My 2 Cents On A Holiday Gift I Heart (From Fab Friends)

This will be the last segment of the year in  my “2 cents series” and you are in for a real Holiday treat! I have invited 11 wonderful friends, designers & bloggers extraordinaire for my Gift Guide Special. They are all smart, good hearted, creative and oh so inspirational. I follow their blogs loyally (and you should too). I always learn something new when visiting and I truly enjoy their friendship. (Some of these ladies I have known since my very early blog days).

I am extra happy over the mix of styles these ladies represent! Modern with classic, American with Swedish — just the way I like it!

Take your time to read their inspirational gift ideas.

They have all put their personal ideas and heart into their “2 cents”. 

You will quickly understand why I love these beautiful ladies.

One of my absolutely favorite gifts I love to give is a pair of really comfortable and warm slippers. This year I am giving someone in my family the Wicked Good Moccasins ($59) from LL Bean and they come in all sorts of great colors. Enjoy The Season & Happy Shopping! 

You will find Laura’s lovely blog here.

Hi, so happy Mon asked me to participate in this fun post! I like to give personalized gifts, which shows the recipient that I put some thought and time into my gift. I love anything, and I do mean anything!, with a monogram — from monogrammed soaps, to a bowl with the persons initial to a set of monogrammed towels, an ottoman tray…… the sky is the limit. Who doesn’t love receiving something with their own personal stamp on it? So for this holiday, I thought ahead (a first and partly out of necessity with a pending move on the horizon) and ordered several monogrammed/personalized gifts. Below is a collage of some that I really love and are all at an affordable price point. All between $9-$90. Happy shopping & Happy holidays to everyone!

 You will find Tina’s lovely blog here.

Having grown up in a home where we were taught not to be too attached to material things, but  instead cherish new experiences, it has definitely formed my idea of what the perfect gift is. My mother instilled early on that things won’t bring you happiness, but experiences and travel will make new memories that you will have forever.  So not surprising, I’m obsessed with the site, Excitations, where you can buy the perfect adventure gift to someone! So my pick is: “SWIM WITH THE SHARKS”. (Yes, for real!).

Mon also asked me to pick something from my own store, and I must say that I really like these handmade velvet pillows. Just the perfect color for a stylish Winter Holiday!

You will find Jill’s lovely blog here.

This Swiss military-style blanket is perfect for the guy (whether little or big) in your life. (I would purchase it for my Dad!). Classic, well made and immaculately designed, the blanket is large and cozy—and best paired with a hot cup of cocoa and great company this Christmas… Happy Holidays to everyone!

You will find Sarah’s amazing blog here.

I spotted this Kathryn Bentley one-of-a-kind Gray Sapphire Ring the other day and fell in love. It’s elegant and understated with a simple, organic shape – sort of the same things I strive for in life and my own interiors. Kathryn’s jewellery is made using the lost wax technique and every piece is homemade. Her goal is to create timeless pieces that can be passed down to the next generation which really appeals to me. I think we would be a good match! Of course, it would be even more special if someone special like my husband bought it for me. Hint, Hint!You will find Emma’s lovely blog here.

My two cents on a great gift idea is this Agate Trinket Box from my own store. It is so pretty in person, and so versatile…desk top, dressing table, looks great almost any where and is not something you see everywhere….I love giving this for special birthdays and occasions, and this Holiday season I know I will be gifting a few more. For me, the true test of a great gift, is something that I would love to receive myself, and this fits the bill quite nicely!

You will find Sue’s lovely blog here.

When it comes to holiday gifts, we leave the scarves, ties, tupperware and other standard gifts to someone else. Our idea of the perfect gift? Something we would want as a treat but would never actually buy for ourselves. This year, for the ladies in our lives,–mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc.–our pick is these Juliska “Florence” Champagne Flutes. They’re beautiful in a glass-front cabinet, double as gorgeous bud vases and, of course, are just the tiniest bit impractical. We’ll pair them with a yummy champagne, perfect for ringing in the New Year!

You will find Beth’s and Kristy’s lovely blog here.

Anything Scandinavian makes me extra happy! The perfect gift for a person who likes interior design, is a good coffee table book. You can never receive too many lovely & inspirational books! “Life and Work” by the Danish fashion designer Malene Birger, is one of my favorites. For someone who likes flowers, this beautifully designed vase from Orrefors is perfect. The Kubus candlestick is like a modern sculpture. A sheep pelt makes a living room cozy and warm. I always think that pretty bowls, plates and cups (all these are from Swedish Rorstrand) make great gifts because they are so functional. Finally, fun posters with thoughtful statements by the Swedish designer, Therese Sennerhol, are always fun to give and to receive! You will find Susann’s lovely blog here.

I’m a true believer that some mischief and color make a home inviting and fun – so my perfect Holiday gift for a friend would be Happy Chic Colors” by Jonathan Adler. I have this book myself and enjoy reading it for inspiration over and over again – even though I don’t go quite over the top like he does! That’s what books are for after all – to be inspired by book segments you really respond to. And since it’s Christmas time, I’ll give you a little rhyme to go with it too (A very Swedish Thing!): 

I hope this will make you smile
Save it for the gloomy days
With color and a cheeky style
It will bring a modern twist to your chalet!

 You will find Tina’s lovely blog here.

When researching great gift ideas for my Holiday Style issue of my digital magazine ::Surroundings::, I came across these amazing petite cache pots by one of my favorites: John Derian. I just love, love his decoupage work and was even stalking his Provincetown house this summer. Twice I was there and his store was closed! I think these pots would would make the perfect client gift as they embody my love for Paris and beautiful workmanship. And I know I’d be thrilled if one of these babies showed up under my tree! You will find Linda’s lovely blog here.

I would love to have a portrait of my home by celebrated Chicago artist Jack Simmerling. A master of subtle photo realism, he creates treasured keepsakes through original pen and ink drawings that can be commissioned for a limited time through Uncommon Goods for $400. Simmerling is known for his prestigious commissions of historical homes. What a treat!  Happy Holidays to everyone!  

You will find Amy’s lovely blog here.
Well done, ladies! I really needed this Gift Guide myself.

Thank you for all the great ideas & inspiration. You are the best!

The series will continue next year (yikes! 2012 is just around the corner!) when I will have more talented & inspirational friends over for little chats. (Every single one of my blog friends will be drafted!).
Warm hugs to everyone.


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