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So what about the notion that Swedish women are so beautiful. Is it really true? I certainly think so (perhaps that is why I had to move abroad. Ha!). As a generalization, Swedish women are healthy, fit, young looking, equipped with good skin and into natural beauty (and yes you will find more blond, blue eyed and tall women in Scandinvia than in many other parts of the world). Swedes like to look fresh and to keep it natural. (Aging is beautiful, people!)

The top model Emma Wiklund personifies Swedish beauty to me. She is 42, which is hardly considered old age in Sweden, where 70 year olds look 20 years younger. (It is all those power walks, long vacations (6 weeks/year is the law!), the love connection with Mother Nature, healthy diets and lots of fish oil!). Emma is not only stunning she is also famous for her always upbeat and friendly attitude (the key for true beauty). This busy mother of two recently launched her first skincare line. I look forward to checking in out on my next trip to Stockholm. I find this girl so inspirational!

When it comes to fashion, Sweden acoounts for a whole slew of fashion designers who do very well on the international scene. (For a country of only 9 million + people, Sweden keeps winning a surprising number of prestigious international awards for both fashion and gastronomy). The fashion style is more young looking and relaxed. Simple, uncomplicated cuts and good materials. Understated chic. And a lot of natural colors. (No surprise there!). Here are a few of the leading Swedish fashion brands.

Odd Molly

Filippa K.


(I want that Japanese cut sweater. In light blue).


Acne (famous for its very trendy denim).

Recently, I had fun putting together a couple of fashion boards for the Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen which I sell in my own store (Splendid Willow Avenue). I have to pinch myself every day that I get to work and have fun with such a great brand! (And I am also a lucky owner of that Odd Molly dress).

Stylish In The Rain

Stylish In The Rain by SplendidWillow featuring knit shawls

MURUA High Waist Army Shorts
$67 – maruione.jp
Army shorts »

Love Quotes Eyelash Scarf in Caviar
$86 – shopzoeonline.com
Knit shawls »

Animal Print Border Birdcage
20 GBP – houseoffraser.co.uk
Umbrellas »

Ilse Jacobsen
$179 – splendidwillow.com


I am very proud to be a  Scandinavian!  (Even though I am a petite gal with dark hair and green eyes and hardly any legs to write home about…). Warm hugs to you all.


Message for Pernilla: Pernilla Dear — you are the inspiration for this post. Thank you so much for the Swedish magazines. What  a nice surprise. I miss you TONS! And little Ville misses his girlfriend. Enjoy the snow in Stockholm!

Images: No. 1 + 3 via Damernas Varld. no. 2 via Ecco, no. 4 via Gorseller, no. 5 via Le Web Pedagogique.
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  • Greet says:

    Hi Mon,
    Oh yes Emma is beautiful!! And very natural looking!
    To me Swedish people are very beautiful and they look so young and healthy!
    And you know I have a few clothes of Filippa K in my closet! I love the design of these pants! They are so well fitting!!
    Have a wonderful week my dear!!!

  • Charlotta says:

    Yes I too am SO proud to be Scandinavian!
    There is so much in our part of the world that I rank highly, including the amazing natural beauties like Emma.
    Ever since those fab ‘milk posters’ where Emma sported a ‘milk mustache’ I have been a fan of this goddess. For years I enjoyed her fun & honest column in my fave Swedish parenting magazine ‘Mama’.

    Stor kram till dig. Vantar angsligt att fa hora hur allt gick med dig..

    Charlotta xx

  • what a wonderful and beautiful heritage you have! such a lovely model of health and beauty at 42…there is hope yet!

  • Style Attic says:

    She is stunning! I am being schooled in the beauty of Scandinavia by you and Charlotta :) That Old Molly top is just precious. I also am loving what you are so proud of! Have a great start to the week XOXO

  • Gorgeous! She does not look like she’s 42 at all…I’m sure there’s such a confidence and classy sophistication that comes with being in your 40’s. I know for me, being 33 I definitely feel a power that I didn’t have in my 20’s. Hope you enjoy your day today, Mon!

  • Carole says:

    I’m with you on that blue sweater Mon. It’s just perfect. And so is Emma, she looks amazing.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Lots of Love,

  • Ann says:

    She’s gorgeous. It’s so unfair! Whenever I see Swedish women, I have skin envy. Funny thing is the two sweds I know that are men have dark hair. I’m drooling over that cream outfit. It’s very me.

  • So gorgeous and I love your boot inspired styleboards-fabulous! xo

  • natural beauty with a big smile. i like this. I have 2 clothes of Filippa K too…I think like Julie – being 35 I definitely feel a power that I didn’t have in my 20?s. Hugs to you, Mon
    p.s.: I love your boot inspired boards – cool and stylish

  • So gorgeous! Sounds weird but I could just sit and stare at her. Lovely job on your fashion boards too. You are so talented. How is the store going? Great, I expect. Have a great week.

  • liza says:

    Look at the Acne outfit. Wow! I also LOVE the second fashion board. Emma Wiklund is lovely. So are you! I’m off to take my fish oil!!

  • Emma says:

    I can’t believe she is 42 – stunning. I think I need to add some fish oil to my diet!

  • Delishhh says:

    What a great post. You know only 30% of Swedes are blond right? I looked that up long time ago when i always got the question of i don’t “look” Swedish with my brown hair and blue eyes.

    I miss my Filippa K but most of all i miss Swedish candy :) That is another thing that surprises folks when they get to Sweden. My husband said there is a candy store on every corner.

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    I LOVE this!! yes 42 is young in Sweden and should be anywhere! Odd Molly Filippa K all are great. I need to hop over to your site and by those amazing rainboots!! Think I’ll put on my Facebook page-they’re the best I’ve seen.

  • emma is gorgeous! love your taste…i could use some swedish style in my closet

  • HI Monika!
    I am so proud and excited for you that your shop is going so well!You have some wonderful designs there and I know it will be a great spring for you!!!!! I love Flippia K too, hard to find here so good to find a new source!!!!Maryanne xo

  • I forgot to mention that Emma is gorgeous and it makes me want to go out and spend $$$$ on more stuff for my face. AND love the Odd Molly Dress……VERY cute! MA

  • Gorgeous!
    {thanks for stopping by today}

  • Beautiful Mon! I told you everything Scandinavian is wonderful and every woman is stunning-going to double up on my fish oil :)

  • designchic says:

    She’s stunning…lov the filippa k. outfit!!

  • She is beautiful, as are you! You need the Japanese sweater.

    P.S. Your cell phone must not be working. I left you a message last week and sent a text today. Did you get either of them? Call me!

  • michele says:

    i adore this splendid post, Mon!

    profiling models over 40 is a FABULOUS notion. and dude! the ruching on that Dagmar skirt is killer.

    i am a Swedish poser: blue-eyed natural blonde raised by blonde parents who adore everything Scandanavian. i love your taste!


  • Pernilla says:

    Hello my friend!

    I am glad you liked the magazines – miss u tons as well!
    I just want to ad in one designer that is just wonderful and recently won the Elle´s designers price. Have a look: http://www.rodebjer.com/.


  • oh such a beautiful post darling Mon! Emma Wiklund is gorgeous. I love the clothing too! I think today my post is pretty Scandinavian (white color!) warm hugs! xo

  • Lana says:

    Ah she is beautiful and so natural looking. Love your little outfits you put together Mon, you Scandinavians are just born stylish!:) xx

  • Liz says:

    Love the post and it made me very envious of Swedish women everywhere!

  • Piper says:

    They’re all stunning – natural looking and confident – love it!! And btw…adore that last style collage…must have that outfit :)

  • Janell Beals says:

    I got a kick out of your comment about why you moved away from Sweden…so much gorgeousness here, wow.

  • I was going along with the whole theme here, noting how beautiful Emma was, and nodding, yes, that is how I think of Swedish girls {including my cousins and other assorted relatives in Sweden} as being impossibly tall, blonde and blue eyed.

    And then you had me in stitches with your last little line. What a cracker you are!

    Well you may not be the classic blonde, but you are just as stylish as the most stylish of them all.

    Hugs from Melbourne!

  • wow – great style!!! i love stylish in the rain!

  • Hi Mon, she is stunning and you are a doll. Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll. It’s been so much fun following you and getting to know your blog. I have added your blog to mine too. Have a lovely day! xo, Casey

  • There’s not debate. Scandinavian women are beautiful! And I’m the total opposite! :-))
    You’re making me envious sweetie!

    p.s. I love the dagmar sweater too! So stunning!


  • oops. typo…I meant “There’s no debate.” My bad. .-)

  • These women are just beautiful! As are the fashion pieces—I adore so many of these brands, and would love to get my hands on them one day… sadly, I have not seen one line live! I adore the Flippa K. and Acne images, as well as the second outfit put together—beautiful with the boots! Delightful*

    Thinking of you, xoxo,

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