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A couple of days ago the much anticipated book, Patina Style, arrived in my mailbox. It is written by the creators of the successful Velvet & Linen, Brooke and Steve Giannetti, together with Sara Bliss and what a page turner it is!

It is easy to get lost in all the beautiful images and inspirational vignettes. But it offers yet another level of value by featuring personal, valuable and “to the point” design tips and advice from the designer/architect couple. Patina Style is more than a pretty coffee table book — it is a great design guide.

One of my favorite rooms. (Sorry for the crappy resolution, I scanned the image). I love the mix of different textures (metal, leather, stone, grass, linen etc.), the colors and the styling. Check out the pendant light. Note to myself: I need to find some lovely outdoor shutters and use them as decor!

Photo credit: Lisa Romerein

In the book Brooke and Steve share how they create their signature patina look by using soothing colors, mixing antiques (and a lot of Swedish, folks!) with new furnishings, re-purposed and salvaged objects and creating livable yet beautiful rooms.

I have known Brooke for quite a while in blog land (she is a lovely friend) and had the opportunity once to interview Brooke in my “In The Spotlight Series”. I must say that for everything this couple has going on (beautiful family, lovely homes, successful design and architecture business, a must read blog and now a new book — a book, people!) she is phenomenally humble. The success has not gone to her head which makes this book even more special. It is beautiful and the real deal.

I highly recommend Patina Style. You can find it here.

Recently my very close friend Greet had the opportunity to have the entire Giannetti  family over to her own gorgeous home in Belgium (read here) and my lovely blog friends Angela & Renee got to spend some quality time with Brooke and Steve in California (read here). Lucky — everyone!

Happy weekend friends! You will rarely find me at the computer — summer is in full swing — and we are busy exploring and reading great books in the hammock!

Images via: No.1 Velvet and Linen, No. 2 via Veranda Facebook, no. 3 via Patina Style (photo credit: Lisa Romerein, no. 4 via Velvet and Linen.
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  • Anci says:

    Kors i taket ! Jag kan kommentera hos dig :O
    Ja, den boken vill jag ha!

    Stor kram

  • tinajo says:

    Looks very interesting! Hope you´re having the best of days! :-)

  • sherry says:

    How cool they are…I am so happy for their success. Need to get my hands on that book!!! I love Brook’s style so dang much.

  • Franki Parde says:

    I’m “saving this read” for my hammock by the lake…TODAY! I so look forward to “Velvet and Linen” posts AND, I know that Brooke reads all her “comments” since she frequently responds. Hers (their’s) is a “passion filled with style.” franki

  • Can’t wait to get my copy! i actually found a pair of 10′ shutters from France on sunday which I am considering. Would only have to cut off an inch for them to work.

    What could be better than reading with the kids? You rock.


  • Livelikeyou says:

    Would love to meet Brooke while out in LA in August. The talents and warmth of the two of them is inspiring. Beautiful book. Will you be in LA August?? (Kom dit!)

  • What a super couple!
    I too am rarely at the computer but today it will be spent indoors, the rain is coming down :(

  • Delishhh says:

    What a great post! The pictures are fabulous. Going to read about her trip to Europe now. ..

  • Dear Mon,

    We can not agree more! We are so giddy with the release of Patina Style and have child like excitement for Steve and Brooke. We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet them both! Our only disappointment is that we pre-ordered and did not order once it came into to Giannetti Home for the signed copies. As our grandmother’s would say “There is more than on way to skin a banana” , we will have to go back to California to a book signing and have a glass of wine to celebrate. Hope we can all gather together for such a wonderful moment in their life celebration Patina Style. Cheers!

    Renee and Angela

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I am getting the book today. If you say it is great, it is really great!


  • Oh Mon!

    I am over the moon thrilled that you are enjoying our book!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing Patina Style with your readers.
    I think you have such amazing style, and it means so much to me that you love Patina Style enough to endorse it in this way.

    Thank you again my friend!!!


  • Gina says:

    Hello Mon!

    Happy summer! Back from my Italy trip and then the trip a few days later to the Smokey Mountains left me overwhelmed. How is it going for you?

    I got Brooke’s book, but it was sent to my other house so I have to wait a few weeks to receive it. So bummed!! Your post was lovely today – I am sure Brooke appreciated it. Haven’t been posting much…

    Have a great day!!


  • Brooke and Steve are forces of Nature. They are prolific talented and I agree, very humble.

    I wanted to give you a heads up: We are excited to be included in HGTV’s Freebie Friday giveaway tomorrow. We are giving away a cool Asian lacquer coffee or low side table in one of 5 color options, so come on by for a chance to win!! Its worth upwards of $500.00 so its our biggest yet.
    Good Luck!

  • Totally agree. I’ve just received mine and have to say it’s one of the best design books I’ve bought in a long time. I love every image and I am actually reading this one. I feel like I know Brooke and totally agree with you. They are very open and give great tips. Hugs to you my dear friend. Mona

  • Oh my, I need this book!!! Thank you for the introduction Mon. These two are very talented indeed. Hope your week is ending well!
    Nancy xo

  • Åh vilken fin bok! Så vackert – jag måste genast gå in och kika på hennes blogg! Kull med lite nyheter. Är allt bra med dig annars? Ska du till Sverige i sommar? Här kämpar vi på med husbygge och annat, det tar aldrig slut :)

    Kram Jenny

  • it’s on my list! I envied Greet and I know they all had a great visit!

  • I tried to send you an email, your form never works for me. Or maybe it does and you get about 3 emails? Any way, the Ikat fabric is from Premier Prints, only $9.99 yard!

  • No, the Ikat is NOT from Ikea, its from Premier Prints http://premierprintsfabric.com/, But yes, it would be fun to hit Ikea with a Swede! My husband always makes me get pickled herring {ice!}

  • Tereza says:

    I live in Brasil, my book will arrive only in November, can you believe?
    I’m dying to see this book.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • quintessence says:

    Just love Brooke and Steve’s style. And agree – they couldn’t be nicer – like their lovely comment here. Looking forward to getting a copy for myself!!

  • Looks like a gorgeous book with gorgeous style, I shall have to get it when it’s out in Sept in the UK.
    Reading books in a hammock sounds blissful!! Hope you’re having a happy weekend, sweet Mon!
    Meera xx

  • paula says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby! Hope you are having a lovely weekend and a even better week!

  • Hi Mon! I’m back from Maui and wish I was still there! My copy of Patina Style arrived while I was gone and was so excited to start reading it. So happy for Brooke and Steve! xo

    I’ll call you later to catch up!

  • Both Brooke and her husband are quite talented and so I was not surprised in the least to learn that they had created such a great book to compliment their ever-growing business. (I was sure to post about it, too, yesterday!) And you know, just as you said, they seem every bit as kind as they are talented… this one is definitely going on my Birthday list, and I wish them every success with it :)

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