My Annual Valentine’s Craft


Turn on your speakers and listen to this beautiful recording by Shaka Khan. What an incredible voice!!!

While the rest of the nation is tuned to large TV screens following the Super Bowl (I could care less about football — only soccer and hockey with Swedes involved get my attention!), I am at home in an unusually quiet house working on my annual Valentine’s crafts. I really enjoy making these matchbox treats and the kids love giving them to their friends and teachers.

I buy large quantities of simple matchboxes, decorate them and fill them with personal messages from the kids, stickers or wrapped Dove chocolate hearts. I know that they are always appreciated.

As you can see, no shortage of matches here! (And yet I never seem to find the bag when I need it!).

Some twenty more to go…

I just received an e-mail from one of my best friends in the world, Anna  L. She is coming with her family all the way from Stockholm to visit with us this Summer. Wihoooo!!!!! Now I am making crafts and smiling from my heart!

Warm hugs to you all.


Images: No 1. (close-up of matches in boxes) via Flickr. All other images via Splendid Willow.
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