Why Have I Ignored These Objects At My House?

Last week beautiful Greet sent me an image asking me if lanterns like these could be something to hang above my new kitchen table. (My friend, I would take the whole room if I could!). This time I think I am going to go a tad bit modern, though. I like to mix.

But what Greet’s picture made me realize is that I am actually already an owner of a beautiful old candle lantern similar to the ones in the picture. It has been sitting in a box for 15 years! I bought it at an auction in Sweden right before I moved to the US and have never hung it. Not even once! Earlier today I saved it from its yellowed cardboard box.

This Swedish candle lantern is from the 1700-hundreds and I really wonder why I have neglected it. What is wrong with me?! No more! It is going to be cleaned and hung in a lovely and most visible spot!

And then it occured to me that I have quite a few lovely things stored away in the oddest places, being totally ignored. It is time to give them some respect.

For instance I have a pair of these beautiful Swedish Empire frames (1800-1850). One is sitting on our chest in the foyer but the other one has been stored behind a futon in a storage area! How crazy is that! They are beautiful, hand carved gilded frames and have never been restored. They were meant for paintings so glass has been/will be added.

Since the glass is not original, I can allow myself to play a little. Now the time has come to finally do my mirror quote (see my old post here) that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Note: Never paint on old, original glass!

And why on Earth is this poor Swedish plate rack (original 1700-hundreds) moving around in the house like a neglected ghost? I honestly don’t even know what to do with it. But one of the most prominent antique dealers in Sweden, who I purchased it from, told me that I could not sell it. It used to belong in the kitchen of an old Swedish castle and apparently these standing plate racks are rare to come buy. (Hanging plate racks from that era are more common). No, do not suggest that I paint it gray! This is a rare piece and this is its original color = do not touch!

This is the environment it should be in! I apologize for the bad scanning job. (From Lars Sjoberg’s book The Swedish Room).

I have now promised myself to give this plate rack a new purpose. What, I don’t know yet (and I’m running out of walls in my dining room!) — but I won’t  let it stand sadly along a bare wall in an unused room any longer. That’s for sure!

In an odd corner of the stairway sits an antique writing chest that I, up until recently (do you remember Kikki!), was willing to give away. I thought is was ugly and everyone ignores it and bumps into it. Today when I was walking around my house with “open eyes”, I found it quite charming and saw that it could totally be a focal point in our guest room. It just needs some lovely art and a nice chair. “I will move you my friend and give you the attention you deserve — I promise!”

And then I also re-discovered this candle holder behind a door. (I have four of them!). It is new but it is handmade by an artist in Sweden and inspired by a royal 18th c. plack hanging behind the Museum of Music in Stockholm. Why I am not using all four of them – is beyond me! I am now on the hunt for a good spot.

And then finally, I dragged in this antique, Swedish Empire candle pendant from the garage. It is all dusty and needs a good polish but look how pretty the golden acorn is and the green shell. It will look lovely with some nice candles. To think that this poor thing has been sharing a dark corner with ski boots and old roller blades…

No more buying new! I have plenty to work with at home. (And I have even more….). I am so looking forward to re-arranging and mixing with more modern pieces. I think we all could take a closer look at what we already have and give things we grew tired off or simply forgot — new life and new purpose. In most homes there is at least a little lamp, frame or kitchy porcelain figurine that can be spray painted white (or why not a bold color) and all of a sudden look fabulous again! Just walk around your home with open eyes.

If you are interested, I will later show you where the pieces ended up.

Warm hugs to you all. And Happy Valentines Day/Weekend!

 Images no. 1 via Belgian Pearls, 2-6, no. 7 via here, no. 8 + 9 via Splendid Willow, no. 10. Swedish Room,  11-15 via Splendid Willow. Last image via Zyprezz.
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  • Mia says:

    Hi lovely Mon, put up the lantern immediately, they are lovely!
    And i love the wallpaper behind your chest of drawers and the golden frame too.

    Ha en underbar helg!
    Stora kramar

  • Greet says:

    Monika, you have the most beautiful Swedish treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my goodness, if I were you, I would feel as Santa Claus was forgetten me and now was standing on my doorstep with all these beautiful presents!!!
    Monika, the lantern, the rack,… please take care of it! That Swedish rack is, in one word, fabulous! I would love and would be so proud to have such an original piece of history in my home!!
    Wish you and your family a wonderful weekend!

  • Willow Decor says:

    What a wonderful collection of beautiful things. I think you are so right – we do need to look around at what we have. I think we stop looking at our things as they become so familiar to us. You have inspired me to take a second look – That is why I love Splendid Willow – new inspiration each time!!

  • sherry says:

    I LOVE going shopping in my own home!!! You found some great things on that little jaunt :)

  • Charlotta says:

    I have always though of your home as a treasure chamber and this just seals that.. What beautiful objects Monika, and how wonderful that you are ‘rediscovering’ your home..

    That plate rack would be a perfect ‘book case’ or ‘art display’ rack. If not for Ville’s new room, then in a room where it is safe from potential ‘spontaneous decoration’ by little hands.. :)

    The lantern is heaven. Would add some warmth to your favourite reading spot or corner in the garden.. Not suggesting it lives outdoors.. Heavens forbid. Just got a vision of you sitting in a comfy chair under a tree, with the lantern hanging next to you..

    xx sis

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I need to see what is hiding in my attic!

    Great post, as always.

    Have a splendid weekend. JC

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m sharing your same feelings toward neglected furniture and art around my house. So, I decided to shop at home first. I bought some fabric and reupholstered some existing furniture and pulled an old rug out of a closet.

    I would really like to see how your ideas and uses. You always inspire me.


    PS. Love your musical fabric on your chair. Great color.

  • Tina says:

    What a great post Mon. I feel inspired to go through all of my jink in the basement:)! Might just find som things I like(a while ago I did find my Supertube from Ateljé Lyktan, I had totally forgotten about it). I often buy things, smaller things like a bowl and then I put it away cause I don´t know where it would fit at time.
    I love that quoted mirror and must have a closer look, sounds exciting. Oh and I was watching Antikmagasinet the other night showing old mirrors and I learned a lot about old glasses and its value. The plate rack looks beautiful, if not for plates mayby for favourite books and magazines?
    Happy weekend and thanks a lot for the inspiration! Your home looks so beautiful and is really full of treasures!
    Hugs from Sweden

  • Are you kidding? I’m going shopping at your house. Every single item you just showed is fabulous!!! It’s hard to believe that you forgot all about those wonderful things. The lantern would be wonderful anywhere, and yes you have got to do the mirror quote using the old frame immediately. I just had to save that image. Hope you don’t mind but I will so have to do that on a project sometime. The plate rack is to die for. So obviously the real deal. And I’m just dying over that Acorn Crest?candle holder thingy?? Have a great weekend playing with all of your new old things.

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – i have no idea who has this kind of stuff sitting around. I know for sure i do not :) So if you need to get it out of your house, bring it over :).

    I love the lantern. Love the mirror quote!

    Glad att allt ar OK!!!!!!

  • michele says:

    MONIKA! just kill me now. i thoroughly enjoyed this post and adore these items. i am now moved to be brave and venture downstairs and dust off treasures i have also suffered amnesia for.

    would it be too bourgeoisie/cluttery to display a few design books on the gorgeous Swedish rack? (i do word art on canvas similar to the ‘dream’ one usually with cream on black). because i love text, i’m in love with that image of the mirror with quote.

    thank you for so much lovely!


  • paulap says:

    you are killing me! I so want to come “shop” in your house :)

  • paulap says:

    oh, and this so reminded me that I have a similar frame that I got from my grandmothers years ago. Time to put something in it!

  • Jeanette says:

    How marvellous to find such treasures in your own home! I wish I could go on a similar discovery this evening, but alas, it will have to wait until the next visit at my parents house back in Sweden.

    I just absolutely adore the plate rack and if I had it, it would contain the collection of old Swedish children’s books that currently are being housed in an IKEA Billy bookcase. Not quite as dignified, but at least of the same national origin!

  • Hi Mon!
    How could you forget you have stuff from the 1700’s???? It’s all gorgeous!!!The light fixtures, the chest, the mirrors, and Swedish! That empire pendant is wow and I am glad you are repurosing the chest,it is a beautiful piece… I am going to come to your house and start digging myself!Maryanne xo

  • What a wonderful collection of beautiful things, Mon. I would ask you the same: How could you forget you have stuff from the 1700?s? Gorgeous finds! Happy weekend and hugs to you

  • quintessence says:

    Of course we want to see where they end up!! What lovely pieces – I can’t believe you were going to give away that lovely desk or had never hung that beautiful glass lantern (even the new ones are expensive). You have marvelous meaningful treasure that should be out for all (including you) to admire and enjoy!

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    What treasures you’re hiding out at home!! That’s the kind of shopping I’ve been doing of late. Going through the basement and looking at things in a whole new light. Love all the Swedish finds. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them. Your house looks beautiful!

  • Katrine says:

    Love it! I will rummage through our hiding places as well to bring new life to old things. Maybe practice me handwriting as well so that I can help you with your mirror quotes.

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Tack för din underbara kommentar hos mig ! Den värmar mig (vi har -16 idag !)och gör mig lycklig.
    Vad många fina saker du har och ditt hem ser fantastiskt ut.

    Hoppas att du får en Alla Hjärtans Dag fylld med kärlek !

    Kram till dig

  • Purple Area says:

    You have got so much beautiful stuff. I think it would look great to show them instead of hiding them in a storage. (But, please don’t paint anything.)

    Trevlig alla hjärtans dag!!


  • Tereza says:

    I agree with those who say that want to shop in your house, you have so many treasures,for me, it’s like a playground.
    All those Swedish finds, incredible.
    Beautiful, gorgeous post!
    About the dress in my post, that’s an Emilio Pucci’s dress and it’s for sale in his site.
    Have a nice week.

  • Carole says:

    Such treasures Mon!
    Hope you are having the best Valentines Day – you are so sweet to leave comments on both blogs.
    Lots of love, Carole xx

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to you my sweet friend…your comment warmed my heart. I wish you a beautiful day! xo, Julie

  • Julie at BV says:

    Great and valuable treasures Mon, and you have great eyes.

    Have a happy Valentines Day dear Monika.

  • My goodness, Monika, you are so lucky to have such beautiful pieces to work with! Cannot wait to see what you do with them. P.S. love the worn wood on the rack. xoxo!

  • Eddie Ross says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Trish says:

    Spring cleaning out here…and often the same thought occurs to me…when I see something from a new perspective. Ultimate “shopping” from home! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Monika! XO Trish

  • Ulrika says:

    Monica, I would love to have your plate rack as a shoe display in a walk-in closet….
    or in my bedroom… All your beautiful shoes…YOu should show them off!!!
    Happy Valentine’s! xo Ulrika

  • Look at all these treasures! I’d like to go vintage shopping in your house. The lanterns, frames, and lights are beautiful. Can’t wait to see them put to good use.

  • Stacey says:

    Wow Mon! What treasures you have in your home! I’s love to be given 20 minutes and let loose in your home. I’d grab that lantern first:-). Can’t wait to see what you do with your rediscovered treasures! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family:-). XX

  • Mon, you have the best stuff hidden in your nooks and crannies. I’m pretty sure all I have are dust bunnies!

  • Charlotta says:

    Hej – jag igen!

    Just back to take another look at your treasures, whilst also searching for a post that I am linking to in today’s post. x

    Are they ‘honey bees’ on the frames? I love Napoleon and had a slight addiction to things with his symbol on them for a long while whist studying in London. Not sure if I told you that I did a degree in Interior Design (way back when..) and as part of that I wrote a big paper on Napoleon. What a man.



  • I am the same – I have an entire furntiure store in my garage- so frutrating. Your things are amazingly pretty- I can’t wait to see the frame with mirror and that chadelier is killing me gorgeous- you HAVE to get that up-it’s AMAZING!! xo

  • Leigha says:

    Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely.

    The chest? Amazing. The mirror quote? I cannot wait to see what you do.

    You have a home full of treasures.


  • Jenn says:

    You have the most wonderful things!

    I just saw a modern light in the Sundance catalog that reminded me of these. Similar materials (glass and iron) but very different shape: http://www.sundancecatalog.com/product/code/45932.do

    (In case the link doesn’t work, it’s the Meridian Pendant.)

  • Ingela says:

    Hej Monika,

    I found your blog through Greet, glad I did!
    You have a wonderful candybox to drag from….lot of treasures coming out.

    I’m glad to see that one of them is the candleholder (and 4 of them) made by a dear friend of mine here in Sweden. I’m also a retailer of her products.


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