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I said I was returning to blog land on Monday but after a grand (and fun!) Easter party at our house, I was stuck with dishes up to my ears… So, my Monday post turned into a Tuesday post — sorry about that.

The day before our Easter party I came up with an idea to use my Mod Podge concoction once again. I usually come up with my own little personal projects but this one I totally copied from another blog — without any shame!. Thank you Danielle Oakey Interiors! I thought it was a fun and clever idea. (Would be interesting to know though, why I always seem to come up with new ideas right before big gatherings and events. With this little project, I postponed my much more important Ginger Cookie Cheesecake baking until way after midnight! Go figure…).

So, Danielle decoupaged some white plates with black animal silhouettes. And that became my inspiration. (Her project below).

Off I went and equipped myself with some simple, new, white plates. Then I trotted down to a great local craft store. They carry these die-cuts which you crank through a machine you use at the store and get perfectly shaped motifs. (They had many to chose from). Using a sharp knife could have been an option but wouldn’t be my cup of tea. All I got were a couple of sheets of black of non textured card stock and the machine did its magic.

I also bought some new decoupage finish called “Royal Coat 1402 – clear” and home I went to get started on my own plate project.

Here are the plates right before they have received the royal decoupage treatment (glue & seal).

I think it is a simple and fun way to get some very personal wall decor. If you are interested I will show you the decoupaged plates on the wall when they’re all done.

Warm hugs to you all.

Image no. 1 via Chicago Tribune, image no. 2 via Danielle Oakey Interiors. All the rest via Splendid Willow.
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