An Incredible Home Building Journey

At the end of this windy road stands a home in the midst of construction. I have seen a lot of nice homes in my days, but this one is pretty spectacular.


Tina is the lady behind this house/mansion/castle! She is a happy, proud, family oriented  mother of three boys and a super energized blogger who shares her interior design passion with her readers via The Enchanted Home. I can’t claim that I check in all the time (I can’t possibly keep up with all her posts and pictures!) but on Thursdays she shares her house updates and I find them incredibly inspirational and informative (whenever my dear friend Marianne and I get together we talk about this home!).

It is a good thing that I don’t have a jealous bone in my body because everything is pretty amazing. I mean hello! This is what Tina and her husband are building from scratch.


This is where the patio is going in.

Family room in the works.

Living room. Look at the paneling.

This is going to be the kitchen. Love the beams.

Butlers pantry.

Tina generously shares all her materials and design idea (and edits, mishaps, re-orders etc.) like flooring and marbles and tiles.

Potential wall paper in the powder room.

Stunning Versailles parquet floors.

This is the area assigned to Tina’s new tub!

Amazing natural light everywhere.

Talk about a dream home. I can’t wait to see how she actually will decorate all the rooms.

What is even more amazing about Tina’s blog journey is none of this seems to have gone to her head. In the most natural and endearing way she blogs about her runs to Target and small treasures she sees and come across. And she does not take herself too seriously. One of her favorite things to do is to spend quality time with her close ones and to hear her husband laugh out loud during a funny movie. I find that very heart warming and refreshing.

You are in for a real visual treat and tons of architectural and design ideas when you visit Tina and The Enchanted Home — here.

Happy New Week, Friends. My next post will be about a very small and unique house I found in a local backyard!

All images via The Enchanted Home.
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  • beautiful journey! Happy and creative new week to you, Mon! big hugs

  • You have touched on one of my favorite blogs and blogger friends! You’re right, Tina is so down to earth and kind, I can’t help but be incredibly happy for her! I have told her that her home rivals some of the palaces here in Munich. :) She is wonderful, and blogs about this truly incredible home with such grace. I’m sure she will fill this home with love…

  • Greet says:

    Every week, I hardly can’t wait to see Tina’s post about her beautiful, gorgeous, stunning,…. house! Sometimes I can not believe my eyes looking at this! I loooovvvveee this house so much! And I do know that Tina puts a lot of energy into the building up of her home! She is an adorable, sweet lady and I am so happy that she really takes the time to share this all with us!!
    Great post Mon!
    Have a nice new week!

  • Charlotta says:

    It is truly ENCHANTED – wow!
    I am taken not only by the holistic beauty of this place (incl the setting) but also the level of detail. Everything has been selected by a keen and loving eye. Very impressive and also so wonderful to see such a thorough project.

    Thanks for sharing lovely.

    xx C

  • Victoria Athens says:

    My favorite activity is to read Tina’s house updates every Thursday/Friday. The house is splendid; the design decisions are impressive; the attention to detail is nothing short of perfection. The fact that she shares all of this with all of us is such a gift.

  • sherry says:

    I can tell she is a lovely person just from her blog……and that house….just amazing!

  • Monika,

    It’s so great to see and read about Tina here. She’s my blog buddy! She knows how much I like and how happy I feel for her for being building her dream home. It’s actually a hard work, I can tell she’s always busy with it. She’s a perfectionist and this house reflects her talent and great taste!

    I know she’ll be so happy you made this sweet post about her and her home!

    Wishing you a very blessed week, Monika and thank you so much for your comment yesterday!

    xo to you.

    Luciane at

  • Tina’s home is incredible. I agree that her eye for detail is just perfection. I’m constantly amazed at all she accomplishes between blogging, building this home and caring for family and friends. Great post Monika.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Incredible indeed! The architecture is fantastic. The setting too.

    Thank you for sharing stylish Mon!


  • Lizziefitz says:

    Stunning beyond belief! How kind of Tina to share he journey. Most of us would never otherwise get the chance to see such splendor:) I am so happy for her and her family.

  • whoa. pretty amazing. I am in love with her marble choices, because I know those were hard. what a lucky gal Tina is! donna

  • OMG I am sooooo touched by this Mon!!! Thank sooooo much. Seriously how kind that you did this! The things you said touched my heart and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, I had a very upsetting morning getting news about a very sick relative. Its just had me feeling very down and I decided to visit blogworld for a little getaway and a few people mentioned to me that you did this.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is totally my pleasure (and refuge) to share it with you and others in blogland who care to follow along. Yes its been a long labor intensive process, one I would not care to repeat but at last the end is near and who knows maybe one day we will have a small bloggers lunch or meet and greet there!! LOL, love coming here and again am so very touched that you were so kind to feature me and my home in this lovely post that made my blush:)

  • Kimberly W. says:

    Where IS this? It’s INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • i must read tina’s blog! what a gorgeous masterpiece they are creating. and i’m just gonna say it. i’m jealous. not for its beauty or value but this undertaking takes deep commitment and time and work and then MAINTENANCE. my projects are not nearly as expensive or detailed and i’m exhausted! git down, tina, git down.

    and you monika. you git down too. with yer bad self. you brighten my comment boxes like nobody’s business and ALWAYS inspire me with your finds, creativity, and insight. i feel like if i just study this blog in depth, there are answers here the universe wants me to know.

    howz that for a caffeinated monday morning?



  • Helena says:

    Tjusig inredning och vackert hus på bilderna. Har suttit många gånger med erik på Tomtebogatan o pratat om livet i stort o smått, ni lever väldigt olika liv….

  • isa says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I am off to see more!
    xo isa

  • Stacey T. says:

    Luckily we won’t have to hire an architect now, we can just borrow the plans to this house, no need to even modify! (:

  • Julie says:

    So gorgeous…Really spectacular, I would love to decorate that bad boy!! Hope you’ve been great, lady! xo

  • Julie at BV says:


    I’ve been meaning to post about Tina’s Amazing home for a while. Isn’t she an adorable and elegant lady. I am absolutely in awe with her house. What a dream! And let’s talk about that Eddie Ross’s unique bulletin board. What creativity and style!

    Hugs to you my friend.

  • Janell Beals says:

    Whenever I want to be inspired by truly outstanding craftmanship I hope on over to see house updates on Tina’s blog. Truly amazing! Janell

  • Her home is amazing. She pays attention to little details, that make this home beautiful. I can not wait until she adds the furniture and the drapery.

  • Tina’s home is absolutely the stuff dreams are made of and you’re right, she’s truly as humble as can be about her stunning abode. I’m following along with every update and am constantly inspired by the craftsmanship of her beautiful home…love to you both!!!

  • Oh my….it has been far too long since I have visited your beautiful space Mon! I have missed it….this house is exquisite. I mean…..really. Just awe-inspiring. How incredible that they are building their dream home…right? I mean, how many people actually end up getting to do that? Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this hunnie and I hope all is well with you! So happy to be back in your neck o’ the woods.
    ps hope you have a great weekend!

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