I Am Drawn To This Color Palette

Last week of summer for my children. Next week we are all back to packing nutritious lunch boxes and giving bear hugs at the school bus stop. I am not quite ready for fall yet but I saw these images somewhere and I could not get them out of my mind. Luckily I came across them again today.

Not necessarily rich and deep fall colors but summer-fall transitional colors, perhaps. I really like the combination of the white mixed with the soft and muted grays, blues and mellow golds. It feels like a cocoon and is very inviting to me. A tweaked color palette in a very subtle way. I like it a lot.

The talented Australian design team, Gardener and Marks, are behind these rooms.

They are also behind this wonderful room which has been making its rounds in blog land. I can almost feel that last summer breeze coming through the open windows. Sigh.

Happy new week to you all. Treasure those last summer moments!

Design inspiration via Desire to Inspire. Images: no. 1 via Disoriented, No. 2-6 via via Gardener and Marks.
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  • Greet says:

    Oh Mon, the images are beautiful! Each one of them has its warm color palette!Love that bedroom!!
    Happy new week my friend!

  • Victoria Athens says:

    I love the subtle palette with a touch of soft blue and gray. It is very cozy and sophisticated at the same time. Here in Florida, I will be enjoying summer a bit longer. Have a wonderful week.
    Best, Victoria

  • you’re right, mon, beautiful colors there, just right for the transition into fall – or anytime. and I especially love those apothecary jars on display – a favorite of mine…hope you are having a great week – I know you’ve been busy with the new shop – it looks terrific…donna

  • Love the color palette too! Beautiful pictures!

  • Monika, we agree! The soft muted colors with the richness of the gold and blue velvet is beautiful. We are loving the gold and have been looking for the perfect shade of gold velvet for throw pillows. Too funny! Enjoy your last week of summer vacation!
    Angela and Renee

  • sherry says:

    It is like someone took the bright colors of summer and added mud to gray them down a bit for fall… pretty. I am not ready for fall….but am getting tired of the temps being in the 90’s!

  • Oh, what a beautiful palette! I so agree. I am ready for fall myself … and for preschool to start. My energetic little ones need their friends to occupy them every morning!! :-)

  • I love the warmer colors…for me this is a pale palette at it’s best. So inviting and comfortable. Enjoy your last week of Summer. Kids are already back in school here. This is the second week.

  • Franki Parde says:

    Whew! After a 5.8 earthquake and then Hurricane Irene…I’m just ready for some “peace and quiet…shhh”.) franki

  • i love this palette too, warm and earthy. i needed this today as i plan to make some progress with my re-styling here. i’ve put it off as we are still toiling away on the renovation downstairs! in the meantime, the upstairs has been neglected and looks sad.

    so thanks, lovely lady! i so love your taste in everything.


  • Jennie Dunn says:

    Monica…It was so nice to meet you this weekend. Hope to see you again.

  • Delishhh says:

    Happy Monday! Love the pictures! Looks like the summer weather is gone here in Seattle :(

  • What a gorgeous palette! Fall is my favorite season, but am not even ready for it since we hardly had a summer!

    I’ll call you later today. xo

  • Hello Monika!

    These are amazing pictures! The first one reminds me of Jasper, Alberta. Have you even been there? Stunning!

    I love these interiors because they seem to be so calming… beautiful!


    Luciane at

  • classiq says:

    Beautiful interiors! The warm colour palette is perfect for taking you from summer to fall, such a cozy, welcoming feel. :)

  • Suzanne says:

    I love the punch
    of blue, which is
    exactly the punctuation
    mark that I’d choose
    with this combo. Your
    inspiration photo is
    amazing, Monika!
    xx Suzanne

  • casey says:

    Holy cow, that room is just perfect. I want to live in it. NOW! Just gorgeous, soothing, earthy, natural, sophisticated.

  • ann says:

    this is so what colors i keep thinking i want in my house, too. is it okay to pinterest them?

  • Yes Mon! I’m so into this…soft walls and blue with gold. Delish!
    Happy Tuesday,

  • so beautiful colors, Mon! happy back to school for your kids! xo

  • julie at BV says:

    Gorgeous! Very soothing and warm as you say it’s a perfect transition from summer to fall.

  • Jessie says:

    Gorgeous inspirations as usual! The colors in these images are so warm and lovely, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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