I Am So Proud Of These Ladies


The blog world has connected me with some amazing people and I am proud to say that many have become personal friends outside of cyber land. How can I not be in total awe of these creative and driven women!

First up is Janell with Isabella and Max Rooms. That gal has more energy than all of my blog friends combined!

She is the queen of fabulous DIY projects, she is visible on TV shows and in shelter magazines to the left and the right and to top it off she just launched her own magazine. Yep. Janell’s business card now reads Founding Editor of her new on-line magazine, House of Fifty. A great magazine jam packed with terrific articles, ideas and gorgeous photos. Go, Janell, go! (Of course you will no longer have time to have grab a coffee with me in Portland — but I will forgive you!).

In the premier issue of House Fifty you will find a segment by my dear and close friend Ewa who is the food contributor.

Ewa runs the terrific food blog Delishhh and I am one of the lucky ones because I get to taste her recipes in real. And I absolutely LOVE her cooking. I mean LOVE!

Every time I visit her home I know I will be in for a treat. Following her you will get tons of great recipes, many with a Swedish flair. (Yes friends, that includes delicious Swedish meatballs).

Last Summer, when visiting Stockholm, I hooked up with Mia from the wonderful blog Solid Frog. After spending a day together and recording a segment about Swedish design we finally got some time to talk in private and she whispered that she was pregnant. Like 11 weeks. I remember telling her that I had such a good feel about her pregnancy. And last week she gave birth to her first child — a little “Lasse”, short name for Lars! I spoke with her on the phone the other day and I can report that there are some very happy parents over there who hardly dare to sleep because they don’t want to miss a second with Lasse. Congratulations!

Now this gal is also very driven. Listen to this. Coming fall Mia and her husband will open an Art Gallery in Jonkoping, in the southern parts of Sweden.

I cannot wait to visit her gallery. Knowing Mia’s good taste and style — this  is going to be something extraordinary!

And lastly my friend Jill with Live Like You who I am looking forward to meeting in person!

This stylish, vibrant and colorful Swede (based in Washington DC) is TODAY launching her brand new on-line design studio and boutique Live Like You.

Here you will find tons of lovely things for the home. Jill offers a great mix of products — brand new, vintage, green and fabulous pieces she found and turned into one-of-a-kind pieces. Now that is the way to decorate, folks! Some lovely furnishings from her store:

I also really like her category “Personality” were you will find sketches of moodboards and suggestions for paint colors. Brilliant, Jill!

So there, some new faces and/or new places to visit. You will quickly learn why I am so very proud of these ladies.

Warm hugs to you all!

Images: No. 1 via The Kelly Scope. Other images via resp. blog.
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  • Joe Clarke says:

    I don’t understand how they do it all! (But you are not that bad either Ms. Monica!).


  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – what a nice post!! Thank you! Thank you! You can come over any time to eat :) lots of hugs. And lots of congrats to Janell for a fabulous magazine, and Jill for an awesome store. And welcome to the wold Lasse :). love that picture :) lots of hugs from hot hot Florida!!! Soon to be rainy Seattle :)

  • Lucky you to know
    all these talented
    ladies : ) I only
    “know” Ewa through
    her lovely blog ~
    and of course, you ~
    but look forward to
    visiting your other
    xx Suzanne

  • a wonderfully talented group, indeed! thanks for showcasing a few new gals for us…donna

  • Stacey says:

    I was just over at Jill’s blog and i’m so thrilled for her! Such an exciting time! I wished Mia of Solid Frog huge congrats yesterday. Lasse is such a lovely name! I have to visit Ewa’s blog as i don’t think i have before. The House of Fifty had a fantastic debut of their mag too. This was a lovely post Mon:-). XX

  • Mia says:

    Thanks Mon! I’m proud of YOU – so generous, full of energy and spirit and lovely to be around. I’m also happy to be mentioned in the same context like you talented ladies.

    Hugs MIa

  • What a fabulous group of talented women! Hope you are well, Monika! xo

  • sherry says:

    I know two of those beautiful women – and they are incredibly talented!!!

  • Julie at BV says:

    Very talented ladies indeed. Have a great weekend dear Monika.


  • can’t wait to visit these ladies very soon–so many inspiring women, so little time!

    thanks for your kind words which always make me blush. so enjoying my stay and family here in arizona. more inspiration from nature than i anticipated. thinking i may return soon to write my book since my head is so clear here.

    love to you!


  • Charlotta says:

    I am over the moon happy for Mia and Ulf, and can’t wait to meet this little miracle later this year when I hope to attend the gallery opening! It’s just so exciting!!

    Beautiful Jill – another dear friend. She’s something isn’t she. So full of energy and light. I love her new ventures and hope to share some exciting news in relation to this in the future.. 😉

    Janell and Trish I know only briefly through their blogs, but the both seem like wonderful people. So resourceful.
    I have drooled over Trish’s posts many times and feel very envious that you live near this gastronimical gem! Yum!! :)
    I briefly read the launch issue of ‘House of Fifty’ the other day and thought it looked like a great e-zine. Aren’t we fortunate to be able to tap in to such fantastic glossies online – I’m loving it!

    Barnen borjade skolan igen idag och jag atergar till en sista tavla jag maste mala for en kund i Sverige. Sedan borjar packningen och livet kommer att bli lite kaotiskt.
    Kanske kan jag be dig om en blogg tjanst om tiden skulle tryta? Orkar du?

    Stor systerlig puss!
    Charlotta xx

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Monika!!!! Thank You so much for including me in this list of talented and creative ladies! What a day-exhausted!! And now the real work begins…It was so fantastic to speak to you yesterday – I wish you lived closer so we could head out for some schnapps right now!!

  • Such a talented group! The blogosphere is filled with so many people I admire. House of Fifty was beautiful!! And I PVRed Jill so that I can catch her appearance. Wonderful!
    Nancy xo

  • what a lovely post and a wonderful group, Mon! The photo of Mia’s son is adorable! My son is turning 1 this week :-) many hugs to you

  • Purple Area says:

    Isn’t it a wonderful world with all the great bloggers that you get to know. Thanks for sharing, I will check these ladies out!

    Hugs from Sweden/ Susann

  • Monika,
    Nice to get to know more creative ladies in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Weekend,

  • I am so inspired by ALL of these ladies and how sweet are you to feature all of them here. Janell’s new magazine is soooo gorgeous and I can’t wait to follow along. That cake from Ewa…le sigh and so happy for Solid Frog!! Oh and Jill’s new store- ridiculously amazing!!! Great post lovely:)

  • Monika, Thanks for all of these wonderful introductions. I’ll probably spen the next hour on this lazy Saturday morning checking them all out. One of my favorite things to do. Have a great weekend. Mona

  • Janell Beals says:

    Monika, if I hear you’ve been in Portland and you don’t call me for a coffee I will be officially mad at you! So do call, and thank you so much for the shout out! Janell

  • liza says:

    So Fun! I love Mia already, but haven’t visited the rest of these talents. I am off to do so! I hope your weekend is so happy, Monika.

  • Such a lovely post, Mon, it’s great to know about such talented and incredible people. The blog provides me with more inspiration and has done more for me personally than I could have ever expected. I love Mia and her blog (such wonderful news about her baby), going to check out the other lovely ladies soon and of course, flick through House of Fifty.

    Hope you are having a glorious weekend! Blue skies here and two more days left before getting back to work, so packing a picnic and off to a park to lunch by a lake!

    Love to you, my sweet.

    Meera xx

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  • casey says:

    I share your admiration, Monika. They are truly doing great things and are each an inspiration!

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