Spring Is Here! Ilse Jacobsen’s Sky Blue Boots Now In My Store

Spring is in the air and also in my store! I now carry Ilse Jacoben’s high-end rubber boots in one of the new hot Spring 2011 colors — Sky Blue. Ok, I personally love that color. I can even see myself mowing the grass (that would be a first, ha!) wearing them with a casual top, white shorts and hopefully, this year, some tanned legs!


 Note: I am making some changes to my existing store. I don’t have all the boots colors shown yet. If you don’t find what you are looking for in my store, just ask for any color, model and size and I will make them available to you.

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I just stumbled upon the Swedish clothing line, Branting. The company and design team is based out of Gotland, the stunning island between Sweden and Finland where I spent 19 happy summers! I love these outfits. Bohemian chic for warmer days.

It was fun to learn that Martha Stewart Living had contacted IJ’s US distributor asking for a pair of boots for a photo shoot (May issue). The boots are just a prop object in the article but at least the word is getting out.

Enjoy the first week of May!

 Image credit: No. 1 via Bubbelsoda, no. 2 via City Sage, no. 3 via Ilse Jacobsen, no. 4 via H&M, no. 5 via Natalinikola, no. 6-8 via Branting.
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  • tinajo says:

    Such a mood raising post! Have a great Monday Mon! :-)

  • Greet says:

    Goodmorning Mon,
    What a nice Springy post today!! I love that still here!!! And the boots are beautiful!! Love them! Great that Martha Stewart asked for a pair of them!
    How was your weekend? Did you have had a nice walk yesterday?Enjoy this Spring week my friend!

  • Those boots are the cats pajamas!! Happy spring!

  • sherry says:

    I love that clothing line…your right…it does have a slight prairie romantic look to it and so feminine.

  • I love the boots. Wish I had some legs. I’m just so short that they overwhelm me. A girl can dream!

  • Charlotta says:

    How fun that you are receiving new and fresh colours for your shop. A change of season in the retail world is always such a lift!

    You’d rock the duck egg blue ones in the garden darling. There would be car accidents if you mowed the lawn in the white shorts and boots! :)

    Congrats to Ilse on a good PR effort. Martha’s endorsement is huge!

    Hoppas ni hade en harlig middag i Fredags.

    x Charlotta

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Okay now that I’m out of the crazy zone I’m going to order those perfect boots!! Think every woman should own a pair!!

  • Very cool! I can definitely see you wearing those this summer!

  • the boots are gorgeous, Mon! have a great new week, darling! xo

  • I love what you do. Your blog is one of my most favorites as you always show us something beautiful and your warm heart shines through.
    xx’s Marsha

  • Delishhh says:

    I am back! Happy Spring! I brought back the sun but it only lasted for one day :). Love the new boot colors. Let’s get together soon.

  • Kari says:

    Great color Mon! Loving these boots.

    Happy Spring to you,


  • You know I’m still waiting on my size 35 ….. :) Happy spring, my dear!

  • Latriece says:

    I love the branting4. Can you tell me how much the outfit is? Sz. s-m

  • That is such a gorgeous photo of the flowers!

    These boots are fab, Mon! Love all the different colours. When are you going to start shipping to the UK so I can get me a pair, hmmm? :-)

    Hope you’re having a great week, my sweet!

    Meera xx

  • Mon, just adore the sky blue boots. Don’t know what we would do without self tanner. Wishing you a great week!

  • Arohanui says:

    Wow! I love the Ilse Jacobsen boots and the raincoat! On your store site, there is a photo of a woman sitting on the beach – is that the Mandarin coat she is wearing? The colour looks different from the other pictures (and incredible!). I also love the black pants she is wearing, do you have a link for those? I am assuming you will ship to NZ?

  • love the new colors. i do need to order a pair soon! happy may!

  • Style Attic says:

    Hi Mon! Just wanted you to know, I have been keeping up with your blog, but you wouldn’t know it because I haven’t been able to comment. Back from break and getting into the swing of things again :) Loving all that you do and how you are ringing in the spring! I need to stop by your store XX, Kelly

  • oooooh, i’m keeping an eye on those cheerful blue boots. beautiful. also love the clothing–so feminine and flowy.

    hugs to you, my friend.


  • mydesignchic says:

    What fun boots…love the look!!

  • Gina says:

    Love the sky blue boots!

    ox Gina

  • I love the new color and I was just going to forward to you that last photo from martha stewart. are those the IJ boots??

  • Hi Mon-loving those linen blue dresses; I want to wear them and go to Gotland! Sigh…xo

  • Tina says:

    Heeej Mon!
    Wow, vilket inspirerande inlägg. Gillar även jag den där speciella mjuka himmelsblå färgen! Också den fina klädkollektionen. Den bohemiska stilen ligger mig allt mer varmt om hjärtat!
    Längtar efter att ha möjlighet att lägga in en order i din fina shop. Just nu för mycket utgifter- att fixa och renovera är en strid ström av utgifter- men snart så! Kan ju knappt motstå dessa blå skönheter:)…
    Önskar dig en toppendag!
    //Kram Tina

  • Julie says:

    Spring is definitely here!! Love the blue dress! Hope you are having a beautiful day!

  • Julie at BV says:

    Dear Monika,
    I was waiting for tomorrow to wish Happy Mother’s day!!! but I guess we’ll both be too busy with our respective families. I hope your home get to be full of your favorite flowers tomorrow.

    P.S. I Love the new addition to your store.

  • Carrie says:

    Hi Mon,
    I especially love the end image with the giant flower against the soft white walls and perfect table (and boots!). ~Carrie

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