Help! My Boy Needs A Room Makeover!

Do you see the desperate plea? That is my 3 year old son, William, under that blanket. He is a lucky boy. He has is very own room. But as far as decor goes, he has hardly gotten the royal treatment. The wall color is the same as when his older sister had that room. He is still in a hand-me-down crib (!) poor boy. That is what you get for being child no. 3!  And the room lacks boy elements.

This used to be a nice mobile with 8 pretty paper birds. Something happened…

Poor William is making the best of his space by decorating with his own drawings….

Oh, and here is the lamp…

Prince William is a very happy and content boy (he is such a sweetheart!) and he is not complaining much. But I feel that it is time to give his room a little bit of a makeover and make it his very own special  & happy place. I am on a strict budget, though. No big splurges here. I will need your help to be creative with decor, style and budget. I am counting on you to help me get this right.

I am actually going to start with the window treatments because I have a feeling it might take a while before I find what I want and then actually have them installed (but I might be wrong).

Right now all that’s here is some plain white wooden shutters.

The window is rather large (bigger than it looks) with its 76″ width. I would love to install some roman shades, flat. Perhaps something with stripes? (And with black-out lining).

I have been lurking over at Smith & Noble lately but what I am looking at will set me back at least $550 + tax. Is that reasonable? Do you have any other shopping sites you recommend?

Next up: Wall color. I will equip myself with some color swatches over the weekend and trust that you will let me know what you think once I have them posted.

Happy weekend to you all!  I have slowly eased myself into blogging  again after a fun winter holiday. I hope to have even more energy next week!

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  • Greet says:

    I will search some pictures for you my friend!
    Oh William will be as a “king” now in his new room!
    What a handsome boy he is!

  • eastcoastmom says:

    Love the idea of big bold stripes on roman shades.

    For our kids room we painted just one wall, the rest is white. Our sons favorite color is orange, so his wall is a warm bright orange.

  • kiki alvord says:

    God fortsättning på de nya året till Er alla Claassons!!!

    Vänta tills du kommer hem och köp med dig en s.k. enklare modell av en Gustaviansk rullgardin från Åhlens i kraftig bomull. Finns i randigt, vitt och blått och svart och rött och beige och linne färg. De är ur enkla att sätt upp bara med 3 krokar snabbt och lätt och sedan rullar mea dem upp för hand och knyter en rosett eller vad man vill, med band sydda som i gardinens tyg. Den största kostar ngt runt 300 kr.
    Vi är helt insnöade här på Rocksta och på måndag ska vårt flyttlass komma HURRA!!! Ett år har jag väntat!!!
    kram kiki

  • Fiona says:

    I love striped Roman shades, and am going to do black and white for my daughter’s room. I am either going to hire someone to make them (MUCH cheaper than S&N) and I may even attempt one myself, since I found cheap fabric and I can afford to screw up!


    LOVE that room with the green striped roman shades you pictured!

  • Susannah says:

    I got my custome roman shades through JC Penney and was very happy. Of course they aren’t as fantastico as Smith and Noble, etc but the price was great and they came quickly!

  • Marci says:

    I just am starting to work on my twin boys’ room, so it’s nice to be on the same page as someone. I’m curious to see what you will choose.

    I’ve always done better having a seamstress make my window treatments rather than buy ready made or “custom” from a large company. I would expect to pay about 1/2 the S&N quote. I would definitely price someone locally before ordering.

    Oddly enough, my boys have a 72″ window in their room, and I too am using window treatments as a jumping off point. I think I’m going to try the pelment boxes via “Little Green Notebook”. My windows already have plantation shutters on them, so I don’t need privacy and light control.

    Keep the updates coming!

  • Bianca says:

    I ordered Smith and Noble Roman Shades in Bamboo/Grass, especially for the boys rooms… not the usual Blue or Brown, but a neutral enough color so you can have fun with the walls.
    Now that I am looking at the pictures again, I would leave the white shutters…. they are so neutral and great! Start with the wall color… and then you can still change your mind with the window treatment later…

  • I absolutely love those wide stripe Roman Shades in bold colors. Such a fun, yet wise choice to take this room through years of other decor changes as he grows. I wish I had an inexpensive option for you. We have primarily done custom shades. Since I’ve started blogging it is opening up an entire new world of resources for us. We have never ordered things off the internet for clients. We were too afraid of the quality. Little Rock doesn’t have a ton of resources either so we have been forced to do a lot of custom work, which makes for a great job but unfortunately costs more. I’ll be following to see what resources your readers come up with. This will be fun.

  • Janell Beals says:

    I’ve used Smith + Noble before, good results. I’ve also used Calico Corners, ended up to be the more expensive option. Here is a online resource, though haven’t used them:

    This is going to be a FUN project to work on, enjoy!!

  • Sharmin says:

    Your son is adorable!!! I think his pictures are worth keeping up…they would look great in frames. I’d also frame the two pictures you posted (yes, the one w/the hand and fox too – so cute!). $550 seems like a lot of money for a window treatment…especially if you’re on a budget. Can you paint the shutters you have in his favorite color? Curtains would be a LOT less expensive – you can either make them yourself with fabric you love, or buy some. There are probably “how-to” instructions for roman shades online if you Google them. You may be able to make one yourself for a small fraction of the price you saw them for.

    Here’s another idea…being that William likes to draw, why don’t you paint a wall in chalkboard paint and give him a big bucket of colored chalk?

    Good luck!

  • Laura says:

    Hi Monika,

    This might be too long to leave in the comment box but you can do a roman shade for less than Smith and Noble.
    Ask your friends if they know someone who makes window treatments inexpensively. Someone should be able to do it for $150.
    If you buy 3-4 yards of inexpensive fabric (depends on window size) and liner I think you can keep it under $225-$250.
    When you call around to ask some prices give the window dimensions. They should be able to come to your house and measure for free.

    You can get heavy liner for around $8-$12 a yard and you don’t need much.

    Hope this helps.

  • Becky says:

    I’m so excited for your little man! If you go onto Etsy, there are some great people that do custom shades, which you can even send your own fabric for them to use if you’de like. They’re really great priced as well. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  • Delishhh says:

    What a fun post! Your definilty need to give prince William a new room. I actually love the chalkboard idea for the wall so he can draw all day long – here is the picture of it: http://isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com/2010/05/big-boys-bedroom-complete.html

    I guess you use – Chalkboard Paint: Benjamin Moore

    Good luck!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Thank you all for your suggestions:

    Delishhh and Sharmine: A chalkboard is already part of the plan. That project landed on hubby’s desk!

    Becky: I will definitely explore Etsy.

    Mona + Bianca: I know that I can count on you for good advice.

    Laura + Janell: Thank you for the tips!

    Marci: Let’s compare notes!

    Susannah and Fiona: Thank you!

    Kiki: I wish Sweden was closer!

  • CyndiK says:

    Hello- He’s a lovely, lovely fellow! I had one of those…now mines a handsome fourteen!
    A roman shade can be quite heavy, and doesn’t allow options for filtering light….it’s either up or down. Because the window is large, it will be difficult for your little guy to maneuver for quite a while….and it would be nice for him to be able to control the light and view in his own room. Wood shutters would be ideal for this, but are expensive. One idea is to keep the blinds but take them down and tape-off vertical wide stripes on the slats and paint stripes. If you plan on getting rid of the blinds anyway, you have nothing to lose. And / or you can add a valance (something modern and boyish with texture) to soften and add interest to the window. The advantage of your current blinds is that he can easily open and close them with a long enough tilt rod – to truly be the master of his domain.
    Also, I think you’ve gotten ahead of yourself in jumping to the window treatment and wall color….define your inspiration for the room first…from a piece of art, something in his room you want to expand on….or whatever- then the specific room choices can be driven and unified toward getting that look.
    Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents. : ) Just found your blog…love the “mommy zone” blue dresser, your father’s lamp and the art behind it!

    Splendid Willow Reply:

    Cyndi, thank you for visiting! And thank you for your suggestions! I actually have the bedlinen as the starting point. I should have probably mentioned that! There are some art piece and a red armoire in his room right now — and they already work well together with the linen. I will show them when I start picking the wall color.

    But finding the right window treatments I find HARD!


  • CyndiK says:

    Oh, yes…show your starting off pieces in the room….glad it’s not the lonely bird and broken lamp. : )
    In my little guy’s room at this age, we added a 14 inch deep shelf hung about 2 feet from the floor (his waist- level)along an entire wall….baskets and wood crates on wheels tucked under the shelf for toy storage, and the shelf gave him a long desk-like area for his legos and puzzles, and his bulliton boards and art hung behind the shelf at HIS eye level. It was simple but worked really well.
    I tend to think of function first, then move on to the decorating.
    BTW, followed you over here from Houzz. Thanks for inspriation photos, both here and there!

  • Kari says:

    Hi Mon,

    William is DARLING! What a fun project. Try The Shade Store, they have some fun Dwell Fabrics, great customer service, and trade pricing. I actually have had better experiences with them than S&N…

    I think you should frame William’s art. I bet Target has some great frames, maybe in white that would be so charming.

    Can’t wait to see what color the walls will be!

    Happy New Year!

  • Forget the decorating, find an agent for your son…he’s the next Brad Pitt!!!!


  • Hi Mon! This looks like a fun project!! I have been loving charcoal, white, and orange/yellow/or red for kids room! It can be so sophisticated! Can you find an inexpensive neutral roman shade (Maybe even look at Target?) and use fabric paint to create the stripes? Just an idea. Let me know if you need any help!

  • liza says:

    Fun! Everyone has such good ideas. Your little one is adorable. I can’t wait to see how it comes along!

  • LiveLikeYou says:

    Your son is adorable!!! I’m in the midst of redoing my son’s room. He is 9 but his walls are soft green and the room was never finished. He is so thrilled to be involved with all the design decisions. H can’t wait for it all to be done. I was going to do bold white and black stripe roman shades but we have now settled on giant zigzag black and white shades. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • lisasroy says:

    Poor thing – I can’t believe he’s been living in such squalor! ; )
    Alissa at 33 Shades of Green blog just posted a tutorial on how to make a roman shade if you are at all handy or want to give it a try.
    I love the wide stripe idea! Can’t wait to see what colours you’re thinking :) Have a great weekend!

  • Julie at BV says:

    No no no, the handsome Prince William deserves a room just as beautiful. I vote for the stripe shades. I know you’ll do a great job. In Lucas’ room I wallpapered one wall with seagrass wallpaper and I love it because he’s starting to hang his art wall on it.

  • Julie at BV says:


    I forgot to add that sometimes custom shades are a lot more affordable.

  • liz morten says:

    Lisa at Hamptontoes has a wonderful boys room. Run over and take a look. If you like the flag motif, we have a fun Regatta Chair in our shop that would be great in a boys room.

  • Gina says:

    Happy New Year Mon!

    Finally back on track – we had a week of skiing then a week of a sick family home from vacation…

    For your son’s room look at Country Curtains – roman shades. They are very well priced for the quality. I bought them in white for every room of my beach house. Here is the link for Country Curtains:


    Hope all is well.


  • Wow! sounds like a fun new project!

    What a lucky and adorable boy you have.

  • I have just given you the Stylish Blogger Award!

  • Eddie Ross says:

    Stopping in to say happy new year and best of luck as you start a room makeover!

  • That sems like a fantastic challenge! The last, inspirational photo seems perfect to me :)

  • This is such a sweet and lovely post Monika! Your boy is adorable. I love that his drawings are all over the wall. I see that someone suggested a chalkboard wall and I completely agree. I’ve already got one in my kitchen and one in my office – I absolutely love them and it’s great for creative inspiration.

    I wish I had some advice, but I always seem to be struggling with window treatments here too. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. I look forward to seeing what you do with the room!
    Have a great week sweetie!

  • Stacey says:

    Love everything about that last pic! Have you thought about checking out your local stores? You could possibly bring your inspiration piece and find out how much it would cost for something similar to be made? You’d be amazed at the talent that’s hidden in your community for far less than Smith and Noble. Worth a look into, no?…XX

  • Hi Mon-

    I have found Smith and Noble to be reasonable and they have a program for designers Smith and Noble Pro; I have an account if you decide to go that route or with a resale number very easy to set up and you get a designer discount….i adore that room with the map in it and the green stripes…i have it stored on my desktop–xocc

  • Leigha says:

    Happy New Year!

    I cannot help you with the window treatments, but here’s a lovely little boy’s room for inspiration (scroll toward the bottom, his name “Otto” is on the wall).


    Hope you had fun camping – how adventurous…and cold.


  • Look at that gorgeous boy! He’s a doll! You may remember I tormented myself about window treatments for nearly a year and in the end I got roman shades from the Shade Store. They will set you back (from my research, I think prices are comparable to Smith and Noble) but in the end it was a question of quality. I’m happy with mine – let me know if you have any questions about them. And be glad you’re only doing one room! I had to do the entire 2nd floor – I’m not finished yet!

  • Charlotta says:

    Just look at Prince William and that gorgeous Fox! Love it!!

    I am so agreeing with you when you say you want to avoid a ‘theme’ for his room. Having worked with childrens’ rooms and environments for some time now I speak from experience when I say it is hard not to take a theme too far. Too ‘matchy-matchy’ never works in my book – especially not when it comes to children.
    Instead a room that allows the children’s imagination and creativity to shine through often work best.

    A room that ‘provokes deep thoughts’ is a wonderful core objective for this make-over journey!

    I am gathering ideas and will email you these separately.

    Puss hej leverpastej!

    P.S. Loving the green/white striped blind.. There we have it again – bold stripes. Can’t stop loving them!
    The train tracks remind me of when Oscar was little. He was OBSESSED (!) with trains and we were constantly constructing snake-like tracks and imaginary worlds like this.. Good times! :)

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