Madly In Love With Jefferson Hayman

No words needed. Look closely at the NY based artist, Jefferson Hayman’s work.  His stunning photographs are handcrafted silver gelatin & platinum prints that seem  timeless. He pairs his photography with unique frames, mirrors, vintage objects etc. to make beautiful compositions.

Sea life. How stunning.

Willow’s trio.

Mr. Hayman is well known for his beautiful images of his beloved NY. I think this piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Still life group.

I go ABSOLUTELY NUTS for this! An accordian arm behind the art piece so the piece can be enjoyed from different directions. You bet I immediately went to two antiques malls with the mission of coming home with a couple of vintage accordian arms. Brilliant!

Jefferson Hayman’s work can be found in many private and public collections, most notably The Museum of Modern Art , The New York Public Library, President Bill Clinton’s Library, Robert DeNiro’s private collection, The Boston Athenaeum and Ralph Lauren. For more on Hayman’s work, visit his website here.

P.S I am saving up…

Happy New Week!

All images via Jefferson Hayman. Creative inspriation via The New Victorian Ruralist.
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