Cognac On My Mind – And Thank You’s

As you can see from my previous post about “leather postcards”, I really gravitate to that beautiful cognac color. It is not the first time I have written about it. I think it makes the most perfect addition to black and white. So when my close friend Pernilla in Stockholm (move back to Seattle soon, my friend!) sent me these pictures from a grand Stockholm apartment, I started purring all over again. What a fun eclectic design mix!

Read the quote on the wall… (Everything is ok in the end. If it’s not – it’s not the end).

Gray and cognac together is one of my favorite color combinations right now.


After some good cognac Thank You’s are in order. I would be absolutely nothing without my supportive, fun and loyal blog friends (yes, all of you!).

Extra big hugs to these amazing ladies who just recently gave my store very generous shout-outs.

If you don’t already know them (which would shock me!) — you need to follow them.

They are top notch bloggers and good friends.

 Willow Decor

 Velvet & Linen

 Hello Lovely Inc.


 Live Like You

Thank you again, friends!

If you are interested in my favorite Ikea things (Yes, I know a thing or two about Ikea – and I am picky, picky!) – then meet me at Houzz – here.

Finally I want to put the spotlight on my good friend Piper, of 1.5 years (yep, just checked!). Piper is behind the wonderful blog One Sydney Road and she has invited a few wonderful bloggers and artists to share their favorite spots in the cities they reside in. You get to pick up a passport (to have access to store deals!) and travel along in 60 Days Of Wanderlust. But first let me say how incredibly talented this girl is. She whips up layouts and designs like very few I know. I mean hello!

Hop over and read what I have to say about Seattle – here.

Piper also has a wonderful store, that I have mentioned a few times in the past. And yes, of course I have shopped there! The girl is good!

Here are a few of her latest store additions.

Visit Piper’s store here.

After a busy, busy week, I am ready for a relaxing weekend.

Happy, Happy To All Of You!

Images: no. 1 via Gear Culture, no, 2-5 via Skeppsholmen.
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  • Mon, the first two spaces caught my heart. big hug from a cognac lover

  • Charlotta says:

    I love Cognac but more so with grey than with black/white. If you looked outside my window right now you’d be immersed in stunning cognac foliage – all the Oaks are in ‘Autumn flames’ and the richness against some of the ‘bare’ trees is stunning!
    The apartment you showed is wonderful – I love the structural aspects – the spacious flowing rooms, those arched windows and clean lines. And I ADORE the rug – yum yum!

    Darling, congratulations on all your write ups. Well deserved. I licked the delicious designs over at your boutique and also fell hard for that grey/white blanket! That’s also new isn’t it!?! Such a fab accessory for the sofa this time of the year.

    Last but not least.. our dear friend Piper. She’s awesome and I loved following her journey towards realizing her dream to open ‘One Sydney Road’. She’s such an inspiration, and yes super talented. I too am a happy customer of hers – she really has so many lovely treats on offer.

    Am off to check out your IKEA write up now.


    x C

    Piper Reply:

    you both made me tear up this morning! what a lovely, wonderful comment – not sure i live up to it, but wowza am i glad to have friends like you that constantly support me & inspire me :)

    hugs to you!!!!
    xo piper

  • What a completely chic apartment! I’d love to live like that! I am also a big fan of cognac so you hit on something I adore too…:) I’m off to check out your Seattle post now!

  • Piper says:

    Monika, you made me tear up! you said such beautiful things that just made my day :) i can’t believe it’s been 1.5 years!! i’m so glad we became friends – i’m always, always inspired by what you do so basically…ditto everything you said :)!!

    xoxo Piper

  • Cognac/ luggage color is one of my favorites, very rich and elegant. Gorgeous apt!! You have many great friends because you are a great friend, Mon. All the best and continued success!

  • Franki Parde says:

    I just purchased a pair of cognac riding boots…got the gunmetal sequin skirt….gray sweater…I’m off to enjoy the weekend, too. Happy 11-11-11! franki

  • Such a beautiful home, Monica! Thank you for sharing.
    I am a cognac lover myself, and the color is perfection.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • Cognac is one of my favorite fall/winter colors. It’s just so warm.

    I was just over at your shop and I LOVE that Multi-Way Mohair vest. Really beautiful. I asked Santa to bring it to me for Christmas. :) I hope you have a great weekend.

  • Delishhh says:

    Love cognac as you know – lots of fun stuff in this post. Last month i did 20 items from IKEA too for Houzz :) wonder if we chose any of the same stuff.

  • Wow! This post is so exciting, Mon! I need to take a look at your picks for Houzz. Also, I really like your “cognac” selection! Beautiful!

    Wishing you a very relaxing weekend, my friend. You really deserve it!


    Luciane at

  • Joe Clarke says:

    You are one productive girl Ms. Monika!

    Will visit Piper’s store for sure!

    Happy weekend,


  • you had me at cognac on my mind. you are an outstanding writer and know a thing or two about evocative post titles!!!!

    thank you for these images from stockholm–i could live in this place and feel right at home. i’m kind of a cognac newbie. very little experience living with the color but loving its sexy warmth.

    i’ll be checking piper’s shop and your hoouzz column.

    caviar wishes and cognac dreams,


  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Hej Monica, having fun with some friends in town!! Thank You right back at you!! Vi hors i veckan! Kram

  • Willow Decor says:

    Love cognac – the drink and the color!! Excited to visit Piper’s store! Thanks for the shout out! Always happy to share your wonderful eye and taste withmy readers!

  • I wish we could sit and share a cognac and catch up. My phone call is coming soon…just want to really have the time to chat. I shared your new clothing line on facebook and pinterest…got lots of great comments. I’m in love too. Want to visit with you about the lengths when we talk. I’m really short. Have a great weekend. Big hugs to you. Mona

  • Anci says:

    Tack för alla bra tips ! Jag ska kolla mer när jag hinner :)


  • Carole says:

    The Swedish home is beautiful Mon. And so are you! Every time I visit you lately (I know, I know not often enough) you are thanking all of your many friends. So sorry I’ve been absent. Heart Home is taking up so much of my time lately I swear I don’t even have time to breath. I haven’t blogged in over a week and I miss all of my blogging friends.
    Forgive me? Lots of love and hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Carole x

  • Aww.. thanks for the mention. As for the cognac leather in those rooms, so love! Off to check out your Houzz article!

  • liz morten says:

    I’ll say you are busy. I just discovered Verellen at market and think you would love their line. I’ just started pintrest, so I’ll come by and see what you are up to.

  • Ooh yes, love the grey and cognac, one of my favourite colour combinations too! The spaces you have found are gorgeousssss! Loved your IKEA picks and off to check out Piper’s store now!

    Hugs hugs,

  • sherry says:

    As you can see…I am playing catch up this morning….I have not thought of these 2 colors together…but now I am itching to use them. I need to check out your new additions to the shop and to read your Houzz article…..Lord…I may never get away from the computer today :)

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