Knock, Knock. May We Come In?

Time to add more loveliness to my series featuring real people and design. Nothing contrived, nothing staged. Just lovely people, unique styles and lots of personality.

A few years ago my husband was part of a panel debate at a hightech conference in LA. The moderator of the panel was a well respected market analyst — Monica.

Last year my husband contacted her again for something business related and would you know she lives with her husband down the road from us in Seattle. Literally 3 minutes away!

Monica and Dan graciously invited us over for dinner.

Here were the instructions:

Pass the garage and the main house.

 Take the side door into the garden and bring a flash light!

Follow the pathway to the very back of the garden.

In the very back you will see a green house. That is where we will be having dinner.

Do you know what they built in their backyard? A …

Not a barbeque. Not a fire pit. Nope, a Pizza Kitchen! With pull up garage doors, concrete floors and an imported Italain pizza oven. Monica is from Italy so it all makes sense.


We had  great time and ate the best pizzas in town with toppings galore! It was a social and fun evening! (You will have to imagine this place at night around the pizza oven with candles on the table and the doors open to a lovely lit backyard).

William and I trotted down the other day to take some daytime pictures.

Most of the ingredients on the house pizzas come from their own garden. What a lovely way of living!


They also use their pizza oven to make lovely home made bread and wonderful desserts.


I really enjoyed putting together this post. I love anything that is unique, authentic and personal. A private Pizza Kitchen – how fun!

Warm hugs to you all.

All images via Splendid Willow/Monica & Dan
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