A Little Bit Of Blue In My Life

I have very few dark blue objects in my house (only two, to be exact), yet I have always been drawn to strong hues of blue.

I am sure almost everyone of my readers would be drawn to anything by the French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962) at a leading modern art museum somewhere in the world. He actually patented the heavy pigmented blue he used for his art pieces towards the end of his workmanship – IKB (International Klein Blue).

I would have loved to hang out with Yves Klein. He had a good sense of humor. Once in the fifties he removed all his art pieces from a gallery and painted the walls white and the outside windows in his signature blue. About 3000 people waited patiently outside for the grand opening of the exhibition only to be greeted with a blue drink and all empty white walls with not a single art piece in sight. (How do you think the newspapers covered the event?)

I can only dream about my own Yves Klein art piece. I do however have a monochromatic blue painting by the Swedish painter Gunnar Okner (1920-2009) that I bought the summer before I moved to the US (1995). It is very dear to me. (Identical to the painting below only taller and more rectangular). It hangs over my husband’s nightstand table and nicely compliments the blue chest on my side of the bed.

One day I would like to try a room with all dark blue walls. Not a big room, just a small study or library. Dark blue is very rich and intense.I think dark blue and cognac is such a stunning color combination. This image has been sitting in my inspiration folder for a long time.

Blue/teal and cognac again.

More blue walls.

So you can only imagine how happy I was to find out that I had won a BLUE flower painting (blog giveaway) by my good blog friend Barbara’s (who I can’t wait to meet in person) daughter! She is only 15 (!) and is showcasing her art pieces on Etsy.

With a strong passion for art, a ton of creativity and entrepreneurial skills at this early age, this girl will go far! (If you want to support this young artist (and isn’t that more rewarding than buying anything mass produced for your walls?)  — visit her on Etsy — hereMore dark blue is moving into my home. And I like it!

After a long and happy summer together my kids will hop on the school bus this morning (school in our area starts the day after Labor Day) equipped with big smiles, sun tanned legs and new backpacks. You can count on their emotional Mom running along side the bus and spelling out finger hearts in the air until she trips at the end of the sidewalk. The kids will get back into their routines and I will get back into mine. We shall find out if I like a quiet house or not…

Warm hugs to you all.


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  • I laughed about the hearts and tripping at the end of the sidewalk – I can really relate to that one! I love that combination of dark blue and cognac too…so cozy and sophisticated! Have a great day…Barbara

  • Jodi says:

    I remember your passion for blue back in the old days working on the best PR team in the whole world. : ) I looked all over town for tall cobalt blue vases to put on each table at our media events. How nice that school starts tomorrow! Don’t trip!

  • Charlotta says:

    Blue is heavenly. Even if certain stronger hues of blue swerve in and out of the trend spotlight, the concept of blue remains timeless & relevant in my book. As an artist I feel very inspired by blues (as have many artists before my time of course) – in particular the colour Indigo which I simply adore. I could eat antique Japanese ink paintings (with my eyes..) for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never get enough. Sigh..

    Congratulations on the give-away win. Totally deserved! xx

    Darling, please let me know where I can try Ilse boots so that I can complete my order..

    Lots of love

    xx C

  • Victoria Athens says:

    I love blue, as well, but while these dark blues are velvety and lush, I prefer an aqua. Have a great day and don’t trip tomorrow. The children will do fine and so will you. Prince William isn’t going to school yet, is he?


  • designchic says:

    Beautiful blues, and you know my favorite is your blue chest!! Hope there was no tripping this morning and you enjoy your peaceful morning ~

  • Joe Clarke says:

    The blue walls + the b/w art piece = very inspirational! Can’t afford a Klein either! Time to bring out that matte blue spray paint…


  • Jude B. says:

    Hi Monika:

    I follow. And, have been sharing your website with realtor friends since last Christmas. You struck a palette with me today. Living in England in my early 30s with two little boys, I happened into an amazing home where our history as a family deepened! The house was in Oxshott, Surrey just west of London by train, commuter distance and next door to a Greek shipping magnate. We had five acres of Queensland and a gardener named Herbert, two horse (Penny and Fantasy) and I began to write rather seriously in the “Morning Room”. I was forever cold and coughing, understanding now both the creeping Damp as it grew up some walls and how some died of consumption. The lawn was as green as ever I’ve seen and the YARD was the pavement in front of the kitchen inviting one to walk from the front doors to the horse-stalls. Wisteria became a passion, blooming twice a year.

    All this to tell you my love of blue, icy tones licked the walls of the main reception room (living room), and the carpet (Ax minster, wool) was deep, old, rich and inky. I had a chesterfield that was more charcoal and a velvet chair from Harrods that hugged me (not enough to feel warm); a fire had to be on to be in this room looking out over the gardens that I still dream of, scalloped edges of perennials called by their Latin names on little nameplates.

    I’ve never duplicated the look or feel, but today, you took me back!

    Love your Splendid Willow. J.

  • the blues you are drawn to are regal and deep. i bet you look great in this color, and perhaps i will be inspired to make you something to wear…

    the blue in my life these days is BLUEBERRIES. they’re unusually good this season so we’re eating them everyday.

    the art you’ve shared has waken me up (we like these non-pharmaceutical boosts, do we not?) and energized me for the task ahead: painting walls. and then more walls. and then more.

    love to you indigo girl.


  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I laughed at Luke when he wanted his navy/kobalt blue room thinking it would be the worst room in the house and that we would have to keep the door closed once we painted it. Boy was I wrong!! Now we all gravitate towards his room, it’s beyond cozy!! The color is also incredibly engulfing and strangely peaceful, who would have known? (Luke I guess…)

  • Alena says:

    I adore deep, dark blue. Once I have a house, I will definitely paint a room that color.

    Just checked out that Etsy shop – what amazing artwork and I can’t believe she’s 15!!

    Happy end of summer! xx

  • beautiful images! happy back to school days darling! xo

  • Blue is my favorite color. I’m loving your picks and the mix of images. Everything is so interesting to look at!

    Fantastic post, Monika!

    Lots of love to you!


    Luciane at

  • Thanks darling for the shout out for my baby girl :) Can’t wait to give you the painting in person!

    I too LOVE blue, thanks to my Czech grandma’s collecting gorgeous blue and white china for me while I was growing up. Once I am done my girl’s room, I am going to be painting my sideboard a deep blue inspired by your blue chest with those gorgeous lion head pulls. Can’t wait!


  • Delishhh says:

    Love the dark blue, white trims and white furniture. Oh, I remember first day of school. . so fun and exciting!. . .

  • Hi Monica- thanks for the blue post! I have a baby blue ceiling in my kitchen and den and it brightens an unusually dark house. I also love the blue that you’ve used in William’s room- just enough. Maybe i’ll accent my ceiling with Klien’s signature blue somehow… :)

  • Mon, these images of blue walls are over the top! Wish I had the guts to paint a wall this color. You’re right; it would be great in a small study. Guess I’ll settle for some beautiful blue throw pillows or artwork such as yours. So inspiring!
    Big Hugs

  • Sherry Hart says:

    Well now I have my new color obsession thanks to you!!! If not in my home then I must find some fashion in those colors. Maybe some dark jeans and a nice coat in cognac ! I love how you segwayed into you great little giveaway:).
    If you do start to trip while running for that bus remember to block your face with your hands. Dental work can be expensive…..just sayin.

  • Anci says:

    Jag gillar blått ! Och många fler färger om jag ska vara ärlig :)
    Är det en svensk egenskap att gilla blått ?

    Ha det jättebra !


  • paula says:

    How I would have loved to have been part of that art show. ha. Love this shade of blue. Very sultry. Hoping to get to use it one day in a whole room.

  • Hello blue girl, you have such fabulous style and of all those images, the one of your bedroom is truly the best one! I too love blue and dream of one day having a snug or cloakroom (or another small room) that I can paint in a very dark blue… great minds and all that, eh? :-).

    And about your comment… boring?? Psha! You are my style idol, Mon! You rock!

    Much love to you,
    Meera xx

  • Tina says:

    Hej Mon!
    Konstigt, läste alldeles härom nyssens om en alldeles speciell blå ton som går under begreppet ‘kleinblå’. Fick då lära mig att begreppet kom av konstnären Yves Klein´s verk. Kul att det dök upp mer om denne konstnär här hos dig!
    Som du vet är blå en nyfunnen och numera mycket älskad färg även av mig. Min nyinköpta böljande blå soffa väntar på att tas i bruk, längtar än mer nu efter all denna underbara blå inspiration.
    Din byrå får mitt hjärta att slå fort, spelar ej roll hur många gånger jag beskådat denna skönhet, den tar mig med sådan häpnad varje gång! Well done min vän!
    Tack för titten och inte mindre inbjudan till Linkedin, känner mig hedrad att få ‘vara med’:).
    Kram på Dig!
    Ps. Tror jag fixat det där med ‘kommenterandet’ på IKEA- bloggen. Tack för instruktionerna och för att du sa till!

  • I think your blue chest is partially to blame for my current ‘blue’ period. can’t get enough of navy right now to suit me. or is it just fall coming on…

    just thinking of you tonight and hoping all is well with you and yours…

    love, donna

  • Julie at BV says:

    Monika, I think teal, nave or any dark blue goes well with pretty much any color, especially with pink. I adore that combination!

    My friend, you’ll be fine with the kids in school. Trust me! and I only have one.

    Hugs and kissed

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