My New Collection – LOVE THESE!

First of all – thank you so much for the wonderful embrace of the newly added fashion-line to my store. I have been very busy over here! I desperately need more hours in a day…  But in a very good way! 

Now over to something else close to my heart — collecting something you are really passionate about. I can’t say that I “collect” many things. As many of you already know, I collect the beautiful cups by the Swedish designer Asa Lindstrom, showed here at my house. (My children collect naturally heart shaped rocks and mini glass animals).

I also collect vintage well made, hand carved animals. I have a a whole grouping of them. Can’t really say why. I just love animals and I love real wood. (This Dachshound recently moved in with us).

By my latest craze is these (and some of you might fall asleep…) ..

Yep. LOVE THEM! You might recall my post about being really inspired by an artful display of old postcards. Well, on my hunt for something simlar I stumbled upon something completely different than anything I had ever heard of before — these postcards in leather from the early 1900-hundreds.

Turns out that for a few years (around 1901-1906?) postcards in leather were apparently the “new thing” in the US. They were considered “novelty” cards and after just a few years in distribution they were banned by the US Postal Service. (I need to find out why. Perhaps they were tricky to get through the machines…).

These cards were mostly handmade (sometimes machine made) and often carried a comical message. I think they are absolutely wonderful!! Especially now when postcard correspondence has become a dying art. People resort to impersonal e-mails and text messages, which is really quite sad to me. Postcards are uplifting!

(I think this is funny!).

When doing some research, I learned that these cards have very little value. There is no great demand for them and they are, by some, even considered boring due to their lack of vibrant colors. YOU CRAZY PEOPLE! That is exactly why I like them! They are quiet and personal and at times very funny! And the leather aspect is just stunning. Anything BUT boring in my book. I have been bidding on a few leather cards lately and I get so excited every time one shows up in my mailbox!  These beauties go for very little money which amazes me — they are part of history, people!

All the postcards I am showing today are  my recent purchases. I am picky, picky. I want pieces with character and a good vibe. Of course I prefer the handmade ones and I am extra drawn to the ones with a real (1 cent) stamp and address on them.

This beauty of the White House made me pace around the house for a few days before I actually won it on E-bay. I had put in a reserve for $150. That is how much I wanted it. I got if for $9 and 99 cents!!! Crazy! How could I have been the only one bidding on this beauty?! I am shaking my head.

I know exactly what I am going to do with these Amercian beauties.You will see!

Some great sources for these vintage leather postcards are E-Bay and Old Postcards. But I am sure you can come across them at antiques markets.

Speaking of collections. A customer (now friend and actually one of the very first subscribers to sign up for my blog 2.5 years ago!!) from my antiques days just sent me a couple of images of some old European playing cards she came across, really liked and had framed. I LOVE it when people invent their own art! Well done, Ms. W!

And finally I have to share my son William’s (4) collection. He carefully handpicks pretty little leaves and puts them in our freezer! (I find new ones all the time!). When I ask why, his answer is “so they last forever”!  Well, of course! Isn’t that what real collecting is all about.

Now, what about you? Are you collecting anything different you would like to share? We sure would like to learn!

Warm hugs to you all!

Image credit: No 1. via Free Great Image.
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  • Will says:

    Leather postcards – I’ll keep my eye out for them, Mon! I collect owl objects in all different shapes and sizes, new and vintage! Addicted to them 110%! Hugs! xx

  • Greet says:

    I love that hand carved dog!! So cute!!
    I started collecting egg cups a few years ago. I brought them from other countries but since we don’t go on hollidays abroad anymore (no more time), my collection doesn’t grow anymore!!

  • Tracey says:

    What a lovely post. The dachshund is really sweet. My parents had two when I was a baby … I vaguely remember them lying beside me keeping me warm. They will always be in my heart.

  • tinajo says:

    That dog is lovely and I really enjoy the look of the leather postcards! :-)

    I unfortunately can´t say that I have that many collections, but I do collect vases and globes. It´s moving along slooowly though since I´m also picky. 😀

  • Charlotta says:

    I love these Mon and totally agree that they are completely underrated. They will look fantastic framed and I can’t wait to see them hung in your home!

    How totally cute that Prince W collects leaves in the freezer!
    Oscar used to put his beloved trains in the fridge when he was little.. because they were hot and bothered in the Australian Summer.. :)
    I love how their little minds work!

    I have had many collections over the years but sadly as I have moved, moved and moved again all over the world I have had to shed some.
    I once had an impressive collection of quirky vintage hats. I displayed them in my hallway for years but now I only have one or two left..
    I too collect heart shaped rocks (you must tell the girls) and keep them in a jar.
    We also had a wonderful collection of shells that were picked (and smuggled home) from all over the world. To my distress the export customs dudes didn’t let us take them with us to Sweden so we had a ‘releasing ceremony’ before we left. It was Isabella’s idea to ‘set them free’ in the ocean and really it made all the sense in the world to let these beauties go. Perhaps they will wash up on our shore one day..
    Other than that we collect rare photographs (Ansell Adams, Nick Brant etc), wine (our drinking prevents the cellar to grow too fast though.. ha!) and oddities from our travels. Too much of a (one) good thing is not ideal – I like to mix things up.

    Darling. I see this ‘collection’ post as a wonderful springboard for a blog series. Guest posts where your friends share their collections. Would be so much fun don’t you think.

    Innan jag glömmer. Om du vill att jag ska vara med i din höst serie så behöver jag instruktioner. Snälla kan du skicka det där mailet du nämnde.

    KRAM KRAM från ett frostigt och underbart Sverige.


  • Great post, I love collections, it shows a passion that someone has and thats always a beautiful thing. That little Dachshund is sooo cute!! The letter postcards are very interesting too, neat items to collect. I do collect blue and white, silver and antique china. I guess you could also say i collect silver trays, have TONS, and you might as well throw in handbags and shoes while you are at it:)

  • These leather postcards are adorable, Mon! Love them too! And William is SO CUTE with his leaf collection!

    Hugs hugs,
    Meera xx

  • Those leather postcards are fantastic!! What a cool collection.

  • So interesting, Monica! The leather postcards are new to me. Wow.
    You little boy’s collection is amazing. How precious.

  • Julie says:

    Those postcards are SO great!!

  • Abby says:

    Thanks for sharing these postcards! I think I kind of love them! I’ve been looking for some fillers for my gallery wall and these would be great! I love that you have one for Indianapolis, IN. That’s where I live!

  • Suzanne says:

    One of my newest collections
    is cigarette holders, which
    by definition are vintage,
    since they don’t make them
    anymore. Not the kind for
    carrying around, but the
    kind that would sit on a table
    with cigarettes in them. They
    look like tiny urns and come
    in silver, glass and combos of
    both. I only have seven, so
    far. Once I have enough I
    will group them on a big
    tray on my coffee table : )
    LOVE your postcard collection.
    Very cool.

    xx Suzanne

  • what could be boring about leather postcards? so kickass rock and roll–even my teens would get how cool they are. can’t wait to see your display.

    the carved dog. um. i love him.

    leaves in the freezer is going to stay with me for a while, mon. there are layers of meaning and truth and wisdom and innocence in that child’s simple gesture.

    be well!


  • Julie at BV says:

    How sweet of William collecting leaves and putting them in a freezer. Kids are adorable. We collect wine cork, sea shells, Turkish towels (yes the best i the world) and lately I’m very interesting in expanding my collection of Italian mid-century pottery (they are timeless). I love your collection of antique post cards, very unique.

    Hugs to you Dear Mon.

  • Sofia says:

    What a great post, thank you Monica, there’s something valuable in taking care to select “things”. Beautiful things, as you know I love Åsa’s cups too and remember saving for my first one many years ago when a theatre workers income didn’t match that craving!
    Kram Sofia

  • Kimberly says:

    I love those cups! How pretty! They can be put on a shelf or out on a table, and you are right: they can hold little trinkets. I absolutely adore those! They are classy and elegant looking but also usable in many ways, which is nice. Very pretty. :)

    I am glad you got the White House card. I keep waiting for Obama to call you, asking for his postcard back! LOL


  • Delishhh says:

    First your son is adorable :) so cute putting leaves in the freezer :). I used to collect a lot when i was a kid, stamps, hotel soap, sugar packets etc. etc. but then i moved and ended up having boxes of old hotel soap and never knew what i was supposed to do with it so i ended up throwing it all out. The same with sugar packets – my parents dragged me all over the world when i was a kid and i had some cool sugar packets.

    Now i love masks and i have a small collections (that you dont like :)) but i love them. I also collect magnets from places i visited. I wish i had some better ideas, but i don’t. I like to be a minimalist as much as i can.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Very inspiring post, Monica! Post cards, playing cards, cups, wooden animals (love that dog!) and leaves! I need to grow my own collection of miniature portraits…

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Beautiful and unique….thinking maybe these framed would be fantastic in your store!!!??? Love your unusual touch!

  • Look at you go! I LOVE the leather post cards. I hope you plan on framing them. They would look so chic in a lovely grouping on your wall! Jill also has a great idea about adding them to you store. Just a thought!

    P.S. I belive I do have some whiskey in my pantry should you need a shot! You can have it on Friday night, don’t forget about our event that night. Looking forward to it! xo

  • Trianna says:

    Those leather postcards would be lovely attached to each other on the corners with brass grommets and used as a quilt front or wall hanging….

  • Hello my friend!

    I have not fallen off the face of the earth, though it might seem like that! My crazy phone just decided to let me know last night that you had called… the day before—and I had no clue :( I hope to catch up with you this afternoon. I think a new phone should go on my list to Santa? :) Talk soon! I loved hearing your message…

    Love, Sarah

  • I love those leather postcards. How unique! I’m sure your home is loaded with lots of fun treasures!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  • That is absolutely precious about your son putting leaves in the freezer. My two are still too little to do that, but should they ever, I’d feel like I’d done my job as a parent.

    I love your desk vignette. You really know how to put those together!

  • Monika, did you know that I have never seen a leather postcard before? They are amazing! I love the whimsy and srtistic styling in each one!!!! I am so happy that you introduced these to me, I will be on the lookout for them from now on.
    Nancy xo

  • liza says:

    I’ve never seen one either! Very fun, and I am quite sure you will do something amazing with them. Love the history.
    I love the leaves in the freezer! I have heard (and seen how to’s on line) that you can save leaves by putting them in the microwave. The other 1st grade class (not Eddie’s) did this as part of a sweet framing project they completed for the school’s upcoming gala. The leaves will hold their color. Maybe that would appeal to William too!

  • Alice K. says:

    Mon, I love that wooden animal. So adorable!!!


  • sherry says:

    Leather postcards….geez if you live long enough you will keep learning!!! I have never heard of them but I would suspect that a whole mail bag of them might be pretty darn heavy!!! How appropriate that they just happen to go with your new color craze!

  • sherry says:

    Oh yeah….that little carved wiener dog is the cutest!!!

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