The Perfect Gift – For Me!

Have you started to put together a list for all your holiday shopping yet? We tend to go pretty low key at our house. Just a few gifts are for the kids and the closest family and friends. I am browsing for perfect gift ideas and will share as I go along. Today I am showing you what I would like for myself! Selfish, perhaps. But trust me, I have everything I want and don’t need or wish for more stuff. If anything I want less. But for the first time if my husband asks what I want (and he will!) — I can actually give him an answer!

For a long time I have been talking about getting serious about starting my collection of white pottery. I have a few nice pieces spread over the house but I would like to add to it. And I would also like to have the objects on display in one area. So, this is what I am wishing for:

To kick-start my white pottery collection for real and to, eventually, have it displayed like this.

Oh My! This is so me! (I almost fainted when I first discovered it over at the lovely Marcus Design). The old cabinet with the edgy, unexpected purple backdrop. And a collection of white, sentimental treasures. (A collection should be personal and filled with memories. Each and every piece should have a story to tell).

I have always loved Jonathan Adler’s Dora Maar vase. (It comes in several sizes). And some of you might recall that I used his Dora Maar candle as a giveaway last December. I can’t believe that the very same vase is staring at me from the cabinet. It is a sign! The perfect piece of white pottery to kick-start the collection and also of sentimental value from my wonderful blog days. (Thanks to you all!)

There you have it. I focused on myself for 15 minutes. I am so done with me and now can focus all my energy and attention on everyone else. And that is when the real fun begins!

Happy new week friends!


Image no. 1 via The Craft Pantry.
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  • Tina says:

    Hi Mon!
    Love the idea of starting your very own personal collection of white pottery! Looks beautiful!
    I feel inspired by you and would love to do something like this for myself! Wouldn´t know what type of collection it would be just yet, but really think I would be enjoying finding new things to add to it, like a hobby!

    Wishing you a great start this week as well!

    Kramar från ett vintervitt Sverige:)!

  • Will says:

    Starting your own collection of white pottery sounds like a grand idea, Mon! Especially in a cabinet like you’ve shown here…gorgeous.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and that it’s not tooooo cold with you – freeeezing here! Coldest November on record!


  • Will says:

    Hi Mon!

    Starting your own collection of white pottery sounds like a grand idea, Mon! Especially in a cabinet like you’ve shown here…gorgeous.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and that it’s not tooooo cold with you – freeeezing here! Coldest November on record!


  • joanny says:

    Lovely white pottery, The cabinet looks like Eastlake? I have a few different Eastlake pieces of furniture, love the patina,

    The purple backdrop cloth is a great idea, I never thought of using solid colored fabric especially with some of these antiques pieces it isn’t wise to paint them.

    Have to give it a try,,,, merci


  • Greet says:

    Hi Mon,
    The Dora Maar vase is very pretty!!I really hope your husband will find it for you! The collection of white pottery is just gorgeous! I started to collect celadon colored pottery a few months ago and when visiting the castle of Axel Vervoordt this weekend, I saw a huge collection of wonderful celadon chinese pottery!! Very old of course and ooohhhh soooooo expensive!! Unfortunately not for my wallet.
    I need to start my list of presents to buy urgently!! And as you say “now the fun begins”!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  • nannykim says:

    I love white dishes and white pitchers–I am always saddened by my loss of white dishes I had collected as a teen. This was the first set I used when I was married. They got destroyed by a new set of knives later in life. Someday I shall get another complete set….I HOPE!!

  • Franki Parde says:

    OMG! There it is…”the sign!” I, too, prescribe to “the sign.” Love it. franki

  • Hi! I sent you an email today…You won the Anthropology Giveaway!! I’m putting it up on the site now:) Yay…just email me your address when you get a second!

    Julie xo

  • Delishhh says:

    Love it. So nice with the purple backdrop too. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  • Emma says:

    I love collections of any kind. Everything always looks better en masse. I hope your Christmas wish comes true!

  • Happy Holidays, Monika! Love the white pottery against a colored backdrop {especially purple}! Wishing you get this gift — it certainly speaks to your exquisite taste!

    Have a great week!


  • Thank you for the linky-love Monika, you are a sweetie :) I think this cabinet and everything about it is absolutely swoon worthy! The purple backdrop and the white accessories take it to the next level. I hope that Santa is reading your post! :)
    Hugs to you,
    Nancy xo

  • Dear Mon,
    I really hope Santa (or at least your husband :-) will read your wish list. Dora Maar vase is a dream. I would love to have a giant one for 550 USD. I read an interview of Jonathan Adler where he said that the fav items he has produced are the Dora Maar vase and the Banana sculpure. Some days ago I finished reading a book about Hans Coper. So at the moment I’m a little bit pottery addict :-) Hugs to you

  • Delishhh says:

    Monika – Come on over. I am doing a cookbook review and giveaway! :)

  • Leigha says:

    This can be on my Christmas list, too. I will also start with some Adler deliciousness…I am thinking the giraffe will be my first sculpture.


  • We have a gorgeous
    French armoire with
    carving at the top,
    similar to this piece,
    and I would just love
    to retrofit it with
    more shelves and turn
    it into a display unit.
    Lovely idea, Monika.
    xx Suzanne

  • Stacey says:

    A collection of white pottery sounds amazing! I especially love how the collection contrasts against the purple in the first pic. I sure hope Santa is reading this post and delivers your wish:-). Have a great week too! XX

  • Vicki Archer says:

    I too love white collections…this looks extra fabulous against that background…great choice, xv.

  • Lana says:

    That is a beautiful cabinet and so you! Maybe you should put in a few hints! Happy Christmas shopping and seasons blessings to you my sweet friend!x

  • Charlotta says:

    Yes, so YOU! I love it! Though I can’t see your lovely family giving up your beautiful cabinet for any collection other than the feast you present every Christmas..! :)

    xx C

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