Brilliant Idea For Saving Childrens’ Artwork

I think most parents at some point will ask themselves “what do we do with all those art masterpieces our little ones so happily shower us with?” Keep, throw away, keep some, frame, use as fire wood, send to Grandma??? And multiply those drawings/paintings by (in my case) three children x 16 years+ and you will need an entire room dedicated to kids’ art.

My close friend Bianca sent me this art solution, yesterday — and I think that it is absolutely brilliant!

New York City-based designer Jan Eleni, creates gallery-worthy custom collages using images of your child’s artwork. She takes good detailed photographs of all the art pieces and has them re-sized, cut and professionally framed behind glass. (Miniature artworks).

One of those frames in my house and all young family members will feel equally important and loved! I think this is worth trying myself. “There you have it kids – 112 of your own adorable artworks, museum style. And as parents we could not be any more proud.”

Images: No. 1 via Steve Jerman, no. 2 via Remodelista.
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