A Swedish Style Greenhouse, Please

In Stockholm (on Djurgården) there is a most beautiful place called Rosendal’s Trädgårdar (Gardens) which I used to visit regularly. It is heavenly. An oasis in the middle of the city.

Originally dedicated as an open garden with the main purpose of presenting organic garden cultivation to the general public, it has has over the years, grown to  include plant shops and a fabulous cafe and bread shop.

In 1878, the garden had 23,000 pot-plants of 1,000 varieties, 235,000 saplings in the tree nursery stock, plus 400 fruit-trees of many different kinds (some hundred of which still remain today in Rosendal’s orchard).

It is a wonderful and peaceful setting and you will find quite a few well known actors from the Swedish Royal Theater walking underneath the old apple trees, practicing their lines.If I was to take a bit (even the tiniest slice) of Rosendal’s Trädgårdar from my memories and compact that into something I could bring to my own home, it would look like this.

A simple, small, quiet greenhouse filled with easy-to-care-for plants (which in my case would mean cactuses but a girl can learn, right?) and a huge cozy factor. A couple of apple trees outside and that would be my own, private Rosendal’s Gardens in my backyard. One day, one day…

Can you tell that I am spending a lot of time outside lately? Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying every bit of it!

I would like to say hello and welcome to all my new blog subscribers! You have grown to quite a large group. What an honor to be popping up on your screens. I am hugging you all.

Happy weekend!

Images: 1, 4 & 5 via Rosendal’s Gardens, 2 via  Marriie, 3 via Maddelicious, 6 via Scorpiousbeat, 7 via Skona Hem.
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  • Helena says:

    Håller med..
    Rosendals trädgårdar är ett av paradisen att välja för en promenad och fika i härlig miljö i stockholm. Väljer det ofta med väninnor i Stockholm för relax o prat om livet med ett glas.

  • I really like that last image, mon, of the interior. I think I could stay there all day. those topiaries are wonderful.

  • Victoria Athens says:

    What a fabulous garden in Stockholm, and what a wonderful gift to the residents. I love your miniature version. It is so cozy and charming; a perfect get-away at home.

  • Totally heavenly, Monika ! Imagine having a lovely lunch in that little greenhouse room. xx’s

  • Franki Parde says:

    Your “dream greenhouse” has me green with envy! franki

  • Janell Beals says:

    Wouldn’t this be fabulous! I just love your posts on Sweden, my mother’s side of the family is from there yet I have never been. One of these days! Janell

  • Love, love, love the topiaries in the last green house. We love topiaries and ferns in all spaces of design however the ferns and topiaries seem to spend more time in our rehab garden department then the house. LOL. Beautiful post!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Renee and Angela

  • How heavenly! That is truly an oasis – and a breathtaking one at that. I’m not even sure I can keep a cactus alive (my little boy just left his terrarium uncovered outside in a thunderstorm; the cactus did not like that very much), but I can dream!!

    Happy weekend! xo!

  • Alex says:

    Beautiful post! Hope you and your family are the best. Christina and I have finally found the right boat, some time before we head off we would enjoy sharing these beautiful waters . Still our plan to sail to Visby and re-visit my past sailing waters. This boat can take us there.



  • Joe Clarke says:

    What a fantastic place. Lucky Swedes! The greenhouse is amazing!

    Happy weekend to you dear Mon!


  • Lovely post Mon! Sadly I even killed my cacti! But I would love to have a beautiful greenhouse like the one you posted.
    Happy Friday!

  • Ola girlfriend. i recently fell in love with betty ford gardens in vail. MUST visit if you are in ‘RADO. hope you are doing well hun. phone chat next week?
    SO SO much to tell you. Have a great weekend xoxo

  • I’m in love with all those topiaries of different sizes! happy friday, darling! xo

  • ha! you are dreaming of a someday greenhouse as i dream of no more greenery to care for…i love being outside but the demands of keeping things pretty have worn me out. thinking condo. or ocean in lieu of a yard.

    have a lovely weekend sweden!


  • Hi Monika!
    I think you definitely will have your version of those gardens…. At least you are in a part of the country that everything doesn’t burn up in the summer………(we are in a drought)….. I am sure it will happen…. And I would love tosee pictures when you do it.. The ones on this post were gorgeous..Maryanne xo

  • Franki Parde says:

    Did I just see “our” blue chest on “Doodle Home??” franki

  • IDW says:

    What a beautiful garden. There’s a photo there that looks like it’s been tilt shifted with photoshop. Looks awesome…

  • i love love Rosendals Trädgård! I have not been this year. Will have to go next week when jesper is on vacation!

  • Completely charming! I could happily spend hours and hours here.

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