A Perfect & Splendid Blog Giveaway – (Ilse Jacobsen Boots!)

I am delighted to tell you that today I am announcing the first giveaway from my store, Splendid Willow Avenue. I have teamed up with none other but Donna, with A Perfect Gray. I love that gal and consider her a close friend. (And her blog is so inspirational (and her home too)! A must follow blog, folks!). This will be Donna’s very first blog giveaway and I’m so happy to celebrate with her!

The giveaway is for one (1) pair of high-end Ilse Jacobsen boots (any color, size or model you want) from my store. The tall boots retail for $179 + tax. The giveaway is open for US and Canadian residents only.

Visit my store here 

I now also carry Gray boots. They are not up on my site yet. Just ask if you are interested.

If you like the giveaway, it would be fun to hear from you. To ENTER the giveaway you must hop on over to the lovely A Perfect Gray. Or enter the Perfect & Splendid Giveaway here!

The giveaway ends on Monday (midnight), March 14th. The winner will be announced via A Perfect Gray’s Blog and via personal e-mail. I will ship the boots from Seattle.

Good luck to all of you! You might just be the lucky winner!

And congratulations Dear Donna! Your first giveaway! I am so excited for you!

P.S Splendid Willow is now on Facebook. If you want to join the group or just “like” click here or on the Facebook button in the column to the very right.

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  • Greet says:

    Woouuwww! A wonderful give away!!
    I am going to check Donna’s blog!
    Have a nice week my friend!

  • Chania says:

    I’m come from a Perfect Gray. Lovely web and blog….thise boots are amazing….perfect for Canada weather for sure….I have entered in hopes to win a pair. Thank you for the genereous giveaway.


  • designchic says:

    Great giveaway…I’m heading over right now!!

  • Janell Beals says:

    Love Donna’s site!! I saw her in NYC at the Nate show when she asked a question and was delighted to put a name with her face, then when I looked to meet her she was gone! So disappointing…

    Love these boots, and the jackets! All the best with your shop!


  • Thanks for this amazing giveaway! I am a follower of A Perfect Gray, and I love these boots! :)

  • Willow Decor says:


    Great giveaway! Hope you are feeling better. We are skiing for two weeks during march break.

    xxx Gina

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Hi Gina!

    Have fun with your family. I hope that you are enjoying your brown IJ boots as well as your ski boots!

    Love to you,


  • sylvia rieck says:

    Hi Mon,

    I have neglected to comment on your site, never the less I read and admire it every week! Lots of inspirations from your website, now that I’m remodeling my house on a very low budget! This amazing giveaway could not come in a better time! I just became a Foster mom for a little rat terrier. Needless to say lots of walking the dog, and my fun polka dot rain boots (that I use all the time with the Seattle weather) ripped. I wish I could afford to just buy your boots, but that is out of the question, with not having a job! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Hope all is well with you and the kiddos? L, Syl :)

  • Danielle says:

    First off what an awesome giveaway and so generous of you to give. Second can’t wait to dive into your store and A Perfect Grey!!!! Thanks so much! xx Danielle

  • Love love love these rubber boots, posted about them on Facebook & liked them also. xx’s Marsha

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – what an awesome giveaway! Love the boots!

  • Lina Lambro says:

    What a generous and awesome giveaway! I love these boots!

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!! I’m definitely buying these boots. Crazy about the turquoise but think I’ll buy the gray pair!!!

  • paulap says:

    these are by far my favorite boots ever!

  • Sharmin says:

    I follow both of you!!! These boots would be perfect for walking in the rain – one of my favorite things! What a great giveaway! I would definitely love to win the tall gray boots.

  • michele says:

    oooooohhhhh what a lovely giveaway, Monika! i’ve entered. fingers are crossed. the boots have been on my wish list! i’m looking forward to following this blog too–thanks for sharing.

    come see me soon!


  • liza says:

    Love this! I’m heading over to enter right now. Thank you, Monika.

  • Julie says:

    Yes..oh yes! Perfect timing to get a pair of these bad boys! April showers bring May flowers..haha! Hope you’re having a beautiful day, friend! xo Julie

  • Emma says:

    Who wouldn’t love a pair of these boots! They’re perfect! Heading on over. Thanks, Mon.

  • Sherry says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, very inspirational!
    Thank you for a wonderful give way, just gorgeous!
    What fun!

  • just entered :-) wonderful give away, Mon! HAve a lovely & creative week

  • i love those boots! i’m heading over to enter now. hope you had a fab weekend!

  • Wow, Monika. What a generous giveaway! I’m heading on over to check out A Perfect Gray.

    xo, Marianne

  • Chrystal says:

    Just linked over from a perfect gray, now BOTH of you are on my favorites!
    What an awesome giveaway! LOVE the gray short boots
    size 10.5

  • Debbie K says:

    I love these boots, orange orange orange.

  • Great giveaway Monika! I just shared it with my friends on facebook! Have you liked me on facebook yet? I love to connect on facebook. We share some things there that don’t appear on the blog.

  • Style Attic says:

    I just tweeted this! XO, Kelly

  • Lovely lovely giveaway Monika! How fantastic, I will be hopping over right now to enter :)
    Nancy xo

  • nancy geaney says:

    I was there first, now so happy to be here! I will visit Splendid Willow often… I may not get new boots, but am sure to get plenty of inspiration!
    Thank you,

  • So So So excited about this giveaway!! Of course I love the boots, but also love Perfect Gray! Such a great blog. Thanks for chance! Hope you’re well!

  • I just love it when
    two of my favorite
    bloggers collaborate!!
    Congrats to you both.
    I would be over the
    moon to win a pair
    of these fabulous
    boots!! I might just
    break out of my love
    for gray and opt for
    a happy COLOR if I
    won : ) Thank you both
    for the chance and for
    being such delightful
    xx Suzanne

  • quintessence says:

    GREAT giveaway. I need new rainboots!! I read Donna’s blog regularly so I was headed there anyway.

  • Oh, wow, what a generous giveaway! How have you been, Mon? Busy over here, and it looks like you’ve been just as busy, too.

    I can’t wait to see William’s room..! I’ll have to check in next week – it sounds like it’s going to be perfect. Our porch, kitchen and den’s ceilings are blue, so I’m a big supporter.

    I hope you and yours have been well, dear.

    much love,

  • Leigha says:

    See what happens when I am offline for too long?!? How did I miss this?

    You and Donna make a lovely combination my dear.


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