I Am Dreaming About…

whatever it is you will find out when you hop over to my dear blog friend Nancy with the oh-so-wonderful Marcus Design. (I have a special crush on all these Canadian talents I follow! I married a fantastic man from Vancouver Island, Canada which might have something to do with it).

Go here and read my guest post about something my dream home will have (and I hope it will be more than a dream!).

It begins with the letter…

And it is not a big, bouncy bed (but that would be nice too!).

 Happy new week friends!



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  • Janell Beals says:

    Off to read, and when you are in Portland in a couple weeks if you don’t give me a call I’ll not be happy! :) Janell

  • Is it a bathtub? I would require one of those too! Okay, I’ll just go find out.

    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

  • now you’ve done it…you’ll have to go read my comment.


  • Joe Clarke says:


    Great guest post! And thanks for the pointer to Marcus Design. Fun!!


  • Kathysue says:

    Monika, I just read your post over at Nancy’s. I really enjoyed reading it and I think you have a great concept there!!! That would be so wonderful to have a place like that to enjoy and entertain your guest!! I also like it because it was unusual!!! Not just a bedroom, bath etc. Great post!! Kathysue

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Of course I had to head over!! My favorite spot in Stockholm – ahh to sit there with a glass of wine and great food in that cozy spot- who wouldn’t want to recreate it? I hope you get to go there!

  • Love your post on Nancy’s blog today! Sounds like perfection to me! xo

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – Great guest post. I love your wine bar idea – it’s my dream too :) i want one in the living room.

  • Your guest post is lovely! Your ideas are conveyed beautifully, and it’s lovely how they’re related to your favourite bistro! Exactly my kind of thing with the cosy, relaxed vibe and gorgeous textures… a space to enjoy and share with friends and family.

    As ever, I love your inspirations, my lovely!

    Meera xx

  • Charlotta says:

    ..and how I have missed that place in Stockholm is beyond me..!! Good heavens, I am heading there this Summer to make up for lost time.. and wine. Pity we miss each other, other wise it would be you & me there!!

    Ar sa stressad over att jag inte har nagon som helst lust att blogga.. Hjalp! Ska forsoka ragga upp gast spelare. Formodar att du inte hinner?

    Borjade detox ’round two’ idag och mar som en pase sopor..! Fick ga och lagga mig ett par timmar mitt pa blanka dagen.. Inte likt mig men dar lag jag som en gamal socka och tyckte synd om mig sjalv..! :)

    I morgon ska jag bestalla kartonger sa jag kan borja packa. Lasset gar om ca en manad. Mamma Mia!!

    Puss hej
    xx C

  • Greet says:

    Good morning my sweet friend,

    I so enjoyed your post at your friend’s blog Marcus Design. I added her blog to my bloglist and I subscribe to her as well.

    Monika, you have the same thoughts as I have about that wine bar area. Some months ago I visited a design exhibition her in Belgium and discovered a wine bar corner! See here:

    I love it! I wish you a nice and happy week my friend!


  • your guest post is simply lovely, Mon! gorgeous textures! and this place in Stockholm is wonderful. Now I know where to go when I’m there in summer :-) many hugs to you

  • Tina says:

    Kära Mon!
    I absolutely Loved you guestpost and the fact that you shared one of your hidden dreams with all of us out there:)!!!
    Tack för att du tittade förbi tidigare:). Vet att jag borde visa mer av mitt eget hem, men tänk om där inget finns att visa!? Mitt hem är verkligen ‘in progress’. Köket är väl den enda plats som egentligen står helt färdigt. Tanken var ju att dela med mig av vår köks-renovering men håller fortfarande på med ‘detaljerna'(ett ganska stort projekt skulle det visa sig…). Lite förseningar på det, mycket jobb etc. gör att allt tycks stå tvärstill. Håll ut tillsammans med mig kära du:)!!! Lovar dock att göra ett inlägg om mina senaste fynd(däribland safarihatten) innan veckans slut:)!
    Kram på dig!!!

  • Sparky says:

    Oh—I know what you mean about the comfy funky bistro spot! I just completed a (modest) remodel of a dreary addition to my Victorian home and it’s a delight of morning sun, cafe, a lovely spot to sit and linger on an old Regency-style sofa. And I was just thinking the potting bench could store my collection of wine (two which we’ve made ourselves from grapes growing on my “estate”)…photos here:

  • loved your guest post, darling! the black hanging lamps are simply divine! want them! xo

  • A HUGE thank you to you Monika for the fantastic guest post you created for me. I love your ideas and it was so fun to learn more about some of your favorite things. I appreciate the time you took to put this lovely post together for me.

    Safe travels my dear friend! And I hope you have the time to visit your favorite restaurant :)))
    Nancy xox

  • Mon, GORGEOUS post. I know now that we are friends for a reason. I have wanted a champagne bar next to my kitchen for so looong. I am going to show paul your post for inspiration and point out that i am not the only one with a similar dream.
    my dear, I KNOW this dream of yours is closer than you think…i can see just around the corner.

  • Style Attic says:

    Hi Monika! I loved the post :) Not surprising! I left a comment for you over there as well. Everything you mention is always so warm and inviting and a complete experience for all the senses :) XO, Kelly

  • “B” huh? Bath tub? Going to find out now.

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