I Go Nuts For This Room

I have been going back and forth a zillion times on how to update our guest suite. I know I want the room to be soothing, fresh and classic looking with a good mix of old and new. Just came across this picture and I love everything about this bedroom!


 What I am attracted to (look closely – it is not the best picture):

1) The simplicity of the room.

2) The colors: yellow and black mixed with browns and whites.

2) The tufted headboard (every single bed at our house is upholstered – but not one is tufted!).

3) The contemporary lamp mixed with an antique chest and heavy duty iron urns.

4) The planted trees in the window.

5) A bold rug.

6) Simple, non fuzzy silk panels for a little bit of flair.

The shopping can begin! Some sources to start with:

Headboard at Restoration Hardware.

Artimede Tolomeo table lamp at The Conran Shop. (Comes in 2 sizes).

 Stenciled zebra rug at Live Like You.

Handsome, double lined, well made curtains can, as we all know, cost a fortune. I came across the shop Martha & Ash at Etsy who custom make lovely, lined, panels without the hefty price tag. I might try them this time around.

Now for that yellow throw/blanket/coverlet. It really gives the room a little color pop – and I will look long and hard for something nice and unique. (I will most likely add an upholstered chair with some more of that yellow color).

Coverlet via Crate & Barrel.

Urns and an antique black chest will be the the most fun to shop for! Because that involves going to lots of neat and personal little shops.

I am not sure you like the room as much as I do. (You are probably all yawning!). But to me this room is so calming and also pleasing on the eye without a lot of stuff (to dust!). This one will be my inspiration room for sure.

Happy new week!

 Images: no. 1 via Splendid Willow, no. 2 via Skona Hem.
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  • Anci says:

    Men det spelar väl ingen roll vad vi tycker ?! Bara du är nöjd ! Med tanke på hur resten av ditt hem ser ut, så är jag säker på att det blir fantastiskt !!

    Hälsningar från ett höstigt Sverige !

  • Love the direction you are going in, its fresh and vibant but still elegant and restrained….gorgeous!

  • Oh, I’m not yawning at all! I’m loving it! There’s so many classic elements here and I can always appreciate that.

    Great sources also, Mon!

    I hope everything is great with you and you have a very blessed week!


    Luciane at

  • Victoria Athens says:

    It is lovely, Mon, and I think the color combinations are exciting.

  • Too funny about the dusting. :) My favorite element are those gorgeous curtains and of course the urns!

  • the coverlet is amazing…I am really happy with our white coverlet from overstock! – the smoothness of it, after a summer with a bumpy lumpy duvet!

  • Franki Parde says:

    There IS something about “mellow yellow” isn’t there?!? franki

  • The potted urns and
    the chest of drawers
    make the room for me!
    xx Suzanne

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I go nuts for that room too! Beautiful color combination, yellow, with zebra and browns. A perfect mix of classic with glamorous touches that makes it modern. I want a room like that on LLY! Thank YOU for including LLY in your round up!

  • it’s beautiful, mon. it doesn’t look ‘decorated’ which is so important. and it is timeless so you won’t grow tired of it in a year. i love the curtains! i’ll have to check out this etsy shop.

    have fun on the shopping trips and enjoy your week!


  • Delishhh says:

    Very nice! Are these the lamps for our bedroom :) Love the curtains too. Almost all painted. . .everything coming together soon :)

  • Beautiful! Looks like a gorgeous hotel room. Check out Home Goods if you have one near you, My husband and I found our industrial-esque table lamp from there for $40.00.

  • You do have fabulous taste, darling Mon! I love that inspiration for a guest room, very calming yet luxurious, cheery and interesting. I love it!

    Happy new week to you, lovely.

    ~Meerkat :-)

  • Kimberly W. says:

    Hi Monika!

    I thought you had already done that guest room. Didn’t you put up the wallpaper and use some blues? Maybe I am thinking of a different room? Regardless, I know whatever you do it will be gorgeous. I LOVE the curtains. Those are really pretty.

    Did you go to the party yesterday? We couldn’t go, as it turned out. We had a birthday party and did not get home until around 6:00, by which time I was not in the mood to go to another party. :)


    Monika Reply:


    You are right! The accent wall paper on one wall will stay (I worked hard on that one, rememeber!). Everything else is going. And no blue. This is the new palette and I am sticking to it!

    The party was fun. Only stayed for a little bit. You were missed!

    Hugs, Mon

  • Charlotta says:

    Thumbs up from Sweden!
    It will look amazing of that I am sure, and one day I’ll plonk my suitcase down in that room. Can’t wait!! :)

    xx C

    Tack för mail ang stövlarna. Jag ska till Sholm och se Spamalot på Oscarsteatern den 19e. Tänkte passa på att prova ett par då.


  • Charlotta says:

    Vet du.. (från en kantarell älskare till en annan..) att i år är det svampår och det bara kryllar av svamp i skogen. I helgen kom jag hem med över 10 liter tratt kantareller..!! Stod i två dagar och rensade.. men vet att det är värt det.

    Ska ut och leta trumpet svamp i morgon (min favorit).

    Om du bara vore här så skulle jag bjuda dig på svamp afton, och så kunde vi flyga ner till Gotland och leta tryffel tillsammans. Ett år bara måste vi göra det.


  • Oh, oh! But I do like the room. I like that it is mostly neutral and classic with that slight edge coming from the yellow, the light, and the rug. Do you have double windows like that? The arches are pretty amazing…

    How fun to do urns in the window too, I’ve never seen that before.

  • designchic says:

    Oh yes, Monika, this is beautiful. Love the chic, sophisticated style, and I’m obsessed with the antique black chest…gorgeous!!

  • My beautiful Mon!

    Geee… how sweet you are! First I get the most beautiful necklace from you, then you say those things about me on Tina’s blog? You’re just great! Thank you so much for your words and for what you said about my blog. It means a lot to me coming from you. It really does!

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!


    Luciane at

  • Love the inspiration photo! I have two tufted headboards and they are so luxurious looking! LOVE the yellow – and the chest. Wish I had a guest room – our guests sleep on an air mattress in the kids’ games room:)

  • Erica says:

    Such great inspiration for this space! Just thought that I’d share that I posted William’s room on little moth today. Hope that’s ok. :) xoxo Erica

  • No yawning here – this room is totally chic and comfortable-looking. I love all the elements you love. (No surprise!)

  • Jessie says:

    This is a beautiful room. It’s classic, chic and elegant. I am drawn to so many elements in this room, the urns, the zebra rug, the tufted headboard and the dresser!


  • I’ll come stay in that guest room MON!
    I love the drapery…my Dining room has almost the exact same color.

  • Monika, There is so much to go nuts for here. Love all the details. Inspiration for a fabulous guest room. Hugs to you. Mona

  • I am sure when you finish it it will be gorgeous!!!!!! Like everything else you come up with!!!!! I love the shape of thge headboard and the curtains…… Can’t wait to see the yellow! xo Maryanne

  • quintessence says:

    Wonderful inspiration and love all your picks. Old and new is my new mantra. It’s all I saw at the London Design Festival and it’s what’s on my mind as well!! One of our events was having dinner at the Conran’s penthouse – exactly such a mix!!

  • sherry says:

    Who’s yawning…it is going to be fabulous! It has everything….color…texture…old and new. A winning combination for real! AND….you get to shop!

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