William’s Room Makeover: Chalkboard Wall

Williams’ room is coming together, just at a snail’s pace, I must say. My husband has been very busy lately so the house handyman has mostly vanished. So I’ve been relying mostly on Moi and even if I know what I want I am far from the most skilled DIY’er.

It was pretty clear to me, before I even started this project, that I wanted a large chalkboard wall for Prince William’s new room. But I wasn’t so sure I wanted a large black wall. He is only three and I want him to have a happy vibe in his room.

Then I saw Reese’s (my happy and sweet blogfriend in Italy! Thank you for the inspiration girl!) red wall and decided that’s what I wanted. A red chalkboard wall.

Easy right? I am sure for everyone else — except me.

I went to Home Depot and got this chalkboard paint that comes in 12 different colors (who knew?) and they mixed it for me. My dear friend Katrine and I measured and masked properly (with Green frog tape wich does not let paint bleed through) and then it was time to paint away.

Everything went wrong. Wrong color (too purple), wrong texture and clearly wrong application. And the more I worked on it — the uglier it got. I got so frusterated I almost called a professional painter. (People, I can’t even paint a few square meters. I am such a loser!).

Fortunately hubby came to the rescue. With a new red color and a different flat sponge brush he got it all even and nice. He was singing away while I stained moldings that I also had also bought at Home depot. (I stained them gray. I felt that white was to common). The Mr. got to cut them nicely and install them.

Now, don’t laugh. You might think this is a hidious looking wall. But we like it. It gives the room some color and it is practical. William practices his spelling all the time and invites his friends to play along.

The room is not done yet (nor styled), but here you at least see the wall in its full glory (and a little bit of the new blue ceiling). Note: the camera is making the walls more pink than they are!

Now I am on the hunt for a great sconce above the frame. I am really liking the Boston Library lamps. Both classic and current. A little pricey perhaps but I don’t mind splurging on quality lamps (and quality shoes!).

Next time I show this room — it will be done. I promise!

Thank you for all your e-mails and comments about my new 2 cents series. I really like this series and I am putting together a list of topics I want to learn more about (thank you for your suggestions) & I will be knocking on blog friends’ doors. Let’s hear the best from the best!

Warm hugs to all of my readers.

Images: no. 2 via Thomascbyrd, no. 3 via Rambles with Reese
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  • Love the look! He must be a very happy little boy.

    I stumbled in to a little boutique in the Hudson Valley while exploring one weekend and found their chalkboard paint. Huge difference and amazing grey and taupe colors….. http://www.hudsonpaint.com. A regular brush vs the sponge type makes application much easier too 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Greet says:

    Monika, I love it!! The chalk board is fantastic!! I couldn’t do it, I am not a DIY girl when it comes to painting!
    The room looks so beautiful of what we only can see in this post! I am looking forward to the next post about it!!

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej min skatt. Jag skriver pa Svenska idag. Ar sa trott..

    Alskar rummet min van och du ar aldrig en ‘looser’ – om du sager sa igen blir jag arg! xx
    Det roda, vita, gra och ljusbla ar jatte fint och jag kan se det hela svetsas samman. Kan tanka att Ville ar sa mallig over att han far ett sa fint rum och att hans duktiga foraldrar faktiskt har skapat det med sina egna hander. Tank vilken gava att fa lasa dina ‘William’s Room Make-over’ inlagg nar han blir stor! Du maste spara dom!

    Nu ska jag samla i hop smulorna av vad som bara for ett par timmar sedan var mina barn. Vi ar sa trotta hela bunten. Tva dagar till och sedan har vi host lov i nastan tre veckor.. Can’t wait.

    Skrev till dig forra veckan men forstar att du inte hunnit eller orkat svara. Undrar bara hur det gar med mamsen och med dig forstass.

    Jag ar fortfarande sjuk – inne pa 3e veckan nu och so over it..!

    Jatte kram!
    xx C

  • sherry says:

    I love the color. Especially with the gray trim…such a nice change.

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Det är ju ett drömrum ! William borde vara väldigt glad (men han förstår sig kanske inte på inredning riktigt än. Men han lekar säkert väldigt bra i sitt “nya” rum.

    Tack för din fina, underbara kommentar hos mig ! Jag ska spara den i mitt hjärta länge :)


  • Janell Beals says:

    His room looks just right!! Love the color you finally achieved with the chalkboard paint…for any future projects wanting colored chalkboard paint Hudson Paint has an AMAZING range of colors, all mixed up and ready to go. I’ve used several of them and have always been delighted with the result!

    Lucky William, a great room to grow up in!! Janell

  • mydesignchic says:

    Oh Monika, it’s wonderful…totally couldn’t do it myself, but it’s great. Love his room!!

  • red! the perfect pick and such a nice change from the black. and you know what I think about that gray trim! nice job, by you and your husband, monika!


  • Mia says:

    Mon, it looks lovely! Like the red color. Looking forward to see it finished with your styling :)

    Hoppas att du mår bra! Själv går jag mest och väntar nu 😉
    Hörs, stor kram

  • etta says:

    I love this room the red board is beautiful!!

  • AWESOME. you totally achieved that happy vibe you were going for, and it’s so very unique and Scandanavian in feel! i think what i especially like is how you are setting the stage for memories William will make here. it’s not a little thing–a great big red chalkboard–it will live big in his childhood. this just may inspire a new article i can pitch to my parenting zine editors!

    keep creating lovely and taking risks!

    hugs for you, beautiful.


  • paula says:

    I am blown away! absolutely divine. I am sure he just adores it.

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – The room is awesome! You crack me up. . . I love the red board and the gray frames, can’t wait to see the final room.

  • Stephanie R. says:

    love it! the grey frames and red board are totally awesome. what a fun addition to the room!

  • Will says:

    That chalk board is brill, Mon! Hope you are keeping well! xo

  • It looks awesome! I love it!

  • You know I love it! Absolutely darling for Prince William. xo

  • Looking great! Can’t wait to see the final outcome. There is a tintable chalkboard paint that I have used a few times and it works great. You can tint it to any color you want!! They also make a magnetic primer which is amazing!! It is from a company called Magnamagic

  • Wow, this looks fantastic Mon! I love the color of this chalkboard. And I have to say that from these sneak peeks this room is coming together perfectly. Well done my friend!!
    Nancy xo

  • Ah, yes, that rustoleum
    chalkboard paint and I are
    WELL acquainted, as I painted
    a huge wall in our garage with
    it in “schoolhouse green” last
    fall. It took me three coats,
    but it came out great. LOVE
    the red!! My William used to
    have similar classic little boy
    colors in his room, but now that
    he’s a “man” of 12, he has a
    palette of his choosing ~ blue,
    orange and chocolate brown : )
    He also LOVES modern and his room
    is a combo of IKEA, West Elm and
    other bits and pieces. Enjoy this
    time with your little guy!
    xx Suzanne

  • love this! and LOVE that castle 😉 Hope your little guy likes being able to scribble on the walls!

  • liza says:

    I’m not laughing! We want to do one, too, and you and the comments above have given me a lot of info! I think it turned out great! So cute, but classic, too. And I love the lighting ideas!

  • Monika! This looks AWESOME! I’m sure you are a perfectionist. I was actually thinking of putting a white mold around our chalkboard too, but I got lazy .-)))). Maybe one day…

    William will have fantastic memories of this chalkboard when he’s older. Such fun he’s going to have with it! And you too I’m sure!

    Thanks for the shout out and I’m so happy that you love it!

  • Despite the trials and tribulations, that has turned out brilliantly, Mon! A great big chalkboard like that is every child’s dream! And I just love the colour, so bright and invigorating! Great idea with the grey moulding too, it looks great and I’m sure William will have many happy times on the chalkboard!!

    Meera xx

  • Julie says:

    LOVE it!! Great job and I love the color you chose! I really like the red as opposed the black all the time, and especially in a boys room.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, friend. xo

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    That looks fantastic Monika!! How fun to have a red chalkboard wall, I’m now inspired to do it somewhere in my house!! His room looks so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • Thanks for following. Love that you married an Island boy! I guess that makes you somewhat Canadian??
    Love how you are putting together your son’s room. Red is a hard colour to paint, no matter if it’s chalkboard or regular paint. You usually need a base primer tinted in dark grey. It helps elminate the “see through” look and streakiness of red. I just painted a dresser this week, skipped the tinted primer step and took 5 coats of paint to get it a nice deep red!

    Loving your blog as well! Following right back!

  • I have those lamps in the same antique brass in the little sitting area in our kitchen…we love them.

    The red chalkboard is awesome, especially with the gray border.

  • Laurie says:

    Wonderful chalkboard, and I love the grey frame (and blue ceiling!) I just painted a pegboard in standard black chalkboard paint. It’s great, but I found out (after forking over $$$ for the chalk markers) that only actual chalk works on chalkboard paint, not chalk markers, as the chalk markers can only be erased with Windex, which removes the paint when used. Duh. You probably already knew this, but just wanted to put that warning out there. Why paint a pegboard in chalkboard paint? I saw it done elsewhere on the web, and thought it was a great idea, if I could write in the solid spaces. Harder to do with a much thicker piece of chalk than a fine point marker!

  • Monika…His room is GREAT! It made me laugh at the beginning though since mostly ALL of my projects turn out that way. Thank God for patient husbands….it’s fun and bright.
    Happy Friday,

  • Julie at BV says:

    How beautiful and unique room you’ve made. I love everything in it. Isn’t funny how they (husbands) always come to our rescue? How come they know everything?


  • I think it looks FANTASTIC!!!

  • My husband comes to my rescue so many times on DIY projects so I totally sympathize. Things seem so simple when I start them and then…well…that’s the problem: I don’t know what happens!

    But your results look great!

  • This is fantastic! I love it!!

  • The room is looking amazing. I love the red chalkboard wall in the frame, that lovely grey storage shelf, the adorable classic chair, and the armoire. Adore your style!

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