The Winners Of The Haute, Right & Splendid Giveaways

Thank you to all of you for the wonderful response to the 3-way giveaway!

And the winners are…

1. Ilse Jacobsen’s high-end rubber boots go to:

#15 — Barbara @ Hodgepodge

2. And Asa Daxberg’s beautiful chunky bead & silver necklace goes to:

#16 — Luciane at  (She wants the blue one, she says!)

CONGRATULATIONS ladies! You will be contacted directly via e-mail.

Thank you, thank you to all of my readers for the response. An extra thank you to Ally with From the Right Bank and Sarah with Haute Design who are such remarkable friends and blog mavens.

Happy rest of the weekend to all of  my readers. You are the best.

If you are interested in seeing more products from my “new” store, visit Splendid Willow Avenue — here.

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  • Helena says:

    Jag gillade smyckena av din Väninna Åsa Daxberg. Snyggt!
    Finns det några spännande design el smyckes butiker i Washington DC?
    Åker dit nu på torsd 1 sept.


    Väntar spänt på att Irene ska dra iväg…(-:

  • Wow! I just woke up and I checked my email and saw your message. You have no idea how happy I am!!! This is such a wonderful news!

    It’s funny, but I’m very pregnant at this moment and if you ever been pregnant you probably remember that phase that nothing seems to look really good on you. So, I was telling my husband (in a very grumpy mood. HA!) that I need something new to make me feel look good, maybe some new accessories…. now, look what I got! An amazing, GORGEOUS neckless!!!

    Oh, I know I’ll love wearing it! Love, love, love it!

    I also want to thank you all for this great giveaway. I saw so many people entering and I didn’t know I was going to be the (randomly) chosen one. I guess we always need to have faith!

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! You guys made my month!!! :-)


    Luciane at

  • So excited for both girls. Fabulous prizes. I hope your relaunch has turned out to be all you wanted it to be and more. Happy
    Sunday. Mona

  • Charlotta says:

    Congratulations to the lucky lucky winners!
    Monika thank you so much for these amazing give away opportunities – you must be the most generous blogger out there!! xx

    Jag skriveremail I kväll. Behöver beställa stövlar omgående. Pusshej.

    xx sis

  • Yes, thanks. You have no idea how exciting it was to wake up to your email! My husband though I was nuts for letting out a yelp of excitement! Those boots will be fabulous here on the “wet” coast, I will be fashionable while walking the dog :) Now I just need a fabulous umbrella…

    Thanks ladies for hosting and to you Monika for offering up such fabulous prizes!

  • Isa says:

    Congratulations to your lucky winners, Mon – and I love, love LOVE the new layout and items in your shop!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    xo Isa

  • Congrats for all the winners! Your shop looks great, Mon! I began learning Swedish some weeks ago :-) We are travelling in South Europe till the end of September. Biggest hugs to you, dear friend

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