My 2 Cents On A Design Trend I Heart (Via Fab Friends)

Time again for my series, 2 cents, which you all know I personally enjoy so much. This is the closest to having really good friends over for dinner and quizzing them about topics I am interested in.

Today you will meet six wonderful, smart and design savvy friends each with a global perspective. I adore them all and follow them loyally.

With passion and personal touches (that is why I love them!) they are each going to share their:

Pay attention to what these lovely ladies have to say! You will love their thoughts & maybe even learn something new. ENJOY!

A design trend that I am totally digging and {have always loved} is an eclectic gallery wall. A well-curated gallery wall tells a story, whether it contains photographs, art and framed treasures, there is a story behind each piece. It represents who you are and what you love. I abhor gallery walls with quick slapdash art, just hung for “cute” sake. I feel it needs to have a sense of history and meaning, a reason to be displayed. Do I have a well-curated gallery wall in my home? Sadly not yet, but slowly I am collecting photos, frames, art that is near and dear, and quirky finds that speak to me and my family. But that is what is so fantastic about a gallery wall, is that you add to it piece by piece, building your collection, slowly unveiling your story.
 You will find the talented Barbara over at Hodge:Podge.
Copper, brass, iron, or aluminium (aluminum), I love a touch of semi-precious metal quirkiness! Two of my current favourites are Tom Dixon’s ‘Bass’ and Greta Grossman’s ‘Grasshopper lamps. Unique, well designed, and timelessly stylish!
You will find the talented Charlotta over at Space For Inspiration.
Trends can be fun, but I am personally not that big on them. I try to let my ideas come from a place deep inside me and to surround myself with objects that I really love. I can’t point to a specific design trend right now and say “I want this for me”. A design trend or a room from a magazine doesn’t have all my personal preferences, the things that inspire me or that I bought during my travels, my story – where I grew up, what I love, how I changed with the years, what I have experienced. When I look at an interior from a magazine I look at it as a painting. I enjoy its beauty and just try to learn from it – the balance, the rhythm, the scale, the transition, the emotion. A Coco Chanel quote says “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” I always try to let my own home be an authentic projection of my soul at that moment of my life.
You will find the talented Maria over at Design Elements.

I’m not the kind of person that breaks the bank for a trend. Does it mean I don’t like trends? It depends. I’m always looking for what’s new in the market but I also like to keep my eyes open and ask myself is this a trend that’s here to stay or if it will look really outdated in a couple of years? I usually like to add trendy pieces that are easy and inexpensive to change. We’re seeing grey more often than ever now and I am loving it! Take for example “Sarah’s house 4” that’s being aired here in Canada (soon to be in the US). If you’re a fan of Sarah Richardson you know she’s very careful with her designs but also adds some fun into the mix. I love the latest kitchen she has designed. It’s grey but it’s also easy to change in case you get tired of it in ten years. For me, the important thing to keep in mind is to use the trendy things you love in a classic and timeless way.

You will find the talented Luciane over at HomeBunch.

A design trend I am digging now is definitely lucite/acrylic pieces. I love them especially if they are modern interpretations of classic silhouettes such as the iconic Louis Ghost Chair or the Bourgie Lamp. Lucites/acrylics are stylish, versatile and blend well with any decor styles. Additionally, they carry little visual weight and are perfect for small spaces. That is why they are clearly (pun intended!) my favorite design trend of the moment!

You will find the talented Jessie over at Mix And Chic.

To me, there is nothing sexier than marrying masculine industrial ruggedness with feminine glamour. Think of a gold mirror against exposed bricks or a beautiful French desk juxtaposed in an otherwise industrial work space. My toughest challenges as a designer are actually at home where my husband and I both have strong views on interior style; industrial glamour is our happy common ground! Restoration Hardware’s Foucault’s Orb chandelier is a perfect example of this style: a sparkly chandelier encased in an iron frame. This beauty got two thumbs up from my husband who is usually not a fan of chandeliers. Result!
You will find the talented Meera over at First Sense.
Thank you so much ladies! How fun was that! I really enjoyed  learning more about which trend (or no trend!) you have taken to heart lately. One thing that you all have in common is TIMELESS style.

The 2 cents series will continue and yes, ALL of my blog friends will be asked to contribute. No one will be forgotten. You see, there are reasons why I follow you all! (:

Happy rest of the week everyone!

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  • Thank you SO much for having me here Mon, I am thrilled to bits!

    It is lovely to see what other fabulous bloggers have to say. Like Barbara, I love a good gallery wall (I’m working on one right now!) and like Charlotta, I love me some semi-precious metal (works great with the industrial glamour style). I agree with Luciane on the grey (although in UK we have to choose it carefully to avoid feeling dreary on cloudy days) and Jessie is a smart cookie on using acrylic in small spaces. I especially connect with Maria’s philosophy to design. Lovely lovely series and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

    Meera xx

  • What a fun idea! I loved seeing what all of these talented ladies have on their minds right now. :)

  • Thank you, I enjoyed reading that! You have some fabulous guests and some beautiful trends going on – it’s all good!

  • Victoria Athens says:

    Hi, Mon,
    What a fascinating insight into these designers’ aesthetic. I am using gray in my kitchen redo, although subtly, with gray-glaze stried cream cabinets that have medium gray interiors on glass-fronted cabinets. Luciane featured Sarah Richardson, who is one of my favorites. Gallery walls offer an opportunity to express ones personal style, although I prefer those that include family pictures to be in private spaces in the home. My preference for art work is to hang it salon style. that is hanging paintings from floor to ceiling. Industrial glam is not a concept I considered before, but I like it. Lots of good food for thought in this post. Thanks for introducing me to some of the women in this group I did not know before (I have followed Luciane’s post for some time).
    Have a great day.

  • Such a fabulous line up of ladies! Love this one! M.

  • kathy says:

    This is great, they are all really wonderful, talented women…LOVED Luciane’s kitchen, I’m dying over that one especially.

  • Delishhh says:

    Great interviews and insight! Loved reading each one of them!

  • modern jane says:

    Great interviews with some inspiring bloggers! Such gorgeous images:) Visiting from Barbara’s blog!

  • Hello Monika and GIRLS! :-)

    This is looking so fun! I’m loving being part of this group of super talented ad sweet friends! I adore Meera and Maria, friends I know for some time now. And it’s so wonderful to see all the other girls. I hope to know you guys better too!

    Thank you, Monika for inviting me to be part of this series. It was so fun to do it and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did while preparing it.

    Have a blessed day!


    Luciane at

  • All great perspectives but my fave would have to be Lucianes gray! Love it!! And really liking the gallery walls and semi precious metals too…..this was fun and a great way to be introduced to some new bloggers too. I am blown away always by how much talent is out in blogland!

  • Jessie says:

    Monika, thanks for having me in this fun series. It’s wonderful being a part of these talented friends sharing one of my favorite trends of the moment. I really enjoy reading about their thoughts and learn more about them. All their insights are similar to mine as well!

    Thanks again for the invitation, Mon. Have a fabulous day!


  • Monika, I am so honoured to be part of your series! Thanks for having me over, I am in such good company! Love all the design insight!

    Have a fabulous day!


  • Joe Clarke says:

    Wow, wow! You have some talented friends. Everyone brought something unique to the table. Fantastic lamps. (Actually all ladies are showing great light fixures!).

    Very fun series, Monica.


  • Franki Parde says:

    These “gals” really “spoke to me!” EVERYONE of their projections are attainable! Thanks! franki

  • Thank you for sharing, Monica! Can’t wait to visit these blogs!
    Have a nice day.

  • Love all your guests’ answers but especially the gallery wall idea. It does matter that it’s meaningful and should speak to the people who live in the home.

  • Fun post Mon! I love Lucianne of course and I love the gray kitchen…Also enjoyed the semi precious metals post…love Rose Gold very much.
    Thanks for sharing all the talented ladies…looking forward to visiting their blogs

  • such a fun series, mon. a couple old friends in the mix and a few new ones! echoing what meera said, i love grey but am having a tricky time incorporating it at home because of the ‘dreary factor’ in spite of an abundance of natural light.

    time to get out into that light right now!

    much love.


  • Charlotta says:

    Thank you Ms Splendid Willow for allowing our ‘2 cents’ to appear on your wonderful blog.
    Of course it is always humbling to be in a bunch of blog talents, and I enjoyed everyone’s trend/no-trend insights.

    Am a big fan of the series and can’t wait to hear from more of your friends.

    Big hugs from Swedland 😉

    xx C

  • I am visiting from Home Bunch & hodge:podge! What a fun series :-) Love learning from all these gifted ladies!

  • wow such amazing friends you have darling Mon! great inspiration! xo

  • So much fun!!! I’ve been drawn to metals lately…copper, brass and glass and also the warm textures of the season.

    There’s a little something for everyone out there!!
    xo Elizabeth

  • thanks so much for having me, Mon. girls, you are fantastic!

    Meera, your chandelier encased in an iron frame absolutely caught my heart.

    Charlotta, the lamps are simply timeless. Love seeing your smile. It made my rainy morning here in Frankfurt sunny.

    Luciane, 3 weeks till the baby! you look wonderful, my friend!

    Barbara, so glad to meet you. i am a big fan of photo walls.

    Jessie, the lucite/acrylic combo is a fave of my mom. it always remind me of her.

    love to you all

  • Carla Aston says:

    Lovely blog and what a nice little party over here! I’m with Jessie about the acrylic and lucite… These are all great trends. Love a beautiful gallery wall too.

  • Well said Barbara and Maria! I completely agree with both of you! Our interiors really need to be a reflection of who we are and not stuffed with fly-by-night ideas. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some trends are really fun and can’t hurt in small doses…..just as long as you’re not doing it for “cute sake” :)


  • Thank you for all your comments – a fun & educational series!

    I agree with so many of your thoughts and comments that trends can and should not take over a home – or it will be one sad looking home!

    I read somewhere that a home should be 80% you and 20% about trends. Even that might be high. I personally only have a tad of something in vogue but then again it is almost always timeless (book wall paper or industrial bar stools). I did however buy a white replica deer head for the wall. A trendy thing that I quickly took down. I grew tired of it!

    All the ladies today have picked timeless objects/ideas. I like that. They will all work 20 years from now.

    Happy weekend to you all!


  • Julie at BV says:


    Another interesting 2 cents series. I love Charlota’s semy-precious metal, it’s a touch of modernity and classic at once.

    Happy weekend to you my friend.

  • Staci says:

    Such a fun post, I love hearing the latest design trends these lovely ladies are digging!

  • Great round up of fab bloggers and their favorite trends. REALLY enjoyed this!

  • sherry says:

    Whoa…this is like the Oscar’s of wonderful bloggers with their 2 cents! Some I am familiar with and some….well let’s just say that the next hour will be spent reading some new blogs!!! Thanks again Monika for giving us a great read…and taking the time to introduce us to people we NEED to know!!!

  • Kathy says:

    Fascinating perspectives. I am a great fan of Sarah Richardson – love the gray kitchen! Who else could have imagined this!

  • Love all the different perspectives…Just did a gallery art wall for a client with precious metal lamps, so the first few gals had me from the start. I’m loving decorating with gray right now and a ghost chair is on my wish list. The industrial and glamour shot had my heart beating. and inspired by nature…absolutely. All of these women are right on point. Great series Monika…XO, Mona

  • a little bit of everything wonderful. especially GRAY and art walls. Monika, a few of these gals are new to me, so I am off to check them out. thanks so much for the introductions! donna

  • I liked Luciannes pic on the grey and had to pin that kitchen! I also loved that copper light fixture with the crystals that Meera showed off mixing industrial with feminine~I just ordered something very similar for over my island. It is like a copper bird cage with some crystals inside and i cannot wait to add it to the mix! Found your blog from Enchanted Home and I will be following you now!

  • I am so behind on my blog reading, my friend! Love all of the wonderful things each came up with. So inspiring! Hope you had a lovely weekend and I’ll give you a call this week to catch up! xo

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