Swedish Summer Home Dreams

It is May people, summer is around the corner and this it when I start dreaming about a second home in Sweden. It is not in the cards right now but my wonderful husband is convinced it is going to happen in our lifetime! And if he says so… (!). Winter time I dream about a city apartment in Stockholm and this time of the year I am lusting for something light and airy with a view. Just came across these lovely homes in Sweden.

The Swedes are, in my opinion, masters at embracing light (for many months they must make do with very little or none at all) and making living less complicated. And the love and respect for mother nature is part of the Swedish DNA. Just look at  the earthy colors and organic materials in these images and so synonymous with Swedish design. (You won’t find a lot of plastic here…).

This is a boat house with its upper floor converted into a guest suite. Not so shabby!

Here is a brave Swede who added a touch of color to go with all that fresh white!

And speaking of Mother Nature. Here is a summer DIY project for you. I have seen tree trunk turned side tables in the past. But nothing as grand as this one and on wheels! I know what I will be hunting for this season (hoping to find something similar in the woods). Admit that you are tempted too!

I don’t know about you but my week has been insanely busy. I am trying very hard to keep up with everything and everyone but 24 hours/day only takes me so far… I hope to come up for air soon.

Warm hugs to you all!


All images via Skona Hem.
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  • tinajo says:

    Wonderful pics – and I would like a little place myself nearby a lake or the ocean… A girl can dream, right?! :-)

    Have a great day! :-)

  • sherry says:

    All those pictures of white floors! I am getting excited about painting mine…but a little scared :) Hope things calm down for you a bit soon…..

  • i so agree with you about Swedes being masters of light, but i know this only from viewing the art of Carl Larsson and shelter magazines over the years – not from being there – lucky gal. i am so drawn to the unfussiness and unpretentious chic in scandanavian design. i have nagged my husband for a tree trunk table for years, but apparently digging up a stump is like tricky or something. whatev. (and my sons won’t even gather pinecones from the woods for me so a stump will stay in my dreams).

    i can’t keep up with all the blog growth opportunity madness so i just don’t! i would rather become consumed with exercise or home improvement projects than collecting more fans, ya know? so there.

    stay classy, Sweden.


  • Bianca says:

    Oh Monika….. that just made my day!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the houses, everything about them….. what an inspiration to paint all that wood in our house!!

  • Swedes are absolutely masters with light. these images are all fabulous. I love the white with a pop of color and right now am really liking a pop of pink or green or both.

    The table is incredible. Yes, you have indeed tempted me my dear. And as far as busy, I think we all need an oxygen mask right now. Hugs to you. Mona

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Curtains and Swedes do not seem to go hand in hand. Let the light in!

    The tree table is fantastic, Monica.


  • Delishhh says:

    Oh wonderful – when i look at this i just think of my childhood and so many good summer memories. You just have me a great idea. I have two huge trunks sitting in my yard and i was wondering how i would get them in the Yard bin – but now i will just bring them inside :). What do i treat them with? Awesome Idea.

  • Wow, if (or should I say WHEN) you get a beautiful summer home in Sweden, I am coming to visit!! This looks like a divine dream, so airy and gorgeous! And who knows, it could happen! Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  • after reading this amazing post, this is my dream too, darling! divine! xo

  • so much white and so much light in this house – a fav combination of mine. Simply lovely! Many hugs to you, Mon

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Have only one word…HOME SICK!!!

  • gillian says:

    I love every image. That water makes me want to take a long splash.

  • If you do…expect a visit from me 😉

  • alex wijnen says:

    You’re right – that tree trunk table on coasters is SO on my DIY to-do list now! Just have no idea where I’ll find that trunk – and if I should stumble across one in the forest, will there be someone to help me roll it home 😉

  • Sofia says:

    åååååå, sommar sommar sommar. wonderful.

  • This looks fabulous, Monika. I dream of a second home in Paris! Someday.

    I went to Haystack yesterday, loved it!!!

  • What beautiful, beautiful homes!!! In my dreams, I’d have second homes in Italy and New Zealand :)

  • I’m ready for summer and how i LOVE the blue trim in the first photo!! That is fabulous!!

  • Funny, you have just
    posted my dream, except
    that instead of it being
    in Sweden, my dream lake
    home will be in Washington
    State! You have to admit,
    you cannot beat a really
    great WA summer…..A lot
    of light, heat and sun
    during the day with cool,
    crisp evenings : ) As a
    matter of fact, I’ve even
    talked my hubby into driving
    around and looking at some
    potential WA towns this summer…
    For way down the road of
    course, but a girl does need
    to feed her dreams! Moses Lake
    is one place we are told that
    is amazing.
    xx Suzanne

  • Kari says:

    So pretty Mon! I love the rolling trunk table, what a great idea! Happy Friday to you :)

  • carole says:

    Also insanely busy Mon and so nice to take a break to look at these calming and beautiful interiors.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  • Tina says:

    Åh, så himla svenskt och somrigt! Älskar båthuset- viken dröm!!!
    Har sedan en tid lagt ögonen på den där stubben och precis som du blivit fascinerad av denna vackra och enkla konstruktion! Att sätta hjul på är helt enkelt genialt!
    Önskar dig en riktigt trevlig och härlig helg!
    Kram, kram:)

  • Ooh yes, how I love Scandanavian design with the light walls and natural materials! These homes are so lovely and the colour on the last picture’s chimney wall is my favourite grey! Oh I would love a tree trunk table on wheels, but not sure where I could dig up a stump around here.

    I’m with you on the busy time, hence my blogging activity has also been slow of late. But I see blogging is a fun hobby rather than something to tick off everyday, you know?

    Happy weekend to you, lovely!

    Meera xx

  • Mon, this is too funny. Renee and I have been looking for a tree trunk since we saw this picture. We found an interesting one that could be a coffee table with glass on top. Adore Swedish style and all of your images! White is one of our favorite colors. Maybe we can all get group oxygen rates. HaHa! Hope your having a beautiful weekend!!

  • Stacey says:

    This home took my breath away! The bright whites and the beautiful splashes of colour, the views… I could go on and on! Love it Mon! XX

  • Julie at BV says:

    You’re right, a lot of light, airy and kind of eternally classic. I’m sure that whenever you get to have that house, it’s going to be a good looking house. Love all these images by the way.

  • Where is that first photo?! We want to move in right now.

  • Very inspiring. I would be very happy to have a Swedish summer house too!

  • You know this is my dream too!!! :)

  • wow. you make me what to go “home”!! My best friend’s summer place looks exactly like the summer house on stockholm’s archipelago (I assume that’s where the picture is from). We used to have a summer place in Sweden… just 30 minutes outside of where we lived. I guess my parents felt it was too much to do. We all wish we still had it though. One day!

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I’m renovating my Swedish summer house on Öland this summer, and the after seeing the first photo I decided to paint the windows on the glass veranda bright blue!
    The white and bright is all beautiful but I still wish us Swedes would dare to add some color to our houses.

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