it….and love your adorable reindeer! How I wish I had a little one to buy that precious little guy for:)
    Love Monas line and wonderful taste and happy to know about the other happenings..will be sure to check them out. Love that picture too…so classic and yet a fun room to try ‘new looks’ with as you said.
    Take care, pace yourself, deep breaths, stay calm and jingle on, Mon!

  • I loved your mother-in-law advice… sense of humour is something I tend to forget during overloaded times! beautiful images and ideas darling! xo

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Monica, thank you for sharing! I have some serious blog hopping to do this morning. You have very stylish friends (as expected!).


  • Charlotta says:

    I am breathing with you luv. Crazy busy here but happy none the less – it’s all in good spirits!

    The bulbs in the lanterns was the first thing I saw. Love!
    Yes yes yes – move to the farm and throw in a guest house and I’ll migrate across to you for a visit. Love the idea of a country home!

    Happy busy friends – such good fun isn’t it.
    Can imagine that blanket flew off the shelves – it is divine in a timeless Scandie way. Yum!

    Now in mother tongue..
    Paketet är på väg så håll ögonen öppna. Jag slog inte in klapparna för dom blir ju bara förstörda på vägen – så du får helt sonika ta fram sprättaren och dela ut de små sakerna som dom är. Om du inte slår in dom själv förstås. Det är några saker som BARA är till dig och du får INTE dela med dig ett endaste dugg!! :)

    Puss hej!

    xx sis

  • Jessie says:

    Monika, thank you for the shout out! How sweet of you, my friend! :) Love your chevron throw, it’s very gorgeous. No wonder it flew off the shelves!

    Adore that beautiful eating area. It’s perfect and charming in every way.

    Wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful holiday season!


  • Monika, You are a dear for the wonderful shout out about our store, thanks so much. I’m going to take the time right now to visit the others as well. So many talented people out there. And your shop…congratulations! I’m not at all surprised that you have sold out of items. I’m just thrilled for your success. Get all those last orders out by the 16th and then enjoy your children. You are the best. Mona

  • french farm documents, grain sack tree skirts, and chevron blankets, oh my! so much lovely for us to take in this morning. i gave a very fun dinner party last night then invited lots of friends/neighbors to stop by for dessert. i did not allow myself to stress out at any moment, and we had such a great time unveiling the finished basement! we didn’t even call this a ‘party’ or an open house. we called it a ‘drop by’ to help me relax and do too much.

    love to you.


    michele@hellolovelyinc Reply:

    um. that should have read NOT DO TOO MUCH.
    michele@hellolovelyinc recently posted..a place my art lives {PRIMITIVE ROMANCE}

  • Delishhh says:

    Oh i didn’t know you wanted a farm house – you should go to my sister in law’s here in Seattle, they redid a farm house and kept all the old doors and interior, for examole the interior ceiling is all the original wood and looks awesome – you would love it. They even did Swedish floors and i love them. Next time we are there (next week) i will take pictures for you :)

    Great giveaways!!

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Hej Monika,
    Tack for ditt fina meesage. vilken vecka- Kom just fran begravningen som var ett tva dagar event. Tack for all di support!! Hor av mig nar allt lugnar ner sig har. Manga kramar Jill

  • Willow Decor says:

    Thx for the mention!! Love ya. Running like a crazy person. Cookie exchange tonight at my house. Will call u Friday. Hugs.

  • designchic says:

    Lots going on in blogland…thanks for some new to me blogs!!

  • classiq says:

    Monika, I just love the idea of the bulbs in the lanterns. And the simple wreath is so beautiful, nicely contrasting to all the glitter around. The Scandinavian hand woven blanket is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy holidays! xo

  • I love hearing about new blogs and some unique offerings, too. I love the Swedish twist of your blog, too. So many great ideas!

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