I Am Back In The Saddle + Rue Magazine + Thank You

Hello all, I am back after a couple of weeks in Sweden. It feels so good to be back. Thank you for not giving up on me!

I tend to not want to get too personal on my blog. But I am going to tell you anyway, since there have been many hints on my blog, that my wonderful Mom in Stockholm has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I am just going to say this once and only because there might be one or several of you out there going through the same thing with a loved one. If I can be of any support or help to any of my readers then use my strength and energy. Good news, in my case, is that all the hard work and nights filled with worries have turned into something good and my Mom is very happy in a new home — and we are beaming with her!

So, where did we last left off? Well, Rue magazine ended up being a wonderful experience (and it gave me two new design jobs!). You can see my home in the fabulous Rue Magazine here. Thank you all for you tremendous support and your heart warming e-mails and comments. I am a little overwhelmed by it all. There are so many generous people out there! I have lately only been focusing on my Mom in Stockholm, but now that I’m back in the saddle in Seattle, I am going to respond to each and every one of you. Your support means the world to me.

I have received quite a few e-mails regarding my book wallpaper. Seen here in my home office.

It is Andrew Martin and I ordered it from London via his showroom in NY. I like it a lot!

I also put up some wall paper behind my old sad and lonely plate rack. I have never picked anything with flowers on before but I was going for a look that was old yet new and interesting. Can I just say again how a little bit of wall paper can take a room or wall a long way! I am definitely hooked. And there are so many fun patterns out there.

Here are a few images from the photo shoot (via the lovely photographer Dorothee) that did not end up in the magazine. My favorite is definitely the first one with my old Swedish 18th c. secretaire and my favorite painting in the house by Swedish Peter Frie (perhaps the most well known landscape painter in Sweden today). You know what I will say — simple is beautiful.

My favorite light fixture in the house is this photo lamp by a NY designer. It is called “Picnic in the park” and I love putting it next to antiques.

Wall artwork by the talented Curt Asker. I am obsessed with his work.

Did any of you (more than Charlotta!) notice that my old Swedish mirror (new glass though) got a brand new old American icon – Dr. Seuss – quote? Swedish royal mixed with American royal! My good friend Allison wrote the quote in literally 10 seconds (her handwriting is much better than mine!) and she used a permanent marker!

And yes, those wonderful wall baskets are Ralph’s (!) via The Bootstrap project.

And how can resist showing Prince William? Charming and good hearted he is and the best sport in front of the camera!

I also would like to extend my deepest gratitude to these fabulous ladies and friends. They all decided to feature my Rue segment on their own blogs. (Follow the links). (Yikes, I hope I did not forget anyone! Let me know if I did, I am still a bit jet lagged!).

Haute Design


Solid Frog

Space For Inspiration

Komma Hem

Nancy Marcus Design

Belathée Photography Blog

Ladies, have you all gone insane?I had already received my day in the spotlight! I did not exactly need more! It was totally unexpected and such at treat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are all amazing, generous and wonderful. Several of you I have met or talked with in person and I am hoping to meet all of you before the end of the year — and many other lovely bloggers as well!)

Finally, I am today featured on another dear friend’s blog, Julie with Belle Vivir (yet another blogger who I am all mushy for and look forward to meeting in person). She is starting a new series today called  “A Blogger With Style” and she is kick-starting it with little me. What an honor! Thank you Julie!

Hop over here to read her segment.

My first post back in the US. Great to be back in the saddle!  Next week I plan to unveil William’s big boy room (long due, I know).

Happy weekend to you all!

P.S What on earth happened to “Blogger” when I was gone? I hope it is fixed now because I want to connect with friends!

Images. no. 1 via Sky Horse, no. 4 via Andrew Martin. All other images via Splendid Willow.
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  • So sorry to hear about your mum, I hope everything runs as smoothly as it can for you and your family. You home is beautiful. So many visual treats, the ladies were right to share it on their blogs too! Love the wall paper – big fan. The postal organizer is great, what pretty little pots! martine x

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – Welcome back! So glad that everything went well with your mother and that you got to go to Sweden to take care of her.

    Love, LOVE the pictures! And you deserve all the recognition. As you already know your house is beautiful!! And i just wanted you to know I am here for you anytime any day! Lots of hugs!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Welcome back, Monica! You and your wonderful posts have been missed. You deserve all the industry recognition. William should work for GAP!

    Happy weekend to you and your family.

  • Julie at BV says:

    Welcome back Monika and my love is with your mom and your family.
    William is a cutie!

  • Monica, so glad your back. We are sitting here with our jaws on our desks. The Swedish secretaire is fabulous! Your entire home is wonderful; you have such an eye for design. We love the quote on the mirror. Renee and I feel very passionate about surrounding ourselves with positive thinkers and positive thoughts. We are putting this one on our list of positive quotes. William is the quite a handsome little gentleman. Have a beautiful weekend!

  • welcome home, mon. so glad you are back safe and sound and that your mom is in a happy place. I know she enjoyed your visit and probably hated to see you go! your home was beautiful – what a wonderful rue feature and I have followed all the blog features as well. so well deserved! and today you treated us to a few new images. I must say, I think the secretaire image is just the most beautiful, especially in that lighting. lovely in every way. just like you! welcome back! donna

  • So glad you had
    that special time
    with your mom! I
    have been saving my
    Rue for a moment after
    school gets out; now
    I see that I have a
    tour of your home to
    look forward to.
    Welcome home.
    xx Suzanne

  • Livelikeyou says:

    Welcome back!! Bet you feel very Swedish now. After one week there I start thinking in Swedish. So happy to hear your mom is okay!! Your house is so beautiful!! I leave for Sweden this coming Thursday for three weeks. Can’t wait. I’ve been a boring workaholic!!

  • So sorry to hear about your mom but glad that she is in a good place and you all had a good visit. Hope you are doing okay. WIll be thinking of you. Rue is wonderful, congrats on the wonderful shoot. I think my princes would have a lot of fun with your little guy.

  • Welcome back, Monika! So glad to hear everything went well with your mom. I’m sure she loved having you there for a visit. I look forward to catching up with you soon! xo

  • Welcome home Mon!! I am so happy that you could spend these passed 2 weeks with your mom. I hope you get some much deserved rest this weekend before you have to fully get back into the swing of things.

    Thank you for the shout out! It was my pleasure to showcase your gorgeous home. I was so excited for you!
    Nancy xo

  • so glad you’re back and you seem lighter of heart than when you left so that is good //////////////////////I just re-read the ///////////rue article. I thought it turned out very nice, your home lookes like you and it is interesting and pretty. And Swedish! Welcome back sweetie…….Maryanne…..xo

  • Tina says:

    Hej Mon!
    Visste inte detta om din mamma. Svårt! Men förstår att hon kommit till ett bra boende! Har själv arbetat med detta under mina år som Undersköterska. En god vård och omsorg är ju A och O. Skönt att det verkar löst sig för Er!!!

    Också trevligt att se dig tillbaka i Blog-världen. Det har varit så tyst ifrån dig sedan vi pratade vid…

    Tack, tack för omnämnadet! Vet att vi alla kände oss så stolta över dig och ditt vackra hem och att det(omnämnandet) kom helt och fullt från hjärtat!!!
    Ha det gott!
    //Kram Tina

  • casey says:

    Monika, welcome back and prayers for your mom and congrats on all your recognition and praise. It is well-deserved!

  • Tree says:

    I’m a new reader of your delightful blog and appreciate your cross-culture eye! Enjoyed the Stockholm posts as I’m a big fan of your homeland, and congrats on the Rue feature. Best wishes re your Mom, I share your journey.

  • lisaroy says:

    welcome home! So sorry to hear your mom is going through Alzheimers and I send you both my prayers and hugs. It’s great that you were able to spend some time with her and get her settled into a new place she is happy with. Your home is gorgeous and congrats on all the well-deserved success! :)

  • Meranda says:

    What a beautiful home Monika! You have spectacular taste. What an hour to make it into Rue Magazine! Way to Go. I loved what you did with your dresser painting it blue. How unexpected. Your mirror against the wall paper is spectacular, and your day bed, (empire? Biedermeire?) are very classy! I thought I would write. I love Swedish furniture, more of the 18th century styles….

    Congratulations again…..


  • so glad you’re back and up to new tricks. i’m in love with so many of these images of your home. how thrilling to have a real photo shoot. i look forward to featuring you in my inspired life series. do you still have the interview questions? this coming week, the inspiring soul who gave me a brief interview is famous for staying very quiet in terms of press and is pretty major! so join this group of fabulous creatives soon!

    love, pretty girl.


  • Welcome back Monika! Loved your feature at Rue. You have style. My favourite is your blue dresser with lion head pulls – TO DIE FOR! I linked your feature on my Facebook page, your home is simply gorgeous. Yes, the black and white fabric that I used in my blind is the same one you have too! Yes, I keep using it, I can’t help myself, I love stripes! Why, yes I would come over and help you sew, if you ever needed help 😉 Can’t resist Seattle.

    Nancy from Marcus Design and I drove into Vancouver today for our blog meet-up lunch and we talked about you today, how sweet you have been to use Canadian girls :) But you don’t live that far away, maybe one day a cross border meet-up, non?

    Sorry about your mom. It can’t be easy, especially since you are far away. Even though my parents live on Vancouver Island. We are trying to get them to come here, just so we can be close if something were to happen. Life is short and family is precious.

    Looking forward to William’s room reveal. It will be fabulous for sure.

    Sending you a big hug:)

  • Mia says:

    Åh!! Mon, your home is so lovely and stylish, nice to see more pictures! And William looks like a real prince, so cute (Lasse alreday looks forward to meet him 😉


  • beyond wonderful to visit you, Mon! Loved your feature at Rue, love your style and natural warmth. Glad to know you. Sending love

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej raring och valkomen tillbaks! x

    Darling I am so happy to see this extension of the Rue spread – I love your art collection and you know my heart is beating hard for that dala horse!
    Of course I noticed the mirror! I looked closely at every picture of course and took it all in. Over and over. xx

    Ville is so cute Mon! And he has his mamma’s beautiful green eyes. What a heart breaker he will be (probably already is)..! I look forward for him and Isabella to meet – hopefully later this year when you are back in Sweden.

    Svarar pa ditt email nasta vecka nar du haft en chans att vada igenom berget av meddelanden fran varlden.

    Vad skont att det loste sig med mamma. Maste kannas som en tyng lyft fran bade hjarta och axlar. Har tankt sa pa er bada och du vet att jag kommer att finnas i Sverige (bara 1 tim) fran Stockholm om det ar nagot jag kan gora for dig dar uppe. x

    Kram kram


  • Just stunning! I love you sharing all of the images that didn’t make it!

  • Greet says:

    Hi sweetie,

    I try to repost my earlier comment!I wanted you to say that I am so sorry about the illness of your Mum, but I am sure she will be so pleased about you getting there in the moments she really needed you! You are a gem Mon!!

    Your house is so beautiful!! I love everything! The wallpaper from Andrew Martin!!! Stunning! And that secretary!!The people of Rue have felt that Swedish touch you bring and they were so right to post about you and your house!!

    Prince William is so charming! Look at this cute face and his Swedish eyes!!

    Next time you come to Europe we really have to meet each other!!
    Hugs and kisses my friend!

  • You know, Mon…I knew you were a lovely soul & that I would probably adore you if I met you in person. But, now….seeing your graciousness and loveliness after your recent feature just makes me love you all the more. I would adore to spend the weekend in your gorgeous home, drinking coffee and laughing with you. Your adorable little guy and my girls would get on like gangbusters, I just know. :) You are the salt of the earth my dear and I am so happy for you. Also, I am SO, so sorry you have been on this difficult journey with your mom. I am sending huge hugs and warm thoughts your way. You are a gem, you know?

  • sherry says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so unbelievably sorry to hear about your Mom. I just finished a book about early onset Alzheimer’s and it was so scary and sad. Still Alice. I know you must be so sad for her, but I am glad to hear a small amount of cheer in your words that you are happy where she is. It goes without saying that your home is so wonderful…all the touches and so perfectly edited. Your talent is endless.
    Welcome back.

  • dear mon, glad to know all went well in sweden and mama is happy in her new place. i missed you. we need a phone date soon.
    ps: These pics of your home are even lovelier than the ones in rue. You have such sophistication in your style. I need you here to help with my home. ps: your collection of glasses is AMAZING.

  • Helen says:

    Congratulations on the gorgeous spread in Rue! I absolutely loved everything but particularly the blue dresser with the lion’s head pulls! Can you please let me know where you got it from?

    Your mom is in my thoughts! I’m so glad to hear that she’s happy in her new home!

  • Emma says:

    Welcome back Mon! happy to hear that your mum is doing well in her new place. We all know the importance of “home” and what it means to someone. And congratulations again for the feature in Rue. So nice to see so many wonderful images of your home!

  • Style Attic says:

    Dear Mon,

    Thank you for stopping by today on my blog, I can’t believe you did after all you are tending to!! I just sent you a lengthy email to answer your very simple question :) Well this is a post and an half!! I don’t think you can do anything halfway, it’s always grand, polished and perfect :) I do know about the horrible disease and have watched my grandmother suffer for many years. I often think what if that’s my mom’s fate as well. Bless you for the time you spent!! Congrats on all your kudos, of course you are featured here, there and everywhere :) Who wouldn’t want to tout you!!!! I am going to oooh and ahhh over your home again after I submit comment 😀



  • Hello lovely Mon, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum but glad to hear she’s happy in her new home! It’s lovely to have you back, it was so exciting to see your home in Rue. I LOVE all the warmth and character in your gorgeous home, so inspiring! And it’s great to see even more photos here.

    Love to you, sweet lady!

    Meera xx

  • Lana says:

    Hi Mon! Glad you are back safe and sound and that that your mom is well. I absolutely loved seeing your home in Rue, it’s fab of course! It was so nice to go through the pages and suddenly see a familiar face! There are so many details in your home that I love and that floral wallpaper behind the rack is one of them!xx

  • liza says:

    I’m so glad you are back, and I’m thinking of you and your mother. Your home is just so lovely, Monika! Could your son be any more adorable? I think not! And I love the cubbies with your mug collection. Love.

  • Hej på dig underbara Monika!

    Happy to hear that your travels went well this time and that everything went well with your mom and that she is happy in her new home. Sorry I did not get to see you this time but it was lovely talking to you.

    Your home is stunning. I just love it. I have to repost a few of your photos over at my blog. The 18th c. secretaire is beautiful beyond words. xx – Joanna

  • […] lägga vantarna på Åsa Lindströms fina muggar. Bilden är från ett blogghem, Monika som driver Splendid willow, och jag måste säga att hon ju hittat den perfekta hyllan till […]

  • Janell Beals says:

    Such amazing photographs of your home! I’m glad you shared the ones that didn’t make it into Rue with us…and how great it has brought you a couple of new projects! Congrats again, Janell

  • Paula says:

    I can’t even tell you how many times I looked at your home. It is stunning and the feature was so well deserved!

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