William’s Bedroom Makeover Part II – Chosing Wall Color

The exercise continues. Thank you for all your help finding great (and inexpensive) sources for window treatments. See earlier post here. I am now glad I started that process first. Because, just as I anticipated, this might take a while and I will be working on this simultaneous with everything else for the room. I am now down to two window treatment options and I hope to share them with you next week.

I have also (kind of) decided on the look I am going for. And of course I can’t help going back to my Swedish roots. (Be prepared for many twists and turns before this room is baked).

I live in Seattle and just like in Sweden it gets gray and dark for months at a time. A light room is an absolute must. I also don’t want too busy a room. I want it to have a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. I want a room which promotes long deep thoughts. Does that make sense?

And there will be no theme, people (nautical, jungle etc.) ! I want William’s room to be personal and filled with things we collect and enjoy.

This room keeps coming back into my head all the time. It has the feel I am looking for and I love the colors and the wall map. (Sorry I don’t have a larger image).

I know I can always trust me readers and blog friends to help me along. Wonderful & talented Greet gathered a bunch of lovely images for me. She always finds the best.

Roman shades – yes! That is what I am going for (with blackout lining).

Greet knows my style well and no surprise that the floor pillow and and the colors in this room are so close to the key elements in William’s room! (You will see further down).

And wonderful & witty (!) Leigha sent me this image of a room belonging to “Otto”. No theme here – just personality!

Wall color is now on the agenda. Here are some key elements in the room that will help in the color decision process.

In William’s room we have this beautiful red cabinet were we store a lot of clothes and toys. The doors are actually antique doors from Mexico around which a new cabinet was built. It is such a happy color and the piece is very sturdy.

The striped headboard and bedskirt will be handed down from one of his sisters (he will get a brand new mattress). I love slipcovered headboards. Easy to clean and so comfy when reading. I think the colors will be perfect for his room.

The white washed floors set a very Scandinacian tone, don’t you think? And they are going nowhere.

Remember these antique star charts that I bought on E-bay for a song and had framed? They are finally moving into William’s room.

 I am thinking about getting a large wall map as well. My good friend Janell painted her own wall map in her boy’s room. (Here). I am not that talented so I will have to settle for something ready made. National Geographics has several nice large wall maps but the one I like the most is this map from Ikea (Yep!). I like the size and the colors.

So with all these elements in mind, which wall color should I chose? I see four different candidates but feel free to jump in with your thoughts & suggestions.

1) A creme color (just like image no. 1 with the wall map). Works with all the pieces in the room.

2)A dijon mustard color (not bright yellow but a little bit more rustic and masculine). A good contrast color and it even works with the red cabinet.

3) White. Just because I am from Sweden! (And because in our rather large house we don’t have one single white wall! It is time.)

4) A very light blue color. Gray/blue. Could be nice.

5) Beige is NOT an option! (There was a lot of beige here when we moved in 5 years ago).

What do you think? Give me something to ponder over this weekend.

Next week I am going to start looking at bed lamps and bed linen and to make a decision on the window treatments. The weekend after that my hubby gets to paint the room. (He is actually very good, takes the job seriously and gets the edges perfectly straight!).

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  • Mia says:

    Hi Mon, I’m looking forward to see the results because I know it will be super nice. A lot of decisions to make though … Since I’m Swedish I love a white base and work with coloured details, but sometimes it’s also boring.

    Hoppas allt är bra!
    Stor kram

  • Greet says:

    Go for white my friend!

  • Maybe some green tones with white? I have a hard time picking out paint colors, although I’m an awesome painter!

    Julie xo

  • I vote blue-grey from your list, but have been working on one of my boy’s rooms and just painted it pale green which I like. Can’t wait to see!

  • Sandy Henderson says:

    I vote for the dijon mustard color (although I always lean towards warmer hues). I’m sure whatever you use will look awesome. Enjoy your blog.

  • I vote creamy white, maybe with Blue-gray accents. Maybe on the doors, window sash, and ceiling? Just an idea. I love Sherwin Williams Creamy SW7012 and Ben Moore White Dove – Both are good “warm” whites that aren’t too yellow. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  • Trianna says:

    I vote creamy white, or very pale blueish white. To give the room some peace and brightness. I look forward to seeing what you go with.

  • Delishhh says:

    I vote #1 cream. I LOVE the first picture with the map on the wall. So dreamy. . .

  • Bianca says:

    I am still renovating my daughter Amelie’s room…. hum…. now I cannot wait to get started with Luca’s. :-) My fav is the first room and the second…. how lovely!

  • Marci says:

    I currently have all white walls which I love and was thinking about painting an accent wall but I saw in a design magazine where they painted the ceiling a grey/blue and it was gorgeous! My vote is white & blue/grey.

    Can’t wait to see it!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Thank you all for your input! You give me to courage to move forward.

    Marci, I love the idea with the painted ceiling. I think I might even adopt it! A light blue/gray. I like it!


  • Kari says:

    Hi Mon,

    I vote creamy white ala #1. Beautiful and soothing.

    What fun,


  • Sally Faulkner says:

    I am so glad I discovered your blog. I am wanting to turn my daughter’s old room into a guest room now that she has graduated college and is living away. I decided I wanted to have a Swedish feel as I have some Swedish heritage. I painted my own bedroom walls yellow and bought white furniture a few years ago to battle these grey Seattle winters. On a whim I replace my ceiling light with a chandelier and I love it!!! I’m anxiously watching your blog for ideas!!!!

  • I vote white. I don’t think the creme will look as fresh with the blue and white stripe bedding!

  • Mon, I think you would be very happy with white – and ANYTHING would then mix. I am in love with those star charts and might have to scout one out for myself. I remember the first time I saw yours…heaven (sorry, bad joke!)

    love, donna

  • It is going to look so great! I love the soothing colors in these inspiration photos. I cannot get over how cool those antique star charts are!

  • nice chatting with you earlier mon. really love the inspiration images and knowing you its going to turn out stunning. i think williams sisters are going to want their rooms as soon as you are done with his.

  • I vote for white, too. I’ve heard great things about Cloud White (OC-130) by Benjamin Moore. Love all your inspiration photos, Monika, and the pieces you already have… The room is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to see the end result.

    Happy 2011, dear friend. (In case I haven’t said so already!)

    much love,

  • Kimberly says:

    Grey blue or yellow (Dijon). You know me: what else would I choose?! “) I think either would look gorgeous with the floors, the furniture, the bed, and the look of your house in general. :)

  • kiki alvord says:

    Dear Mon!
    It was nice chatting with you yesterday all the way from the US of A.
    So here comes my Montessorit teachers advice to you!

    WARM WHITE ( there are 100s of white shades )clean and bright and one accent wall in a warm yellow, like a little sunshine shining in.
    Makes it look Swedish too!
    Having lived in Settle for 23 years I know what gray weather means to us Swedes!!!

    White is so smart, as little boys sometimes have the urge to paint and mess up the walls when MOM is not near. Just as an experience, not to be mean, just testing!
    Then it is so wonderful to be able to paint right over it and repair the “damage”, if it is not a Rembrant that suddenly was born in that room. No tears, no frustration from any parts.

    Kids LOVE colors but, certain colors seems to activate some centers of their brain more than others, so a neutral is safe.
    The accents should be his paintings and artwork and his toys, after all he is a little boy!

    Montessori materials are often very colorful and especially their maps and puzzles. When tired of them, glue them together and hang them up!
    I am not a big patriot, but get him s Swedish Flag and a Canadian and The Stars and Stripes in small sizes and hang them up in a fun way somewhere. Perhaps not all of them at once, but that way he also gets a lesson of countries. I love maps, go for it! Have fun!
    Hugs KIKI

  • Charlotta says:

    Hello love! Me again.. :)

    I agree with Donna on painting the walls white.
    It has been proven that white is the best colour for stimulating creativity and enhanceing productivity, and it does provide a nice neutral base for all the toys that inevitably will fill the corners.. :)

    How about a soft & creamy ‘near white’ that the natural light can bounce off?

    Love the idea of a painted ceiling or even a wall papered ceiling.. (I’ll see if I still have some of the images I have kept in this genre). Just be careful to not select a very dark or dense colour if the room is small, as this will shrink the space and absorb light.

    Maps! They are wonderful aren’t they!?! I love love love maps and globes. With Ville’s fascination with space, how about getting two or three old globes in various sizes and suspend them from the ceiling? Would tie in nicely with those gorgeous framed astro charts..

    What ever you do will be great, I know it. Can’t wait to see it all!

    xx C xx

  • Tina says:

    Hej rara Mon!
    Oj, här fanns mycket att ta igen och inspireras av:)!
    Make over-projekt är alltid lika spännande. Är helt och mer än så övertygad om att du vet vad som kommer att bli rätt till Williams rum. Du har ju ögat och talangen och kreativiteten och ja, allt som behövs för ännu ett fantastiskt lyckat resultat!
    Gillar verkligen bild nr 1 och röstar därför på krämig vit färg till väggarna och eftersom jag är utpräglad svensk i min smak så blir det naturligtvis även en röst på helvitt:)!
    Ljust blå/grå skulle säkert även det vara fint, men intrycket blir ju onekligen lite kallare, liksom den helvita. Tror med andra ord allra mest på den krämvita. Skapar en mjuk och inbjudande atmosfär!
    Kram på dig!

  • Leigha says:

    So glad you liked Otto’s room. I vote for white paint (based solely on your inspiration photos) and your Swedish-ness (smile).

    Have a gorgeous Thursday!


    Psst…sending you an email, too.

  • I’d go with white. China White by BM is one of my favorites! Can’t wait to see you today!!!

  • I vote white – will look great!

  • Style Attic says:

    Hi Mon,

    I bypassed all the comments and I have no idea what the general consensus is, but I am going to vote pale blue followed by white :) I love that you don’t have a theme. I didn’t for my boys either, and then as they have gotten older, they have chosen themes :) The whitewashed floors are amazing and I love, love that. Maps are timeless, classic, great colors and educational. Win, win and you’ve got a great space in the works dear!! XO

  • Franki Parde says:

    Hey! Just a quick thought…this IS a bedroom and IF you’re going with blackout shades it seems that white walls would be quite stark. I LOVE the Dijon look and it just “goes well” with those wonderful blue/white stripes, deep red armoire piece (which I lust after…) franki

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Ahh how nice and Swedish!! I don’t have a white wall either in my home. Really think I need one as well! However I think a nice mustard dijon color would complement the existing colors beautifully and still be Swedish enough.

  • I have had a challenge in my blog in which my readers have told what their favorite blogs are and you know what? Your blog is one of them!

    Look here for the list:

  • I’m giving an emphatic yes to white- definitely think it’s the best option- will work so nicely with the bedding and map and will make the gorgeous red armoir really stand out- I’d go for a true white with a warm undertone. I can’t wait to see the room all finished- quite sure it’s going to be utterly fabulouls!! And Ps, I hope everyone is feeling better in your neck of the woods- we’re still battling the plague on my end:(

  • lisasroy says:

    My vote would be for white but my second choice would be a pale blue/grey colour. I think either one would look fresh and gorgeous with your floors :)

  • I love the first photo. I love a white room, too. Happy New Year and congratulations on your store!

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