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Going through a couple of February design magazines, I found myself ripping out several pages with loveliness. I can tell you that if I had oodles of extra cash I would, without any hesitation, invest in lovely art pieces, way before I would even consider building  a nice shoe collection! Yes, really.

This butterfly painting by Hunt Slonem is absolutely stunning. And butterflies are so friendly! I love the entire design of this area. The composition and the scale of all the things are simply perfect. Just a few pieces but the fewer items the harder to get it right.

The well respected fabric designe/multimedia artist, Kazumi Yoshida, made this white composition above the fireplace for his Tribeca loft. I have  a very similar white monochromatic art piece above one of my fireplaces. It is my favorite art object in the entire house. If you are interested I will show it in another post.

I find this large photograph of literature so lovely and interesting. I don’t know who the artist is behind it. I might need to contact the talented interior designers — Jim Gauthier & Susan Stacey. They did such an amazing job with the entire loft (a showhouse in conjunction with the Boston Design Center).

The same design duo is also behind this stunning room filled with wonderful artifacts. But what I really go nuts for is that Greek Key pattern ottoman. Drool.

A decorative porcelain Lladro vase (“Canvas”). I bet this is going to be a tomorrow’s antique. It is not exactly cheap at $1800 but it is already a classic. The small decorative blossom cup found at Global Table is also very pretty. Put some makeup brushes/or black or white pencils in it and give as a gift to a friend.

I will be out of commission for a couple of days but will check in with all of my wonderful blog friends shortly.

Warm hugs to all of my readers.

Images via: No.1 (acorn) via Splendid Willow, no, 2, 3 via 5 Elle Decor (scanned from Feb/March 2011 issue), no. 3 + 4 via Lofts & Condos (scanned from the Spring/Summer 2011 issue).
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  • Charlotta says:

    Monika I love it when you talk art!
    The Hunt Slonem piece is magnificent. I too would love to lovingly hang that in my home. What a happy feeling it exudes!
    And the book end shot.. Yum. Not hard to replicate.. Do you want me to commission dear husband for you? It would be a pleasure, though of course a hard task as well. I know you have a keen eye..x

    Will miss you when you are away… Tanker pa dig.

    Big warm sisterly hugs from the land far far away!

    xx C

  • Charlotta says:

    ..I’m back.. having just browsed your Hunt Slonem gallery.. I am head over heels in love with the rabbit paintings. So playful and cute. I can feel the artistic urge bubble and I might leap back to my brushes and paints tomorrow. For that I wanted to thank you.. because my creative juices have been stale for some time. Until now.

    Tack och kram.

  • I love the butterfly painting and the entire composition, fabulous!

  • designchic says:

    What wonderful art choices…such statement makers!!

  • I do the same thing! I am constantly ripping out pages and keeping them for later! Enjoy your day today:)

  • michele says:

    oh, Monika. the butterflies gave me butterflies! the Yoshida would be so at home here. inspiring post. art began to take on a new importance for me a few years ago. thanks for sharing these thoughts.


  • I’m going nuts for a lot of the same things that you are. Really, really like the yellow and gray butterflies. Beautiful! Have a great day. MOna

  • ArtCollector says:

    So glad to see a design blog covering art… many people who can afford original art are too intimidated to purchase it… and most people don’t realize it doesn’t have to be expensive to make a personal statement… more design education like this is needed!

  • Bianca says:

    I love Yoshida’s Tribeca loft… wow!

  • lisasroy says:

    these are beautiful examples! Nothing completes a room or gives it personality like a fantastic piece of art :)

  • Tereza says:

    I took sometime looking at this gorgeous post because I was trying to choose a favorite among all this beautiful artworks. I can’t, they are all perfect.
    You had a fantastic work collecting all this great images.

  • That Hunt Slonem piece is just stunning!!!!!!!!!I love that and you know, I am not a Lladro fan but that vase I like very much…Hugs Maryanne xo

  • monkia, this is uncanny. I was crazy for the SAME pieces, especially the butterfly piece (my fave) and the white paper/composition piece. Would you please give us a glimpse of your similar piece? I’d LOVE that!


  • Paula says:

    Yes! I am so the same way.

  • Michaela says:

    Love that butterfly painting! It’s gorgeous and would work perfectly in my apartment living room (:

  • Such lovely images … and so lovely to hear of the support and inspiration you gave to Tina from komma hem. Just the kind of blog love we’re all about!

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