Creating My Own Art

I have said it many times before — I can not draw to save my life. But once in a while I get courageous with a canvas and some paint and create my own personal art work. And so far I have even ended up liking them. I think I am fairly good at compositions and colors — but abstract is the only way I can go. (One day I might be brave enough to show you a couple of my own pieces).

My husband and I will continue to invest in art we truly enjoy. But right now (or until the wallet is a tad fatter!) I have that urge again to trot down to the local art store, equip myself with some art supplies and get started on my own, humble creations. Here are some beautiful art pieces which inspire me to come up with my own interpretations.

First up is a display of the most wonderful modern velvet fabrics in stunning frames. A terrific idea! And art in itself. But I am more interested in creating something similar & original from scratch — and with a paint  brush.

My eyes were drawn to this image many times while reading this article. How I would love to create something large in color!

Let me say that I feel no shame, whatsoever, in hanging one of my own very personal artworks next to a museum piece. Art can never be about money. You must love what you put up on your walls. Then the price tag is no longer important. I have nothing on my walls that I do not absolutely adore. (High-end, low-end, famous, totally unknown, old, new. I mix it all).

I have had this image in my style files for a long time (don’t even remember the source, sorry). But I love the deep burgundy colors in this stunning abstract painting. How lovely against all white.

This image I picked from the creative & generous Mr. Will over at Bright Bazaar. I remember telling him that I wanted to make something similar myself, on paper. I love this piece! I have a crazy obsession with round shapes. I am apparently not a square girl!

This painting with something sentimental, in an almost whispering color — all on white —  also gets my creative juices flowing. What a quiet statement piece.

The beautiful b/w artwork by Alexander Calder gets me longing for, saving up for, and also wanting to create something similar myself.

Almost like a piece of art is this fabulous chair that I found over at my lovely blog friend Sharalee’s blog. How gorgeous this chair is with two different kinds of upholstery!

And finally, a different kind of artistic gene. My good friend, Piper, who’s blog friendship I have so enjoyed for quite a while, had a major launch this week. This talented girl quit her day job (yes!) and went for her dream – – to open a creative on-line shop. I am so proud of her determination, creativity and her entrepreneurial skills. I will support any good, individual shop before I even look at large chains. And this shop has my 110% support.

One Sydney Road is the name of her shop.

And look what I just bought! A retro looking squirrel pillow. Just because my husband always is referring to our 3 kids as “squirrels”!

I hope some of you are walking away from this post at least a little bit inspired. Don’t be afraid to create your own art & don’t be afraid to fulfill your own dreams, just like Piper.

Images: No 1 via Jude Allman, no. 2 + 3 scanned from Veranda, no. 4 scanned from Elle Decor, no. 5 (unknown, sorry), no. 6 via Bright Bazaar, no. 7 via Marcus Design, no. 8 via Veranda, no. 9 via A Life More Fabulous, no. 10 + 11 via One Sydney Road
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  • Your post is an inspiration, Mon! velvet fabrics in frames is cool idea. A warm hug from Frankfurt.

  • joanny says:

    Excellent choice in the photo’s depicting art, love the velvet fabrics. But I must say, even abstract art can be a challenge and end up a mess with too much or two little colors or wrong combination of colors. I love the two paintings you chose the burgundy and the zen looking one. I am with you on circles.
    Attractive post.


  • BEAUTIFUL Monika
    I love many of these ideas.. and have often wanted to try my hand at a large canvas.. have the canvas.. just waiting for the gumption!!!… I love that kitchen image too and can’t remember where I saw it either. maybe you!!… Now I wish I could find some frames like those in the first 2 pics.!!! Fabulous!!! Congrats to Piper… that is brave and and inspiring!!…

    Take care Monika.. apologies I’ve been so absent.. things a bit hectic my way.. ciao xxx Julie

  • Charlotta says:

    Yet a wonderfully inspirational post dear sis!
    I love your ‘arty eye’ and the pieces you showed us are gorgeous!
    I adore those velvet cuttings and think the frame choice is magnificent. Just perfect to jazz up a large white wall in any given Swedish home. Ja? :)

    The large abstract piece (black on washed out scarlet) is heaven and I too have a copy of that picture in my treasure chest. So divine, but I have no idea of who it is by..?

    I giggled quietly to myself in the knowledge that you HAVE created a sentimental piece of ‘typo-graphic art’ already.. You must share it with your readers sweetie. It is so gorgeous! And of course we are most interested in seeing other works of yours. I can only imagine they are just as beautiful (I loved the butterfly piece you made and would love one for my home!)

    Last but not least Piper! Yes, she rocks and I too have been jumping up and down at her amazing achievement. I mean she has actually fulfilled and realized her life long dream! What a brilliant deed!
    I am getting the ‘EAT serviettes’ and have created a ‘wish list’ via the shop site so that Marshall can pick and buy when ever he feels like it.. Ha ha!

    Kramar till dig!

    xx C

  • I always thnk it’s such a shame when people have nothing on their walls. Our house is crammed with stuff but that’s mainly storing my own work or pieces that haven’t fitted into a show I have be working on, so we have the opposite problem. I think you’re right though framing wallpaper or even wrapping paper can be a simple, easy and low risk of creating some interest and look really striking and better than empty walls for sure.

  • Sometimes I’ve the courage too to do some art work, but i never have the courage to show it. If i do I never say it’s mine.
    We’ve selected very good works of art.
    About displaying art I love to have it either in a wallpaper of colour wall background. Gives it so much more impact.

  • kiki alvord says:

    OOOHHH,soooo inspiring Mon!!!
    I am in the same boat I cannot paint anything but furniture!!!! How I wish I had an inspiring art teacher. We always had to copy her…. and how ispiring was that? What about OUR own ideas??? But those were the ways and days. I took music instead later as they could not change my musical ear.
    I wish the framing was not so darn expensive though!

  • Monika, your last few posts make me think you are writing STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART. I keep saving images of wonderful art pieces (mostly black and white) that I want to try to duplicate, but I am a little afraid of what I might come up with. The examples you have shown are stunning, and I have a few of them myself. The brown/black piece in the white dining/kitchen area is in a room by designer Betsy Brown and yes, I have that one saved, too! Twins!

    Please do show your pieces. We are all encouraged by each other.

    You are the BEST!

    Love, Donna

  • Janell Beals says:

    I’m completely inspired by this post, beginning with the image of your brushes. Looks like my bunch…we should get together and have a painting party!

    And all the best to Piper (love that name), off to check out her shop! Janell

  • Tina says:

    Dear Mon!
    Reading and looking at your great posts makes me wonder why I am blogging at all! You are so talanted and the inspiration is so fantastic every time I stop by!
    I wish I had a little bit of you talent in me!
    I love those framed velvet fabrics. This idea among others I will for sure take with me!
    Good luck with the art, I am convinced they will be fabolous in all ways and I am hoping you´ll share it with all of us further on!
    Go for it girl!!!
    Kram, kram

  • Such a great post!! I love the idea of framing out fabrics in gold frames- I am a fabric nut and have way too many pieces haning around so may actually try this project. I have my own ‘art’ all over the house and love finding inspiration from abstract pieces I see in magazines- I think DIY art adds such a sense of ‘you’ to a space and I am totally with you about mixing it around every kind of piece- mixing things is what makes the room interesting. I really loved this post!! xo

  • Delishhh says:

    Oh Monika so inspiring! I have always thought that i could just buy a white canvas and splatter some paint on it. I did it once and now i think it is in the garbage somewhere :) Maybe now with all my bare walls i will give it another try. I love the white painting with the text on in.

  • So wonderful, Mon! I quite agree about following one’s dreams, and I am so grateful to you for the support and inspiration! And I love to do art projects, but gosh they just never quite turn out like the pictures I am trying to emulate! :( Have a fabulous day!

  • dana jenkins says:

    as a watercolor artist I too am always looking for inspiration. the framed velvets are beautiful. Several weeks ago I stumbled upon the tiles of Sid Dickens. I was stunned, inspired, in awe. His collections are so amazing- now I’m hoping for the Sid Dickens sketchbook or something that will help me understand where and how he does these beautiful riffs on themes that all seem to work so beautifully together. I thought you might like to google him. thanks for inspiring me. dana

  • I absolutely love the idea of creating your own art — buying it can be so expensive! The framed fabric is positively divine :)

  • You know, I just adore you Mon….you are so warm and so inspiring. I definitely am inspired by this post and couldn’t agree more. I just put what I love up on my walls….it is the only way I know how to do it anyway! :) Love that chair & the framing of the velvet. So good….and SO happy for lovely Piper! I need to run over there and check it all out! Have a beautiful end to your week hun. LOVE that sweet pillow too….

  • I have always loVed the idea of framed fabric…textile artists are artists afterall and I have seen some very beautiful prints on textiles! LoVe your images…enjoy yourself making your own art! It’s a very personal thing!

  • Cristina says:

    The gold-framed swatches of velvet are so beautiful! I imagine they’d be little mini frames of small swatches 😉

    xx Cristina

  • Loving that glamourous dining room/ kitchen for lots of reasons – one of which is the fabulous rich, rich red in the artwork that is then picked up in the flowers. Wonderful. I agree – sometimes the most simple of artworks can be as amazing as expensive ones. I have a client who has an 8 year old son who produces the most astonishing artworks – they are scattered proudly around her house and they are stunning!

  • YES, I’m very
    very, very, VERY
    inspired by this post!
    Especially because I’ve
    got an artist in residence ~
    aka my daughter, who can
    create for me : ) As
    you can imagine, I’m
    really drawn to the piece
    with the words on it but
    also love the circles and
    the Calder, as well! Have
    a wonderful weekend with
    your hubs and squirrels,
    xx Suzanne

  • Leigha says:

    What a fun winter project – and those velvet pieces are to die for.
    Hope you’re brave enough to share some of your work soon (I am dying to see it dear).


    P.S. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  • Franki Parde says:

    Wonderful frames really can be picked up for a “song” at flea markets, garage sales, etc. I frame EVERYTHING (beautiful embroidery, tiles, fabric)…love it and then leave it go. Now, GO PAINT! franki

  • Hi Mon, today I got your key cabinet on the mail!! it’s SO gorgeous! I can’t believe I won it! thank you so much darling blog sis! have a lovely weekend! xo Caroline

  • I’ve been thinking about buying some canvas and paints and trying to splash on a little color. My husband and I love art and have collected pieces over the last 23 married years. I’m like you, I cannot draw anything, but feel like I am pretty good with color. I think it would be fun to try. I’ll let you know how it turns out. You’ve inspired me.

  • Marci says:

    LOVED this post. I’m an art fanatic. Abstract art is one of those things that looks super easy until you try to recreate it or it could be a blissful journey. Either way I am in love with the typography canvas. The words are actually from a song that Bryan Adams sings called “Heaven”. Great song and really inspiring canvas.

    I had never thought about framing fabric but it’s a grand idea.

  • Mia says:

    Of course you should go on making your own paintings, it will be personal, nice and fun! I love the framed velvet.

    Härligt att du gjort färdigt inspelningarna, spännande att höra resultatet även att det är hemskt att höra sin egen röst 😉

    Många varma kramar!
    Ha en skön söndag.

  • escapade says:

    Hello lovely Monika-
    I’m so excited you posted on this – I’ve been working on some little projects of my own recently and having quite a bit of fun doing it! I’ve just started trying my hand and resining photos on large canvases, I think they look pretty great if I do say so myself. Would love to start some paintings too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Julie at BV says:

    Dear Monica,

    My all time favorite form of painting is abstract. Everyone sees something different and its like having a personal conversation with the piece. Once again I love all the images you posted. Go ahead and make your own painting and don’t be afraid of showing it to us. Judging by your taste I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

  • Hello my dear friend! First off, I owe you an email. So much has been going on, and I want to email you very, very soon. Secondly, I would love to see your art! (and I’m sure many other people would, too) You seriously have such an amazing eye.

    I couldn’t agree more about price not having anything to do with it. If you love it? It’s worth it, cost is not an issue. It is a good lesson for everyone to remember… in fact, my favorite piece is one that was painted for me by my David. I treasure his hand in it, and the way he customized the piece just for me… it was inspired by one of my favorite fashion images. There are so many great quotes about art, but nothing rings more true than the personal feelings of a soul connection.

    You are so inspiring my friend :) Always, always…
    I hope your weekend was perfect—


  • Giovanna says:

    As someone who typically does not create her own art, this post was very inspiring! I also love that squirrel pillow and those napkins with the word, eat, on them.

  • Piper says:

    Mon, I’m tearing up right now – what a beautiful post – thank you so much. I can’t tell you how glad I am that we “met” via blogging!! I feel like I’ve known you for years, you’re such a wonderful and supportive friend. Here’s hoping we can actually meet up in person one day!!! :) You’re going to love Mr. Nut btw…he’s so adorable I can’t stand it!! (plus the fabric is too cool!)

  • casey says:

    I really love the idea of making your own art because when like you I agree it is about what you find beautiful and want to surround yourself with versus what you can afford to buy. I have lots of framed fabric around but have so far not picked up the paintbrush. This post inspired me though! I came over from Janell’s blog and will be staying. Thanks!

  • Well, you got me inspired! I love to paint and have wanted to start a new project, but haven’t found the time. I bought some canvas’ this weekend and plan to do a painting for my parents for xmas! Thanks Mon

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