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I have a serious design crush on this lady. It is a good thing we don’t live in the same city — or she would find me frequently on her door step. Emma is her name, and she resides in an old Victorian house in Toronto with her family. This is her street.

My Knock-Knock series is usually about homes I have personally visited but this time I am making an exception. I will pretend I already know this home! That is how much I like it — and her! I am glad that the blog world connected us and I so appreciate our virtual friendship. (Her wonderful blog is called The Marion House Book).

I love this home because it feels lived in. It is interesting and personal. It is not contrived and trendy in a phony way. It is current and yet unique. In my opinion, people with good self confidence (and style) live in this home!

Here is a brand new image of Emma’s living room. Her thoughtful Mom recently purchased that wonderful Suzani for her in Uzbekistan.

Another angle of the living room. She kept the tiles around the fireplace because they are original to the house. I like how she thinks. Pay attention to the black chandelier. Emma and her husband found it on the floor in the corner of a local furniture store. They bought it for close to nothing and did the electrical work themselves.

A wonderful kitchen for family and friends. And no predictable cookie cutter style.

Emma just updated her dining room with some black Eames chairs and a new light fixture. I love the oversized painting by Canadian painter, Tony Scherman (Napoleon’s hand), passed down to the family by Emma’s parents. The only wall big enough to hold the painting was this one above the sideboard. It clearly was meant to hang there!

When I ask Emma about her interior design style, she tells me:

“I like spaces with a sense of individuality. Rooms that tell us a story about the people who live there, which usually means mixing different elements together to create a unique space.”

A brand new image of the master bedroom.

A bathroom with dark gray walls. Works wonderfully with white of course and with natural light.

Oh, and this is what the bathroom looked like before!

This is how I first discovered Emma — when stumbling upon her post about her porch chair makeover. Apparently, while going for a walk, she came across these two chairs that were a bit beaten up and in need of some love. She gave them some paint and some new outdoor fabric. Look at that transformation! (I would have moved the chair into my living room!).

Do you understand now why I adore this girl?

Thank you Emma for sharing your wonderful  & relaxed home with us. And thank you for sharing some brand new images!

Happy new week to all my readers — let it be a good one!

All images via Emma & The Marion House Book.
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  • Such a lovely home!! And how fun to see these new pics, I love Emma’s blog and her taste is fabulous. Thank you for taking us on this fabulous home tour Monika!!
    Hugs to you xox

  • Charlotta says:

    No arguments from me!
    She has great style and what I love is that there is a sense of ‘spontaneity’ about it all – the twigs, flowers, potted herbs and all the other interchangeable detail.
    As Swedes, you will agree on the importance of that ‘earthy’ element. It’s such a lovely balance with the eclectic breeze that comes through in the Suzani, the rug under her dining table (Moroccan?), as well as the rock’n’roll silver radiators!
    Love it all and thank you for the link to yet another exciting and fun blog!

    Kramar fran Sydney dar det haglar och askar pa samma gang just nu..!! Herre Gud vad konstigt vadret ar!!

    xx C

    P.S. Glom inte att skicka ett snabbt email med fodelse orterna for dina barn!!

  • Anci says:

    Hej !
    Det är så kul att få titta in hos andra ! Jag kan förstå att du gillar henne. Jag tycker speciellt om förvandlingen av stolen. Wow !!


  • Will says:

    Goodness me, Mon, I love the mix of styles in her place. For me, the bedroom is a standout room with the brave use of charcoal-grey walls and dusky yellow bed frame. Delicious! Happy Monday to you. Will xo

  • Piper says:

    I love her blog!!! And her home is just absolutely gorgeous – that grey bedroom is to die for (my fave color combo – yellow & grey – sigh) Her home is so stylish but also warm & welcoming. Beautiful. Happy Monday, Mon!

  • Willow Decor says:

    Love this house. The fireplace and surround are beautiful and I love the baby!! Makes me wish mine were still little. I adore house tours and this one had such wonderful decorating ideas that are young but classsic and a bit edgy. Fun fun!!

  • Franki Parde says:

    House tours! They are a “wonderful thing!” franki

  • Urbanstems says:

    Thanks for the home tour. It is amazing. I see why you are liking her is fab, personal and confident. Sinead

  • Janell Beals says:

    This is some serious style…I see why you are a fan! Love the mix of new within the classic architecture, really dynamic! Janell

  • Carole says:

    Hi Mon, thank you for sharing Emma’s home with us. I love it so much.
    And btw I don’t believe you will be behind with Christmas preparations this year – you are so super creative and organised!!
    Emma. You are so right about that dark grey shade. The bathroom looks amazing. I will have to see if I can work it into my schemes at home – I feel a repaint of the dining room coming on.
    Love to you both. x

  • What a beautiful house! Thanks to you and Emma for sharing. It is a great eclectic mix of pieces, and put together with such charm. I adore her street as well.. would love to take an afternoon stroll anytime. Enjoy your week!

  • It is a great home. Clean & Serene, its a great space for a creative mind because no excess, no clutter!! Now to check out her blog.

  • Emma’s home is one of my absolute favourites- I adore the colour palate and those black paintings kill me – gorgeous! I am in Toronto and might have to knock on her door one day just to see the home’s beauty in person:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Emma says:

    Thanks Mon for having me! I’m really happy to be here. You’re much to kind! Any anytime your in Toronto please stop by for a visit. I’d love to have you!

  • Your comment about it looking real and not trendy and contrived is so true. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Delishhh says:

    Great post. Love the pictures, it gives me some great idea for my house. BTW this weekend our wall went down between the kitchen and the library. So excited, i looks great!

  • Jennifer says:


    This flat looks just like the one our friends on Garden St in Toronto had. They are very charming. I can certainly see how you enjoy her style.


  • Stacey says:

    I’m a big fan of Emma and her blog, so it was a treat to see her home featured here! XX

  • Mon, you know a good thing when you see it. so unique and fresh that space is. I love the color combination in the bedroom. the yellow bedding and the light wood bed add such a punch. everything is delicious. I can’t wait to check her blog out.

    thanks again for the look!


  • Yep yep love her style. Can I go knocking on her door with you? I am in love with the pic of her fireplace. And her son is adorable.
    Hope you are well hun. xoxo

  • Yep, I can see why you are stalking her! Gorgeous home.

  • loVe the light fixtures and i have the same stove!

  • Wow, amazing transformations! I love the dark charcoal wall in the bathroom and the shower curtain. The black and white chair is also fab. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, so glad to meet you! xx

  • Purple Area says:

    Beautiful, love the style!!

  • I am now officially in love with her too! Wow! What a house, and it features so many of my favorite elements, particularly the grey and black walls, just stunning! I love seeing real people’s homes and not just styled editorials. Thank you always for your kindness and support, Mon! XX!

  • Oh, wow..! I love LOVE love her style..! Beautiful. What a perfect balance of light and dark. Just gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction, Monika!


  • Tina says:

    Hej underbara Mon!
    Fantastic make over, who would have thought those chairs could look anything like that? Not me! Brilliant!
    I can see why you like this home so much, it has such personality. I love it too!
    The carpet in the dining room is a personal favourite, great mix of styles!
    Loved what you wrote when you stopped by the other day. ‘Always stay true to yourself’. OMG that quote really got me, gave me an AHA-moment and now means so much to me. I totally get what you mean by that and it´ll help me on my journey decorationg my own home. I know what´s right for me if I look inside, I can feel it and you made me so aware of it. Thank you so much!
    All my love to you!
    Kram Tina

  • Eddie Ross says:

    What a home! We love all of her color choices and combination’s!


  • Leigha says:

    What a tour! Every room is better than the last. The living room is just so great. Off to visit Emma.


  • Those bay windows are to die for! Have a lovely day my friend.

  • liza says:

    Monika- This one is fantastic. For all the reasons you say. It’s so personal, and it all works together so well. I love the bathroom (and the outdoor chair) transformation. Wow! Thanks for the introduction to Emma. I’m off to visit.

  • Kari says:


    Great home! First of all, I love that street. Can I be a neighbor? The interiors are cozy and I love those salvaged chairs. Great find!


  • Greet says:

    Oh the house is beautiful! I love that bedroom with the so cozy chair!!

  • I know exactly why you adore her, Mon! I do too….Emma is such a sweetheart & has such gorgeous style. Loved getting to see more photos of her beautiful home and love the addition of that gorgeous suzani! Thanks for this lovely ladies!

  • Style Attic says:

    REAL and REAL NICE, that’s just the way a “home” should be! I can’t even begin to mention all that I loved… It’s just GREAT!! XOXO

  • gaia says:

    I love that house too! The colors, the style and the lights in the kitchen are just amazing!!!

    Darling — How are you!?

    I hope you are ok!

  • escapade says:

    I’ve been a little obsessed with Emma’s amazing home – warm, relaxed yet sleek and elegant and full of thoughtfully chosen art and beautiful objects that make you feel like you know her a little just by viewing the photos.
    (I thought it was especially cool to discover she lives on the same street as my friend!! – such a small world, even in blog world :) )

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