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The cover of the September issue of Martha Stewart Living made me stop in my tracks. What an INCREDIBLE kitchen! It belongs to Martha Stewart Livings’ editor-in-chief, Pilar Guzman. It is different.  Warm, interesting, inviting and filled with period details mixed with modern furniture. And that tufted banquette…. I know what I will be day dreaming about….

The large prints are by Enzo Mari.

The living and dining areas are filled with Danish Modern classics. Hans Wegner’s Wishbone chairs around the dining table are surprisingly comfortable and will never go out of style.

I immediately ripped out this page when I saw the image. I must try it! A  swipe of vibrant paint (orange) on the EDGE of a door. What an easy trick to make a huge design impact!  Admit that you will try it too!

Warm hugs to you all!

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Images: No. 1 via Splendid Willow/Getty images, no. 2-4 + 6 via Martha Stewart Living (Photographs by: Matthew Hranek and Jonny Valiant).
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  • Charlotta says:

    Monika I had to sit down for this one. Nearly fell over in sheer joy over this kitchen! LOVE it!!
    The rich cognac colouredwoodwork, the floor (!) and the styling is fantastic. I could seriously move right in and not change a thing. May steal thwart idea for my own dining room here in Sweden. Have sad and bare walls right now and I am in dire need of stylish and unique pieces to hang.

    Thespis looks amazing too. Have seen this done in black and white but never in colouredwoodwork. Looks great and I too am keeping this for my style files.

    Thank you for wonderful inspiration. It’s always so nice to come here!

    Kea ar från Sverige

    Ps. Har nu laggt pup blogg inlägg om earn fantastiska give away och din butik. Har du funderat på att ta in Swedish Hasbeens? Så fina och härligt ‘quirky’. Puss

  • Charlotta says:

    … Just noticed my sad typing.. iPad is not my forte.. Somehow my clumsy fingers can’t get it right on the touch screen.. Hope you can unscramble the text anyway.

    Ville också fråga om du längtar efter något från Sverige? Kan inte skicka över din mamma (if only..) men kanske något annat?

  • The strip of orange on the door is so unexpected and simple but gives you a wow impact in the space. We are gushing over all of the architectural details in the Brownstone. Great mix of modern pieces with the traditional details. We are thinking about using a banquette with a round table. Lots of inspiration here!
    Angela and Renee

  • sherry says:

    Your damn skippy I am going to try that…..brilliant. AND the kitchen is not too shabby either. Love.

  • This is one of the most wonderful spaces I’ve seen in a long time. Those fabulous tall cabinets filled with dishes have my eye. And the tufted banquette with the Modern table…every detail is sheer perfection. It’s all a little edgy to me and I just love it. Now for the orange stripe on the door…not for me. I guess I’m just wound up a bit tight for that one. Ha!! Have a great day, Monika.

  • wooowwwww. this brownstone is very rock and roll. i bet those boys love it which is something you don’t often see discussed in design circles: how do the youngest of inhabitants feel about the choices?

    love love loving how those wishbone chairs look and wish wish wishing i had an extra 10 grand to drop on a handful.

    i will wait for my friend mon to paint a bold stripe on a door and then make the decision. (the crazy thing is…for crying out loud it’s a little paint!).

    have a wonderful week, sweet friend.


  • I LOVE that kitchen! The built-ins are amazing, well so is the rest of the space too. It just feels so warm and cozy!

  • Sharmin says:

    I LOVE that space! I can’t wait to paint the edge of a door(or 2). What a great idea!!!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Please sign me up for that kitchen! Beautiful!
    Thanks for the great post Monika.

  • Lana says:

    Hi Mon! Hope you are well, apologies for not having visited in so long! Love this kitchen too, those tolix chairs and the tufted seating are just fab! And that orange edge on the door, just genius!xx

  • Jessie says:

    Love that kitchen! It’s so gorgeous, warm and inviting! It does not look like the average beautiful kitchen because it looks like an extension of a living/ family room. Very original design and filled with character! My favorite is the tufted banquette.

    Have a great week, Monika!


  • Livelikeyou says:

    Agree that’s an unusual and fantastic kitchen. Great and unexpected colorways and a boutique hotel feel. It almost feels like being on vacation in your own home. Really liking this look! xoxo

  • Sherry K says:

    Love this kitchen!


  • Monika,

    I adore your little acorn at the top! I am partial to them as my dear grandmother constantly bragged on the mighty oaks in her front yard.

    And yes, I admit I have spotted the painted door edge too, and absolutely I will use the idea. What a fabulous quick and easy pop!

  • Gretchen O. says:

    Love every bit of it! And I have to say that the colored leading edge of door is just awesome, and is a “why didn’t I think of that moment!” Oh, Martha:)

  • Wow, I hadn’t seen this! Or haven’t seen it yet, that is. Love the warm, inviting look. It feels very modern-library-like. Also, adore the painted door edge. Why didn’t we think of it sooner!?!

  • Janell Beals says:

    The edge of color, who would have thought! That kitchen is truly unique, I’d love to have such an original space! Thanks for sharing…Janell

  • Wow- what a gorgeous kitchen! I love that it is unique and so beautiful. The tufted banquette seating is gorgeous. And I love the idea of painting the inside trim of a door a bright color. I would have never thought of that! :)

  • I AM totally going to paint the edges of my doors now, you’re right! I feel like thats a habit that could get addictive

  • There are so many interesting details in this home I just had to keep studying all of them! What a unique space – I am very impressed. And yes, I must try a color on the edge of my doors – what a great idea!

  • I have often wondered what my PERFECT kitchen diner would look like – and NOW I KNOW!! That space is GORGEOUS! It’s going into my scrap book, I would love to achieve a similar space one day.

    I am also adding the bright door edge into my scrap book – I am going to do that for sure!

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and ideas, as always, sweet Mon.

    Meera xx

  • it’s so warm and inviting. i love it!

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