Oh No! Crash Boom – This Made Me So Sad…

Something sad happened over at my house. See that antique, Swedish plaque on the wall (ca 1840) which I bought at an auction in Sweden a few years ago? Well, I love it and treasure it. (And you don’t find too many of them anymore – or they will be snapped up quickly).

Right when we are about to leave for our Vancouver trip (a couple of weekends ago), and the kids are all buckled up in the car, my husband hears this BOOM, CRASH and rushes to see what happened just in time to see the cat (Charlie!) jumping off a table where the plaque was temporary leaning against a wall (how stupid can I get?!).

My dear plaque fell down on the hardwood floor — and look at it now!!! Bohoooo! I cried for a second or two until my husband yells “It is just stuff for God’s sake! Let’s go! The kids are waiting in the car!!!” (And off we went, even though I was quiet for the first 30 minutes).

I have no idea if it can be repaired and if it is even worth repairing. But my good friend Katrine knows a really good quality antiques restorer here in Seattle, so we shall see. Though I think I will have to sell quite a few boots in order to afford it…

On a much happier note, I am honored to have been invited over to my lovely blog friend, Jill’s blog , Live Like You, to showcase 10 things that I like about my bedroom. Far from being a fancy and designed room, at least it has a personal stamp on it.

In that post I am showing an art piece created by myself. You might find it completely hideous — doesn’t bother me one bit! Art is (and should be) very personal and this piece is meaningful to me.

Hop over and read the story here. And say hi to the talented Jill who is a fellow Swede on the US west coast. I met her last summer in blog and I so appreciate her friendship and her great style (and blog!). 

And don’t forget to enter “A Perfect & Splendid Giveaway” over at the lovely A Perfect Gray. You can win a pair of high-end Ilse Jacobsen boots from my store! Go here!

Warm hugs to you all.

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  • Oh, no! That is really sad. I bet the restorer can do something with it since it’s not in a million pieces. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Joe Clarke says:

    No fun, Ms. Monica. Hope it works out.

    Will pop over to LLY. A Swede who loves colors!


  • Nikki says:

    Oh no! I would have cried too. I don’t want to tell you how beautiful it is now that it’s gone :( Is that a photo of your home? Gorgeous!

    It was lovely to meet you this past weekend. I see there is a boot giveaway below calling my name!

  • Purple Area says:

    Oh no, I recognize this, I used to have a cat like that, he got really mad if he knew he was left behind. Threw things that I liked on the floor, he knew exactly what I liked too. Then he always looked at me as if he was surprised.

    I hope its possible to fix it!!


  • oh, no. I know exactly how you feel. I think ally is right – perhaps it is ‘fixable.’ good luck with the repair. If it doesn’t work out, I know you will find just the perfect replacement for that spot!


  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Monika just want to let you know I absolutely LOVE you art piece. I think it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen. To make your vision for life and the future in to art and hanging it above your bed is a constant reminder of all things great and positive. It’s bound to uplift your spirits and keep you on the right course every day! I’m VERY inspired to do the same.

  • Lisaroy says:

    Oh no! I hope it can be repaired!

  • michele says:

    you inspire me.

    when my husband broke a treasured urn of mine i cried myself to sleep (and it was like 6 pm). but i do like to think when something breaks, something beautiful is about to be born. i sooooo enjoyed your guest post and your amazing art. your bedroom is so very personal and full of meaning–enchanting i’d say. and a gorgeous family to boot (get it?).

    love to you, Monika. wonder what wonderful is ‘hatching’ for you right this minute?


  • Delishhh says:

    Oh Monika – so sorry to hear. I love that peice. But i am sure you will find a great way to use it broken or you will be able to fix it.

    Thanks for the introduction to another Swede – Jill – i just went over there to say hi!

  • oh Monika, I’m so sorry! you just cried for seconds? I would have cried for hours… so crybaby I am! warm hugs, Caroline

  • sherry says:

    Oh baby….I am feeling the pain…a glass of wine perhaps…..won’t fix it but will make you forget it for a moment?

  • liza says:

    Ugh. That is soooo sad. Perhaps you can look forward to the hunt for another? Is it any consolation that that top photo should be in a magazine? I’m fascinated by the black marks on the wall… what are they? And I’m so sorry about your lovely plaque.

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej xx

    Busiga katt! Sa trakigt att Charlie lyckades putta ner din fina plaque men det ser ut som om den gar att laga. Aven om vardet nu sjunker drastiskt sa har du i alla fall ‘sjalva saken’ kvar. Usch, kanner med dig. xx

    Ditt fina sovrum och tavlan. Du berattade om den i ett email for ett tag sedan och nog minns jag hur fin den var. Det var roligt att fa lasa om den igen hos sota Jill (hon ar underbar). Ditt sovrum har harmoni och meningsfulla saker – precis sa ska det vara tycker jag. Da sover man gott.

    Stor kram till dig och hoppas att du mar bra..


  • Charlotta says:

    P.S. New banner again..!? Love how you change with the seasons..! :) xx

  • I’m sooo sorry for you. I know that you were just sick. When we moved into our last house we had three lovely antique blackamoor statues standing in the foyer before they were placed. A dear friend and employee of my husband’s was helping us hang some pictures. He was on a ladder in the foyer and turned to do something. All I heard was the crash. He touched one and it was a domino effect each feel into the next and broke all three. Hands and arms were flying. Really good restorers are amazing. Three thousand dollars later you would have never known what happened. Ouch!!!

  • Kari says:


    My heart goes out to you. I know the feeling. I would have sobbed for hours. I hope that the restorer can fix it. Such a cool piece. It will now have a little extra patina which shows a life well lived!

    Love your boots by the way – gorgeous!


  • Gretchen O. says:

    Oh NO! I had the same thing happen with a mirror…just turned around and crash! I hope you can find a way to have it restored. BTW: Loved your post over at livelikeyou…thanks for sharing. oh, and crossing fingers for some new boots!

  • Greet says:

    Oh my dear!! This is so sad! I really hope you can repair it!!

    xx Greet

  • Mariana Jäder Näslund says:


    Vad tråkigt…känner med dig….Jag hoppas du kan hitta en ny eller de går att laga….

    Stor kram,

  • Danielle says:

    Oh no…so sad!!! If it makes you feel any better, my husband recently broke my hand made pottery piece with our family name on it…yes I can make another, but it was one of the first pieces I made. I was bummed, but oh well such is life. I’ll make another and have a story to tell! Loved your post on live like you…your bedroom is gorgeous and that painted dresser is to die for amazing!!!! Fabulous color!!! xx Danielle

  • Erin says:

    I’m so sorry, Monika! I just did a similar thing. Wish I could blame the cat, but it was all me. I was putting away a dish on a high shelf and knocked off three of my mother’s much loved little china condiment bowls, all delicate, beautiful Japanese designs marked on the bottom “Made in Occupied Japan.” They shattered all over the kitchen and right now the pieces are on a plate waiting for me to figure out how to glue them back together. My mom died a few years ago, so the loss made me not only miss her enormously, but feel like such a bad caretaker of her precious items.

  • designchic says:

    oh no…. I’m so sorry – really hope it can be restored.
    Keep us posted!

  • Julie at BV says:


    I’m sorry about your plaque but even if it doesn’t turn out perfect after trying to fix it it’ll look great. Remember that that imperfection can make it look more real.

  • Lana says:

    Oh no, I hate it when something sentimental gets broken! Hopefully it can be restored Hugs to you xx

  • Aww, Mon, so sorry! That would’ve made me cry too. I really hope it can be repaired!

    I loved reading about your bedroom, it is so wonderful and personal. And I love your art and the meaning behind it!


  • quintessence says:

    SO sorry to hear about your lovely plaque – it’s a beautiful piece and hopefully can be fixed!! Will pop over to Jill’s to see you there!!

  • Hey Mon, so sorry to hear about the plaque – I hope it can get fixed….however, if not, may you find something just as beautiful and memorable to replace it with.

    On another note, I just checked out the interview piece – loved, loved reading it! And your artwork is very ingenious and beautiful to boot. I love that idea. I might steal it one day…with your consent, of course!!

    Just entered the giveaway – awesome!

    Wishing you a beautiful day! xoxo

  • Tereza says:

    Oh, really sad, I would cry a little, too.
    I guess a good antiques restorer will leave it the way it was, or close to it.

  • Oh Mon, that’s terrible!! I hope that you can have the plaque estored. If not, we’ll ALL have to keep out eyes open for you on another one. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Mon, so sorry to hear about that beautiful plaque. I will be crossing my fingers that it can be brought back to life!

  • Ingrid says:

    A plaster expert/restorer will be able to repair that I think, don’t give up! So unfortunate…And your hubby? They don’t understand things like the major rest…:)

    Now I will have a look at the other blog…looking forward to it!

    Huggies, Ingrid :)

  • Tina says:

    Aj, aj, aj. Visst är det så att man blir så himla bestört när något man tycker om går sönder. Vet ju hur det kan vara med 2 busiga kattflickor här hemma:)…
    Jag håller tummarna för att din fina pjäs ska gå att laga och bli som ‘ny’ igen!!!
    Ska genast kolla in ditt gästinlägg + signa upp på Give Away´n!
    Jag behöver brådskande hjälp ang. en matta och ev. soffinköp. Om du har tid kika gärna in hos mig, dina råd och åsikter är av stor vikt!!! Tack!!!
    Massor med kramar:)

  • Irene says:

    Hello, Monika,
    I am here via the Live Like You guest post you wrote. I find it so inspiring. It spoke to me and so I had to stop by and tell you so. Wishing you the very best.

  • The Zhush says:

    Absolutely LOVED seeing more of your home today on your guest post! So sad about your antique, but my gut tells me it can be fixed…(based on things that have been broken here, and in much worst condition!)
    PS: that photo of you and your family? beautiful! ditto your artwork!

  • Oh no! I’m sorry. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it can be repaired!! It sure is beautiful. Loved your post on Live.Like.You :)

  • Rene says:

    What a nice piece. I have faith that you can resurrect it. Fingers crossed.

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