My New Kitchen Table & A Possible Pendant

Do you remember my search for an affordable and handsome kitchen table, one that can take a lot of beating from 3 kiddos and a slew of guests? See old post here. Most of you voted for this solid oak table from Cost Plus/World Market (yes, really!) — and that is also the one I went for! It was delivered a couple of weeks ago — and I love it!

At Cost Plus

At Home (it is actually a tad more gray than my camera can show). Sorry for my mediocre pictures.

The table easily seats 8 people and is very solid.

I have ordered two original French bistro Tolix chairs to be mixed with my slip covered ones from Ikea. (The Pantone chairs that I wanted at first would have looked totally out of place, I decided). I will show pictures soon.

Lately I have been focusing on a new pendant to go over the table. I REALLY like this lamp from Restoration Hardware. Isn’t is handsome?  A little on the pricey side ($895), but since the table was a steal at only $550 (on sale), I feel I can splurge a bit.

But my questions is. Is this light fixture too trendy? Is it part of this retro industrial chic look that I will grow tired off soon? What do you think? I am also thinking it might be too long. Decisions, decisions…

In general I am very excited about our kitchen eating area. I still have a way to go but it feels to me that I am on the right track!

I am equally excited about the mention of Ilse Jacobsen’s boots and my shop over at the fantastic blog Two Ellie. How special is that! I absolutely adore Paula. She is creative and fun, has a great design eye and on top of that she is just a generous and wonderful person. She is yet another blog girl I would like to meet in person.

Look  how adorable she is in her new rubber boots! She chose Camel color and I think she found the perfect color for her!

So one stylish kitchen table and one stylish friend! I am very grateful.

Warm hugs to you all.

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  • I love the table you picked Mon! it was my choice too. it looks beautiful in your home with those chairs. love the flower pots too! I’m sorry, but I’m not too fond of that light fixture. I’m more of a chandelier kind of girl, you know… 😉 xo

  • Willow Decor says:

    I love the table and your choice of chairs. I think the light from RH might be too big – Take a look at Currey and Company – they had some really interesting ones.

  • Your table is gorgeous! It’s hard to tell the size of the fixture but I do get the feeling it might be a little long for your table, based on the table it’s over in the picture. It’s very pretty though and I don’t find it overly ‘industrial’ so I woudln’t worry about that- in the end, I think you should always buy what you love, regardless of trends etc. xo

  • yay! I’m just over to congratulate you on the ‘two ellie’ spotlight. I just adore Paula and her humble style. Doesn’t she look wonderful in those boots?

    I really like the table, and a little on the gray side is a good thing for us ‘gray’ gals, isn’t it? Your mix of chairs will be just the thing – do give us a look when they are in.

    oh, as to the light fixture….it’s so easy to give advice and so hard to know what is right for ME! I believe I am leaning toward the ‘you may tire of it easily’ side. I love the rustic look of the table and the relaxed look of the chairs – would adding a little glam chandelier make for an interesting mix?

    I know you and your style, Mon. Your heart will lead the way and you’ll find something perfect…

    love, donna

  • lisasroy says:

    Your table is stunning and I LOVE your mix of chair styles! The fixture is nice but I think I might tire of it and would likely opt for a fantastic chandelier instead which would be a nice mix with the chairs, the rustic-ness of the table and would add a little sparkle. But hey, that’s just me! :)

  • The Zhush says:

    OK, lets start first with how fab the new look is over here! Moving along to how much I adore your kitchen! And that new table is perfection…ditto the rest of your uber chic house! Moving along…omg, how adorable is that Paula, she could be your spokesmodel, those boots look so cute on her!

  • Love your new table, Monika! I really like the light fixture, but you might tire of it in a year or two. I do think it would work though and look great. Get what YOU love! On another note, Paula looks great in her new boots! Hope you are well.

  • Greet says:

    You made the right choice for the kitchen table, it couldn’t be any better!! I love it!
    To me the pendant is ok. I will send you a picture of a kitchen with a lantern I love also.

  • you picked a wonderful table, Mon!
    p.s.: love the boots of Paula :-)

  • I would listen to Greet. She’s an authority on this style, I think. Love the table & chairs. Rock on…

  • Delishhh says:

    I love the table, wish it could fit at our place, and the pentant is lovely especially with looking outside into the yard, you have this inside/outside feel. I can’t wait to put mine up.

    Did you make the white bean puress? How did it turn out?

    Talk to you soon!

  • Kimberly says:

    I am glad you got your table. I love it!!!! I can’t wait to come over and see it.

    Did you measure the area for the lighting? Does it just fit or would you still have room? Yes, it’s long, but it’s not heavy looking so it might look really good in that area. I don’t think it’s too trendy; it is pretty.


    Kimberly :)

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    That looks so beautiful and elegant. Complete American inspired Scandinavian chic!

  • Joe Clarke says:

    I voted for that table! Great look with the Tolix chairs.

    Your friend Paula belongs in a style magazine.

    Cheers, JC

  • Tina says:

    You are amazing! I think the new kitchen table looks absolutely wonderful! I agree on the Pantone chairs, they would probably have looked ‘too much’. The tolix chairs toghether with your nice looking IKEA ones will be such a success, I can see it already.
    I also like the lighting fixture you are showing. No, not too trendy I think. In my opinion it has a kind of ‘timeless’, simple design, therefor I would not be too worried about feeling tired of it after a while.
    You are for sure on the right track here:)!
    All my love!

  • Love that table and I love what you’re doing with it with the mix of chairs. I am a fan of the light–go for it!

  • Mia says:

    Hi Mon, I love your new kitchen table and the Tolix chairs, it will be great!

    Allt är bara bra med mig men det har varit fullt upp på sistone, får berätta om båda “projekten” på bloggen snart ;). Var på kontroll idag och allt är precis som det ska.
    Tänkte ta mig tid och göra ett blogginlägg ikväll.
    Hoppas att du mår bra!
    Stor kram!

  • michele says:

    the table is a beauty–excellent choice! love the idea of the Tolix with it. i like the idea of the contrast in the light fixture with the rustic table, but i would probably do a lantern style because i lack guts.

    thx for sharing this process with us!


  • Hi!

    This is my very first time here and I’m loving your blog! It’s great to see this wonderful table and your nook. You have a beautiful home!

    If you have a minute, please drop by my blog and tell me what you think, ok? :-)

    I hope to see you there!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    Post of the Day: A Cottage on Shelter Island

  • I am a modern girl, but I love the table, especially the color. Surprisingly, though, I am having a hard time with the RH light fixture. Interesting tip: I, too, have Ikea chairs with the off-white fabric covers. I sent the covers off to a source I found on the net, to have them dyed. It was reasonably priced to have done, and it gave my Ikea chairs a custom look.

  • Alice says:

    I love your new table! Now time for some vino and good cheer!!!

  • The table is beautiful congrats on such a steal! The Tolix chairs will look fantastic mixed with the slipcovered ones. As for the lighting, I don’t think it’s too trendy but I don’t think it’s a perfect fit yet. I’d say keep looking until you’re 100% :)

    xx Cristina

  • liza says:

    Perfect table and chairs! And Paula in your boots is adorable. I kinda like the light, but I don’t know anything!

  • Ok, your kitchen table is GORGEOUS! I love it, and I love your plans for the room.

    The camel colored boots on Paula are delish!! Hope your week has been well my friend!
    Nancy xo

  • Yay! So glad you went with this choice of table ~ it is a beauty that should never be out of fashion. As for the light, let your heart tell you. If when you look at it you go “ooh” and catch your breath, then get it because you will always love it. But if you go “mmm” then you may tire of it.
    On another note, being the creative person that you are, you could always use it as a skeleton, and dress it up over the years/occasions with wrapped twigs, gauzy cotton fabrics, sea shells woven on twine….

  • Your new table looks great! I really like the colour and texture of this wood…
    When it comes to lightning you have chosen… it is very stylish and goes well with metal chairs. I personally prefer diffused light, naked bulbs always hurt my eyes… but this is just me. I think it’s cool the lamp is so long, it has very nice proportions.

  • paulap says:

    love, love the dining table! we saw it the other day and my husband said he wished we got that one instead. ha.

  • Mon, I love this table and especially the shade of wood. Its so nice and bright there too. Im coming over! xoxo

  • Eddie Ross says:

    Love that table!!!
    It will be so perfect for a large dinner with friends and family!
    Happy Thursday,

  • Stacey says:

    The table has such presence! Love it! I’d say keep looking if you’re not sold on the lighting. I know whatever you choose will look fabulous! XX

  • I love the table Monika! Simple, tasteful and classic! I have a hard time finding light fixtures in our home…..so I can’t give you much advice there. But, I know with your fantastic style that you’ll pick the perfect one to complement your home.

    p.s. Paula looks so cute in those boots!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. I, on the other hand, have Italian classes, cooking, cleaning and shopping – YAY!

  • Hey Mon – love the table! I would be a bit worried about the light fixture, however. I like that it’s not the expected lantern, but it might feel dated fairly quickly too. I do like those lightbulbs, however!

  • Hello my dear friend,

    Well, I love your choice of table—I think it’s the perfect solution and seems so ideal in your space… I admit, I adore your chairs. Are you planning on moving them all out? Or adding in some of the metal ones. (They are great, too!) Your home looks so inviting :)

    I think that the light fixture will be perfect, too. It’s so light and airy in comparison to the table—a great look.

    And Paula looks adorable in the boots—that is the perfect color for her…

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Monika—I have an email headed your way soon :)


  • carole says:

    Absolutely get the light fitting Mon. It will go perfectly with the tolix chairs. The table looks amazing.
    I take it my dinner invitation is in the post? :-)
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  • Phoebe says:

    Love your table (and love your blog! it’s one of my favorites) I think the light fixture is amazing! Or…what about a series of Tom Dixon pendant lights (mainly bc I’m dying for them myself but don’t have a place to put them right now). But something like this: http://www.tomdixon.net/projects/kosushi-restaurant

  • Great call on the table. It looks amazing. I think you made the right choice with the chairs as well (the Panton would not have worked.) I think the light fixture is OK but I would love to see what other options you might consider as well!

  • Hi Monika!
    I have been thinking of you!!!!! I was thinking you must be selling a bizillion adorable boots with this winter weather!!!!!!!Love your new table, very much and the choice of the lignt fixture is operfect with it. Love the chairs too. Good taste continues…….Maryanne xo

  • Charlotta says:

    Hello sis,
    Sorry for my absence.. This week has been a tad too much in every sense. Am back now.

    The table looks fantastic. I think you did the right choice. x
    The lamp.. It’s beautiful but so hard to say whether it is right for the space. My immediate thought is that it is timeless and understated, so I don’t think you’ll tire of it. In fact if anything, it balances the industrial look of the Tolix.
    That said, I know you are a girl who likes ‘curves and soft lines’ and my mind was cast back to that divine spherical lamp you showed us a while back.. But I trust your style to 100% and know that what ever you choose in the end will be fantastic.

    Can’t wait to hear..

    xx C

  • erin says:

    I bought this table a while ago. I bought the benches as well. The end tables are the Bertoia mesh metal chairs. I love this table because you can style it so many ways. You can find it on my blog. I can’t wait to read more of yours :)


  • Janell Beals says:

    Love love love your table! I saw it a while back in the store and thought about you! Great pick…Janell

  • kiki alvord says:

    Hej och HÅ!!!
    Gud, vilket UR snyggt bord!!!!!!!! Kan du skicka mig ett på studs!!! :)Det är inte bara snyggt i formen utan även färgen helt fanstastiskt. Vilket kap!!! Grattis!
    Lampan är tuff men lite kal kanske? Ger den ett mysljus till den mörka julen när ni sitter och pysslar vid bordet eller behöver du ett mer fokuserat ljus som vid läxläsning som nästa alltid sker där mamma är. Själv har jag en Josef Franks lampa du vet i Carl Larssons stil, men jag är ju en romantiker uti fingerspetsarna.
    Stolen jag den är tuff och håller nog att klättras på,men välter den inte lätt? Tänker på Prinsen din!!!
    Kram kiki

  • sherry says:

    The table is awesome and the mix of chairs. My 2 cents would be to go a tad softer with the chandelier….or maybe 2 lanterns…..lots of straight edges in kitchens so I like adding something rounder…does that make sense?

  • Julie at BV says:

    Dear Monika,

    It’s amazing how similar my kitchen table is to yours. It looks great my friend.

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