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After a stressful week with sick kids and the whole bit, I intend to put my feet up this weekend and just relax. How I wish these rooms belonged to me. If you know me — you know my style. No words needed.

You also know my love for books. And how nervous I get if I don’t see books in a home. I love this room! And what an impact a black wall makes against all that white. Must try one day.

Before I sign off for the weekend, I just want to share 2 blog alerts with you. Attenzione!

I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurs (I have had a business myself) turning their dream into business (and I feel like a Mama bear for my friends). Here is another blog friend of mine who took the leap. The entertaining, smart and generous Sue with The Zhush just launched her first on-line store this week.


She is starting off small (or so she says!). Here you will find many lovely things for the home and yourself. I just purchased two friendship bling bracelets — one for me and one for a close girlfriend. I know that Sue is going to do very well. That is just part of who she is!

Lastly, I need to tell you about the most fantastic giveaway I have seen in blog land – EVER! And that is from no less than Joni with Cote De Texas. In my very early blog days (when I had zero, zip, nada followers), Joni took the time to both comment and send a couple of encouring e-mails to me. What a generous thing to do! I can’t say that I am part of Joni’s blog circle of friends, but I look up to her and that gesture I will never forget.

Back to Joni’s giveaway. And look closely. Joni with the brilliant company Julie Neill is giving away one of these two stunning chandeliers to a lucky winner this week.

The estimated retail price is around $3,800/each for these original, handmade pieces. Holy smoke! What a giveaway! A room that gets the company of one of these stunning pieces will only need a simple rug and a chair. That’s it. The chandelier makes the room. Go here to enter the giveaway.

With that I am signing off. Happy weekend to you all!


Images: 1) Greige, 2) DesignDarling, 3) Chandeliers via Cote De Texas.
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  • Charlotta says:

    Sweets, I had no idea the littles were sick again..! If only I lived near you so that I could cook, deliver and generally give you all the TLC a tired mother needs! Hang on in there my darling!

    The first picture is part of a house tour that I love, and you may remember that the horse photograph had me shaking at the knees with excitement. Still love this place and the ottoman – oh mon Dieu! I want one JUST like that one!!
    (..after the kids grow up..!)

    Zhushy Sue is a clever cookie isn’t she. I am SO proud of her for launching her store (dream!). AND to be able to keep it quiet from the blog community for so long. She’s a star!!

    Now I too am signing off, to hang with the gang in the sofa for a little while before I head off to bed. Though the Tonsillitis is gone, I am still on penicillin and am so exhausted..! Where is my energy??

    HUGS to you and the sick ones!
    xx sis

  • Lana says:

    Same Mon, hope you have a well deserved break this weekend and that your kids are back on their feet soon. Sending hugs your way x

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Wow, oj och mmmm ! Så mycket det finns att vilja ha.

    Hoppas att din helg blir skön, vilsam och kul !!


  • The Zhush says:

    Mon! :) First of all…warm, healthy, relaxing wishes to you and your family…secondly, these top two images are so amazing! And then to see my store, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much! Finally, I too can not get over the generosity of Joni’s giveaway….holy moly!
    Thanks again….rest up and happy weekend!

  • I adore that first image and could see myself relaxing there as well! The ceiling is great :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for sharing about the fab giveway!

  • Tina says:

    Gorgeous inspiration as always! I totally agree with Charlotta. That dark brown ottoman is amazing!
    Hope kids feel better soon!
    Happy relaxed weekend!

  • Giovanna says:

    That second room just makes me happy. I love to see books adorning the walls/shelves in a room and that black wall really pops in there.

  • oh hope you can have a well deserved relaxing time this weekend Mon! xo

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Have a splendid weekend, Monica. Your blog is so fun to follow! Very unique and personal.

  • lovely pictures, Mon! I love to see books…especially on a white bookshelf. Hope kids feel better soon. Sending hugs

  • Emma says:

    Hope the kids get better! Never any fun when the family is falling to bits around you! And that giveaway is amazing! WOW!

  • Sorry to hear your
    home has been under
    the weather, health-
    wise! LOVE that first
    image. Congrats to Sue!
    Happy {and healthy}
    weekend, Monika!
    xx Suzanne

  • love that second look–half nap area half library. Love it–have a great weekend!

  • Greet says:

    Hi my wonderful friend!I hope that your kids are ok now!! I do know that it is not funny if kids are sick!
    Mon, are we going to live together in that house with the beautiful sitting room on your 1st picture?!! I love it oh so much!!
    I am also a follower from the Zush! Very beautiful blog and a lovely blogger!
    And yes I have seen that fantastic give away at Cote de Texas!! Fantastic isn’t it!!! But I don’t think that there will be a chance the chandelier will be shipped all the way to Belgium!
    Have a nice healthy weekende my friend!

  • Hi Mon – hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. It’s been crazy and trying to catch up. Meanwhile, thanks for pointing out The Zhush’s new shop. I’ve added one of her items to my upcoming mag::E::zine holiday shopping guide!

  • Style Attic says:

    Hi Monika!

    I’m back!! One week is like a lifetime in blog world…everything changes at lightening speed :) It’s fun to catch up and I’m so glad I checked in with you.

    My throat is starting to ache a bit as well…I hope that’s all it does. Maybe if I stare at that 1st image a little longer I can healed :)

    Zhush is fab and it’s so exciting to see the movers and the shakers get out there and do their thing!

    I hung my print and will mention it on Monday. I’ve gotten many compliments and my 9 year old even laughed and said “That’s cute :)”



  • jONI WEBB says:

    I love that first picture soosoo much!

    thanks so much for the shoutout!!! You are too sweet. I am just getting ready to pick the winner out of a hat!

    Good luck!!!

  • Sorry to hear you and the family has been sick – no fun at all:( Love Zhush’s new store- so many great things and thank for the giveaway link – AMAZING!!!

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