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I am very proud to have been invited to be a regular columnist for the hugely popular Houzz, which is the Internet’s largest database of design and decorating ideas. Here you will find literally hundreds of thousands of interior design & garden photos from homeowners and design professionals that you easily can put in your Houzz ideabook for personal home inspiration. Perfect if you are remodeling your home or just needing some great design ideas. It is all there.

It was humbling to see that my own little blue chest project from my bedroom has ended up in some 1500 different idea books. Who would have thought!

In my first Houzz segment I am sharing:

“20 Chic & Affordable Furnishings For The Living Room”

Pop over and see my suggestions if you have a moment. Go here.


More sharing. My recharged store, Splendid Willow Avenue, is off to a flying start and I could not be happier!

Now is the golden time to acknowledge some fantastic and creative people who helped me give “voice” to my vision.

Firstly Ms. Shari who I started following a long time ago (she has an incredible eye for design). Blog communication ended up in friendship and now professional collaboration! She helped me with my lovely new banners and various online design elements including my new business cards! Easy to work with and such a pro. I adore her.

Rachel was introduced to me by a lovely friend. I had a really hard time finding a web designer/developer and had almost given up when Rachel came along, and with a great attitude took everything over and built my entire on-line shop. I love everything she came up and will team up with her again! She is wonderful!

I met Dorothee when she came to my home to take pictures for the Rue Magazine. (Dorothee seen to the right next to her business partner Annabel). We clicked right away and a few days later I put her in charge of my store’s front page images. With offices in NY and Seattle, this pro is asked to capture weddings and events all over the planet. She is fantastic!

Susan (who I met thanks to our kids!) just recently decided to take her photo hobby to the next level and is now focusing on photographing families and pets. She helped me with my new product images. For my Seattle friends, you might want to team up with her before she gets too pricey because this girl is really good and also easy to work with!

And finally a big thank you to my dear girlfriend Stacey (our kids brought us together and now also our hubbies hang out!) my beautiful model. It makes my business so much more meaningful and personal if family and friends are involved. Stacey is stunning on the outside and inside and has been one of my strongest supporters. She is used to my high energy and nutty Swedish behavior and we always have the best of time together!

Thank you all, ladies! You are the best.

Tomorrow you need to stop by again. And I really mean it. I have teamed up with a couple of other phenomenal ladies and you do not want to miss what we have in store for our readers!

Warm hugs. See you tomorrow!


  • Greet says:

    Well well well! Here she is! Our talented lady!! A columnist!! Monika!! You did it!! Congratulations!!! I am proud of you!!
    Good to hear that your recharged store made a good start!! I will talk about it in my next post!
    I am always pleased to start to learn all your new friends! You are a popular lady my dear and I am sure they all love you! As I do!
    Hugs my friend!

  • sherry says:

    Love everything that you picked out on Houzz. Look forward to reading more columns in the future….congratulations!

  • Franki Parde says:

    That blue chest…it was “love at first sight!” franki

  • designchic says:

    A PERFECT choice by Houzz. Not surprisingly, I love your picks and can hardly wait to read your regular columns!! Your blue chest…FABULOUS!!

  • Helena says:

    Hej Monika
    Jag kan inte låta bli att kommentera att du mött fantastiska businesskvinnor och samarbtespartner via barnen…lite igenkännande att “barnen sammanför” en till intressanta människor. Kan bara säga att jag själv fått de mest fantastiska vänner via barnen. (-:

    Grattis till utveckling av din verksamhet och vackra designprodukter. Hörde fr Erik att din blogg har 70000 besökare per månad. Det låter ju helt fantastiskt…
    Vilken energiboost…!

    Hälsning Helena

  • Therese Long says:

    Wow Mon, I am bowled over by all of your accomplishments, though not surprised… You are so lovely and oh so talented!!
    I’m looking forward to checking you out over at Houzz. I’ve heard a lot about it but have never really spent any time there, but now that you are a part of it… that’s going to change!
    You new online shop is wonderful and I love how you are honoring your Swedish roots. I love your new model but you should join her!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you in October!
    Much love,

  • beautiful! I thought I recognized a few of your backgrounds in your shots like your “bookcase” wallpaper. your new shop is lovely and so is your model, inside and out, I am sure…donna

  • Livelikeyou says:

    How great you are a a columnist!! Lucky them! What a great team of ladies you have gathered. A fantastic team with great energy, intelligence and creativity…there’s nothing better!

  • Delishhh says:

    Hmm all those things remind me of my new living room :) Nice job! Glad to hear the store is going well.

  • Yes Ms. Delishhh,

    Several of the pieces I am adding to your living areas can be seen here. Well, of course!! (:

  • Dorothee says:

    Monika the store looks AMAZING.. and the photos worked out so well, I am very happy :)

    Hope to see /work with you again soon


  • classiq says:

    Congratulations on your new column, Monika! I remember the first time I saw the blue chest project and just how much I loved it. And I really can not decide on just one favourite from the lovely affordable furnishings you’ve selected. :)

  • this is fantastic news! Houzz asked me to contribute and i am seriously considering that you are creating moodboards for them I simply must find the time to visit their site more often. sending you hugs from HOT DC.

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for the lovely shoutout! Your store came out beautiful! :)

  • Congratulations Monika!!!!!!
    They couldn’t have picked a better person to contribute………Lucky you to have all these talented ladies at your back! Shari did our blog and website..and did a great job. isn’t collaboraton wonderful????????Couldn’t be happier for you. Maryanne xo

  • Kari says:

    How exciting Monika! I can’t wait to see more of your contributions to Houzz, such a great site.

    Hope you are enjoying summer,


  • Monika,
    Congratulations on your column in Houzz. We look forward to reading them. You are going to be a wonderful addition to Houzz! We are so excited about your store updates and know it will be very successful. You are such a talented lady. We just love it when talented ladies collaborate to do great things. Looks like you have a talented group working with you.
    XO Angela and Renee

  • Susan says:

    Looks fantastic, Monika! Congratulations on seeing it through to this point! I’m thrilled to have been able to be a small part of it. xoxo, susan

  • Piper says:

    I’m so excited for you, Mon!! Houzz is lucky to have you! And your new store is lovely – you can tell lots of love & work went in to it!

  • Anci says:

    De gjorde ett bra val :) Ditt hem är så fint.
    Lycka till !


  • congratulations, monika! this honor is soooooo cool. and thank you so much for sharing all your lovely sources for your business…so great to have these names for future reference.


    you rock.


  • Massive congratulations Monika, your site looks so very cool! Well done and every success to you darl xx

  • congrats on your Houzz gig! They are fantastic! And your revamped shop looks wonderful – the design of both your blog and store are gorgeous! Hope you’re well!! xxooL

  • barbara says:

    where did you get the reading ligths for your bedroom from
    (these above the headboard)? very cool…

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